Request, Granted

Child, Misplaced | Playtime | Birthday Girl’s Request


A muddle of feelings make themselves very, very apparent to you as you make your way towards the sliding door of the house with Dan in tow: giddy nerves, anxious bravado, and a heated flush that could be either shameful embarrassment—you’re hitting up an almost-stranger by way of face-painting a children’s party, for God’s sake—or maybe, just maybe, a small inkling note of how comfortable Dan’s hand feels in yours, gentle and unassuming.

You’ve decided that it’s probably in your best interests to not look anyone in the eye as the two of you pace your way across the lawn, but there’s a few instances of Dan’s footsteps quickening behind you, just a beat or two skipped here and there, barely discernible but just enough for you to know that there’s probably—okay, definitely—at least one or two teasing grins or rowdy thumbs-ups being directed his way. You know half the people aren’t even so much as glancing in your direction but for all the nerves coursing through your body, you may as well be centre stage with a tracking spotlight and a fucking amplifier on your heartbeat. You tug a little harder on Dan’s hand. Inside. Now.

Stepping into the muffled quiet of the house feels like crossing some holy, angelic, divinely-ordained threshold, popping the bubble of anxious pressure in your chest and the breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding.

You spin on your heels, bashful and half squinting at Dan, your expression a cross between a grimace and a grin. Where are you supposed to start with this? What are you even starting here? “So, ah…” You’re fine, you’re inside now. You’ve reached the safety of the indoors, away from prying eyes and friendly ribbing.

Dan is still holding your hand.

And doesn’t seem to be in any rush to let up.

Oh. Okay.

He gives your hand a gentle squeeze, swinging your hand in his slightly. He’s clearing his throat, he’s shuffling in closer, just that bit closer than is comfortable human-to-human distance; he’s blushing, he’s smiling to himself, shit he’s closer still, fuck, is this how Lifetime movie moments happen? Is this, is he going to…? Oh God, ohgodohgodohg—

“You have to have butterflies and flowers okay, Uncle Dan? And not just little ones.”

Poppy strides—you didn’t even know little kids could strideinto the room, all business. The two of you are startled a little bit, taking a second or two before you can even begin to remember to compose yourselves and jump apart. Ah. Right. Normal human-to-human distance. Brusque and determined, Poppy tiptoes and clambers onto the nearest barstool, practically sliding belly-down across the kitchen counter to swipe an armful of little paint pots and a mug of paintbrushes and sponge-tipped applicators. She manages to wrangle herself back down, precious cargo still in her arms in a delicate balancing act as she pads across the floor and ceremoniously places all the bits and pieces onto a low children’s play table.

“You can sit on these,” she says, more a command than an offer. She pulls up one equally child-sized chair, then another. “Go on, sit.” She gives the seat of the chair a tap. “Pretty please?” she tacks on at the end, finally sounding more her age. 

This kid, you laugh to yourself, she’s like a bloody chaperon. You’ve got a bloody four-year-old chaperon.

Dan gives your hand a sharper squeeze this time, raising his eyebrows comically at you. He drops his head, leaning into the curve of your ear with a low murmur, “By royal decree, right?”

Right. Which is how you find yourself, knees and elbows tucked in, verging on physical discomfort, hunched at a children’s furniture set with two pairs of eyes looking at you expectantly – one pair gleaming and hopeful (or is it scheming?) and the other soft and laughing, but mostly nervous. The last part not necessarily just because of the prospective face painting.

You exhale in a sigh, scanning the materials in front of you. Great. Personal dignity and artistic integrity on the line here, what a treat. Your fingers skim over the brushes, before deciding on one with a well-worn handle and pointed bristles.

You shoot a glance at Poppy, “Best to start with the butterflies first, yeah?” you say, trying to match her business-like composure with an even, unhurried tone. You’re the grown adult here and, dammit, you can and will keep up with this charismatic four-year-old.


Turns out keeping composure and a corporate poker face is much, much harder when you realise you’ve got to paint someone else’s. Dan’s face, more specifically. Specifically, and very much problematically, when you suddenly realise that you’re going to need to somehow cradle his face so as to steady your canvas and your painting hand, so that hopefully your butterflies actually end up looking like butterflies, rather than indiscriminate blobs. Normal, conversational, human-to-human distance definitely being breached. If Dan had personal space issues, they were most definitely being violated right now.

Poppy props herself up onto the table, perched on the edge with legs swinging contentedly as she watches you go back and forth between dipping brushes into sunshine yellow, sky blue, and inky black, trailing swirls and shapes onto the planes of Dan’s cheekbone. The three of you continue like this for a while, nothing much to disturb the quiet bar the hum of party guests still outside, peppered with the odd wa-hey! of a dad almost clipped in the side by a sprinting, six-year-old Batman and the concerned chiding of a mother to Batman’s trailing kid sister.

You willfully fall into an absorbed state, painting, swirling, tracing lines, and filling in little bursts of colour, if only to avoid consciously thinking about how fucking close Dan is. His face is inches from yours, lips parted slightly and eyes never leaving your face—not that you would know or could confirm, because you’re making a very, very dedicated effort to not look the man in the eye right now.

By the time you think you’re done, you lean back, tilting Dan’s chin upwards with a fingertip, surveying your handiwork. Not too shabby. You’d only done this once—face painting—ages ago, way back in uni at the behest of your sister, whose hired hand had dropped out last minute from your nephew’s birthday party. You’d folded pretty quickly, and sure, some of the Spiderman masks had come out a little wonky the first couple tries, but you quickly fell into a rhythm. You’re not so bad, if you do say so yourself. Could be worse.

Poppy takes a moment to consider your masterpiece, eyes trailing over the butterflies in varying shades of blue—one perched delicately on Dan’s cheekbone, another gliding down the temple opposite—and the tiny, sprawling posies of yellow flowers and green vines you planted above his brow, on his cheeks, one unfurling down towards of his jaw.

“Beautiful?” you ask, looking to her expectantly for the final seal of approval.

“What, the canvas or the painting?” Dan teases, laughter lines reaching gently outwards to grasp at butterflies. You shoot him a look, a feigned scowl, though that doesn’t stop a colour from rising to your cheeks.

“Mm…” Poppy hums, legs still swinging. “Yeah. But needs glitter. Just a little!” she defends, upon seeing Dan’s grim expression. She hops off the table with a quiet thud. “It’s outside, I’ll go get it.”

She turns back to face the two of you, one hand on the sliding door. “You missed a spot, though. You didn’t put leaves on that flower.” She smiles with a little too much wide-eyed innocence, tapping at some ambiguous spot on the side of her face. And with that, she’s out the door.

“Bloody tough customer,” you mutter affectionately, leaning in to drop a few more strokes of green above Dan’s brow. “Turn?” you ask, giving a gentle nudge on the side of his chin.  Dan complies, giving you a better angle on his temple and, incidentally, a great view of the confident plane of his jaw, the way it slopes down to his neck.

You place a hand at the juncture of jaw and neck to steady yourself, and feel the vibrations as Dan clears his throat, swallowing thickly. 

“Can I, uh, ask you something?”

“Mmmm?” You give an acknowledging hum, too absorbed in carving out the next tiny leaf.

“Can I—I mean, would you like to go out for dinner sometime? Anytime? With me?”

You hand falters minutely, this leaf a little more lopsided than the last, and you lower your brush, finally, finally brave enough to look Dan in the eye. Relief.

“Yeah. Yes. Yeah. I’d love to,” you smile back, lips pulled in a shy smile. “I’d really like that.” And hell, maybe you’re feeling extra brave, or maybe fifteen minutes of close facial proximity has emboldened you beyond compare, but you dart towards his face, before rational thought can rein you back in, and go to press a lingering kiss on the unpainted patch of his cheek.

You retract quickly, realising what you’ve done and are about to go back to chaining your gaze to anything, anyone, anywhere but him, until Dan lets loose a breathy laugh, eyes bright with a knowing glint.

He gives his lips a tap, final and teasing, “Missed a spot.”

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“Sirius and Marlene 1981.”  Found by Harry and Ginny when clearing out 12 Grimmauld Place 1999.

“He only mentioned her once, but I guess that was enough” Harry mumbled staring at the old photograph of his godfather. “Anybody would be able to tell you they were in love.”

Gone Quiet (3.6)
  • Tawny Cryer:"Throne," by Rain Billings, a photographer from North Dakota whose work consists of Polaroids of his dysfunctional family in the bathroom.
  • Toby:Yes.
  • Tawny:"One Horse, Two Horse," by Mark Maloney. He calls himself an installation artist.
  • Toby:Did your committee -
  • Tawny:What it is is two big-screen TVs side by side, one of them with footage of black stallions running in reverse, the other one showing "The Godfather."
  • Toby:Tawny -
  • Tawny:"Slut" is a one-word poem by Jules Woltz. It's stamped in scarlet on a piece of 40 by 40 black canvas. Here's a woman who gets naked, covers herself completely in chocolate, and sings. Does that appeal to you?
  • Toby:By and large, I'm not wild about musicals.

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do you have pics of harry and william with their godsons?

William also has a goddaughter I did forget to say that. 

William with his eldest Godson Konstantine Alexios

His Godson Tom Pettifer was a Page Boy at his wedding

and so was his Goddaughter Grace Van Cutsem

It is also RUMOURED he is Godfather to Mia Tindall, no pics though

Now to Harry we have no pics of him with his Godson Fred Pettifer 

But we do have a pic of him with his Godson Jasper Dyer 

Chapter 43


It’s been about 2 weeks since everything happened and I’m still at Mama Sandi’s house. She is the sweetest woman ever. She takes such good care of me and I’m very happy being here with her. Shantel has been bringing me everything that I need from the house. I refuse to step foot in that house and I’m still very pissed at Brey. He hurt me so badly and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take for me to forgive him. He comes by every day to check on me and the baby. I barely say anything to him because I don’t want to end up going off on his ass again. Tony has been coming by to check on me a lot as well. I already know he’s going to be a great godfather. I really want to go back to Miami but I know being on that plane for so long will be very uncomfortable.

Today is my doctor’s appointment and against my wishes Brey is taking me. As I’m putting on my shoes there is a knock on my bedroom door.

“Come in.” I say softly already knowing who it is. Brey opens the door slowly before walking in.

“You look beautiful.” He says as as he looks me up and down.

 I roll my eyes, deciding to ignore him.

“Are you ready to go?” He asks and I nod my head before grabbing my purse and my phone. We give Mama Sandi a hug before walking outside to the car. I get in before he gets the chance to open the door for me. He sighs before getting in and driving off.

“So we’re finding out the sex of the baby today?” He asks after driving in silence for a while.

“Yup.” I reply as I text Toya, just to catch up with her.

“How long are you going to stay mad at me?” He asks and I shrug my shoulders not even bothering to reply.

“We’re about to have a child together. You can’t keep ignoring me like this.” He says and I roll my eyes and continue to text on the phone. Seeing him like this bothers me a little but I don’t think he really gets it because he has yet to change the code on the gate. That is one of the reasons why I haven’t been back to the house. The police haven’t found Nicki yet and Brey knows that but she still has access to the house. Just thinking about that shit pisses me off. We get to my doctors office and I sign in before taking a seat next to Brey. I hate this awkward silence between us but at this point it is what it is. A few minutes later the nurse calls us to the back and I’m so relieved. I’m ready to go back to Mama Sandi’s house and get back in my bed.

After the nurse weighs me and gets my blood pressure, she leads me to the examination room and Brey helps me onto the examination table. After sitting there for a few minutes my doctor walks in and greets us with a smile on her face.

“How are you feeling today?” She asks as she gets the ultrasound machine ready.

“I’m good.” I say with a small smile.

“That’s good. You’ve just reached 5 months so you don’t have that much longer to go.  I see that you’ve been having some problems with your blood pressure. It’s fine today though. Have you been keeping your stress level down?” She asks and I nod my head before side eyeing Brey.

“As much as I can.” I reply as I rub my belly a little.

“Before you leave I’m going to give you a list of activities that can help you relax. Don’t be stressing her out Mr. Graham.” She says jokingly and I roll my eyes a little. It’s a little too late for that.

“Alright, let’s take a look at your baby.” She says as she sets up the machine and rubs the cool jelly on my belly. Brey comes and stands by me as we both look at the screen.

“There is your baby’s head, both arms and legs and all its fingers and toes. Your baby is doing great. Let’s hear its heartbeat.” She says and a few seconds later the sound of our child’s heartbeat fills the room. I smile to myself as I start to tear up. I would have never guessed that I would be getting ready to be somebody’s mother. I really need to finish this book and find a publishing company soon. I know my child will never want for anything because of Brey’s success but I need to be able to provide as well. There is still so much to do in so little time.

“Are you guys finding out the sex of the baby today?” She asks and I look at Brey. He takes his eyes off of the screen and looks down at me before nodding his head, letting me know that he wants to know.

“Yea. We want to know.” I say with a smile on my face. She moves the probe around a little more before she looks at us.

“It’s a girl.” She says and Brey smiles big. I was really hoping that this was my son that I was carrying.

“You wanted a boy?” She asks and I nod my head.

“Yea but I’ll get used to the idea of having a girl.” I say with a small smile on my face.

“Just think of it as you having a mini me.” She says and I giggle a little.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” I mumble making Brey glance at me. I practically raised Justin so having a girl is going to be a different experience. I’m honestly terrified. After wiping the jelly off of my stomach, she prints out the sonogram pictures. We schedule my next appointment before leaving the office.

“So you’re not happy that we’re having a girl?” He asks as we get into the car and I shrug my shoulders.

“It’s not that I’m not happy about it. I’m just disappointed I guess. I really wanted a boy. I’ll get over it though.” I say and he nods his head.

“It’ll all workout. Tony will be disappointed too.” He says making me chuckle.

“Can you please not tell anyone what the baby is yet? I want to reveal the gender at the baby shower.” I say and he nods his head.

“That’s cool. So are you ready to come home?” He asks and I chuckle a little.

“Have you at least changed the gate code?” I ask and he sighs.

“No but…”

“No buts Brey. You’re really not getting it and I don’t want to hear any excuses.” I say cutting him off.

“Can you just come by the house please?” He asks and I shake my head.

“No Brey. Take me back to Mama Sandi’s house.” I say and he sighs.
“I just want to show you something. Please?” He says and I roll my eyes.

“You have 10 minutes to show me whatever you’re trying to show me.” I say with an attitude as I sit back and fold my arms across my chest. Whatever he has to show me better be important. After driving for about 5 minutes we pull up to this beautiful gated house that I’ve never seen before.


He puts a code into the keypad outside of the gate before driving up the driveway.

“Brey, whose house is this?” I ask as he turns off the car.

“This is our new house. You said that my house looked like a bachelor’s pad and was a little big for the 3 of us and I agree so I decided to downgrade a little. I haven’t changed the code at the old house because I’ve been busy getting this house together. The code to this house is your birthday and no one knows it but me and now you. Do you like it?” He says nervously and I’m honestly at a loss for words. I would have never thought that he would sell his house.

“The outside is nice.” I say making him smile a little.

“Come on, let me show you the inside.” He says and I smile as we both get out of the car. He unlocks the door and as soon as we walk in I notice how spacious the house is.

“I haven’t bought any furniture yet because I know you want to make the house homier.” He says making me laugh.

“I do. Finish showing me rest of the house.” I say and he nods his head before grabbing my hand and leading me into the kitchen. The house has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a large basement that Brey wants to make into a mancave, a very large backyard and kitchen and a theatre room. I would be lying if I said I didn’t love this house.

“And this is the master bedroom.” He says as he opens the door and I gasp in surprise when I see Justin and Toya standing there.

“Ci!” Toya yells as she rushes over to me and hugs me tightly making me tear up.

“Oh my God. I missed y’all so much.” I say as she lets me go and I hug Justin.

“We missed you too. You are getting big.” He says as he rubs my stomach gently.

“Stop crying.” He says as he reaches up and wipes my tears away gently.

“I’m trying. I’m just so happy to see you.” I say and he smiles before hugging me again.
“When did y’all get here?” I ask when he lets me go.

“We just got here like an hour ago. Drake flew us out because he said you missed us.” Toya says and I look back at Brey as he stands by the door.

“Thank you.” I say sincerely and he gives me a smile.

“How long are you guys here?” I ask them both.

“We are actually leaving in the morning. I have class and Toya couldn’t take off of work.” Justin says making me pout a little. I want them to stay longer but I don’t want Justin missing any classes.

“All that matters now is we are here now so let’s make the best of it. Can we go get something to eat? I’m starving.” Toya says and I smile before nodding my head.

“Yea. Can y’all wait for us downstairs so that we can talk for a minute?” Brey asks and they nod their head before walking out of the room.

“I know you’re happy Toya and Justin are here but how do you feel about the house?” He asks as he walks over to me.

“I love the house. It’s perfect but we need to go furniture shopping soon though. Thank you so much for flying them out here and the house. It’s the least you could to do after everything that happened.”  I say softly and he sighs before grabbing both of my hands.

“I fucked up and I’m so sorry. I should have never made you feel like I care more about Nicki’s well-being than yours. I was wrong for that. What she did was unacceptable and it could have been very fatal to our child and you had every right to press charges against her. I’m behind you 100% with that. I’m going to let the Chris situation go as well. If you’re over it, I should be as well. I’m so sorry about all of the extra stress I put on you. I just want you to come home.” He says while looking in my eyes and I can see how sincere he is. I sigh a little before shaking my head.

“You better be lucky you’re so cute.” I say making him laugh. He grabs my face gently and kisses my lips passionately. He breaks the kiss before resting his forehead against mine.

“I love you.” He says softly and it makes my heart flutter. I didn’t know he still had that effect on me.

“I love you too. Now let’s go get something to eat.” I say before grabbing his hand and leading him out of the room. My happiness is on another level right now and nothing can change that.

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What do you know/think of Norway? xD

I know its cold and my godfather moved there for a few years because of work snd he loved it! He had all these cool pictures, it seemed like fun

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hatarlakrits, give me justice.Tell me when the next part of the coffeeshop au is coming out.

did u remwber what i said about seducing me with godfather quotes or was that pure accident oh my god

but yeah!!! its quite a long one(so much drama lmao… i think… 5-6 pages maybe more?) and im working with commissions and schoolwork at the same time but ½ of the lineart is finished and i’ll work nonstop tonight so pretty soon i hope?? 2-3 days??


★ Salman Khan for HELLO!’s June Issue !

The Godfather of Bollywood talks to HELLO! about supporting rising star Athiya Shetty, his tryst with trouble and more in this month’s exclusive! Watch here for behind-the-scenes moments from our shoot.

“I have experienced sexism multiple times, and I’m sure I will a lot more,” she said. “I feel like I’m fighting for female athletes. At the FIFA World Player of the Year event [in 2012], FIFA executives and FIFA president Sepp Blatter didn’t know who I was. And I was being honored as top three in the world. That was pretty shocking.”

This coming from the man who called himself a godfather of women’s soccer. 

Harry and Ginny naming their kids:
  • Harry:ok so if it's a boy I want James - after my dad and if it's a girl I want Lily after mum
  • Ginny:that's nice, maybe we could ha-
  • Harry:and Sirius, y'know after my godfather
  • Ginny:alright...what about Fred?
  • Harry:maybe, maybe or...Albus? after Dumbledore
  • Ginny:don't you think that's a bit weird? what about Remus or Rubeus? they did so much for you!
  • Harry:or Severus, for Snape he really gave more for me...
  • Ginny:what