The greatest love can come from the smallest source, and the little winged minibot is no exception.

Beachcomber is the God of Love, Compassion, and Desire. Often impish, love may strike at the most inconvenient of times, lowering the defenses built around the spark that might otherwise keep his element at bay. His Roman counterpart, Cupid, is also the God of Dirty Thoughts. And Beachcomber has no hesitation to inspire a fantasy or two.

While he cannot create love between two beings, mecha or otherwise, the moment a spark ignites between two beings he is there to nurture and protect it, urging it to grow.  His unguarded spark is visible through a crystal pane in his chest, offering his trust to the kindness of those that might come to him.

Occasionally, he will agree to extinguish a flame to a glowing ember, particularly for those that might be grieving, to ease the pain of the torch they bear.  It’s not something he does lightly, or easily, and it takes a lot of convincing before he’s satisfied it’s the best route.

He inspires compassion and mercy in the sparks of mecha.  Love is gentle; love is kind; but love can be stubborn and willful. And disobedient.

He won’t take orders from the likes of mortals, but… he can be bargained with. If you wish to try.


                                        BABALON T-SHIRT

This T-shirt is made with 100% cotton mark “Fruit Of The Loom” NEW.
In stock there are color white.

It’s made by screen printing technique with excellent black ink for fabric .

The drawing:

Babalon Is Represented As The Scarlet Woman, The Great Mother, And The Mother Of Abominations. Her Godform Is That Of A Sacred Whore, And Her Primary Symbol Is The Chalice Or Graal. Her Consort Is Chaos, The “Father Of Life” And The Male Form Of The Creative Principle. Babalon Is Often Described As Being Girt With A Sword And Riding The Beast, With Whom Aleister Crowley Personally Identified. As Aleister Crowley Wrote, “she Rides Astride The Beast; In Her Left Hand She Holds The Reins, Representing The Passion Which Unites Them. In Her Right She Holds Aloft The Cup, The Holy Grail Aflame With Love And Death. In This Cup Are Mingled The Elements Of The Sacrament Of The Aeon” (Book Of Thoth). In A More General Sense, Babalon Represents The Liberated Woman And The Full Expression Of The Sexual Impulse.

THERE AREN’T COPIES, all Authors’ rights are reserved to me ” —Θhpion Esoteric Tattoo—”.

I add a label with my Logo.

Print Size: 

Height: 36cm 
width: 25cm

T-shirt size: S, M


//he wants to manipulate someone into being with him and kinda use them and no Ole, bad. He wants to be like the Lady from ‘the Child Thief’ by Brom or the Other Mother from Coraline ;-; his Godform is wild and angry today

I keep finding these ridiculously small rhinestones around the house. Mainly my room.

And for once I HAVEN’T been bedazzling anything.

I think one of those glitter/gemstone faeries from the youth chapter books I used to put away at the library have taken godform and are following me now.

anonymous said:

ff+ GodForm!Loki


What was he reading? Balder squeaked as he read the book that was dropped into his lap by a grey faced figure. Each line was more graphic than the last. He was a confused, blushing mess by the end of it. “Who would have thought those horns could be used for that..” He said tossing the book out a window. He needed to clear his head after that one.

I would really love to see Enjolras hook up with Ole and that sparks a Grantaire to admit his feelings towards Enjolras and the God makes him pick one or the other… And since he’s such a jealous being bad things happen and his Godform is brought out.

anonymous said:

ff + GodForm!Loki


"Mmgh…" Frey turned bright red. This book was considerably less fluffy than the last three. She bookmarked it for later, resting her head in her hands.