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"The real reason why Beatrix did abdicate was that she had made a mess of her position over the past 10 years.

She made highly moral speeches from her palaces but she didn’t even realise how hypocrite she was, all those moral rules didn’t count for her… She is solely responsible for the diminishing political role of the head of state. She also didn’t realise what the effects of her political decisions would be, the Dutch monarch has  lot’s of political powers compared to other european monarchs. The monarch is part of the goverment but she thought her people would accept every move she made, big mistake.

I’t is a good thing that King W-A made it very clear in his inauguration speech that he sees his role of head of state more like a ceremonial role and is willing to let the politics over to the members of parliament.” - Submitted by godius

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Wow thats a tough one, there are so many facts about art cause it controls a large part of my life but I think I’m going to go with - I have an Art scholarship :) xx

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Thank you for your reply, although I thought that she delivered an A-grade performance in Heroine. I watched that movie a week ago, I didn’t had a clue if it was big scale or not, but I was pretty impressed by it.

I agree, ive seen Heroine too and Kareeena did great, but what i meant by “big scale” is highly promoted, like Chennai Express or Ra One. Your welcome, btw :)

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Live free practices are so boring, I usually download them and watch them afterwards with lots of fast forwarding.

I used to do this when I could record them on my tv when they were broadcast by the BBC, those were slightly easier to cope with.

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Yes, you should… xD Just kidding!

You’ve probably got a point there, to be honest. I should probably get some sleep!

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Thank you so much for your support. Although I started with posting some pictures that I took over the last couple years, this blog has evolved into a blog that is more focused on architecture, photography and art. But the occasional field hockey posts are more popular by the look of it :p.  

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