This is just a sort of update on tumblr user goddamnitmarco. This is a chat log between he and I, he wants me to let people know what’s happening to him.

[12:32:16 PM] mg: well
[12:32:28 PM] Ann.: Is there anything I can do for you?
[12:32:29 PM] mg: mom had given me permission up until yesterday to go to katsucon
[12:32:36 PM] mg: then she suddenly decided i can’t go bc of the weather
[12:32:50 PM] mg: tk came anyway bc i had some of his stuff from ohayo still and also he wanted to see if he could talk to her
[12:33:17 PM] mg: mom refused to come out and talk to tk, and when i brought tk into the house she screamed “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO” until we went back outside
[12:33:33 PM] mg: she then called our neighbor, her mother, my dad, my brother, and threatened to call the police
[12:33:36 PM] mg: if tk didn’t leave
[12:33:58 PM] mg: tk had to leave, but he just parked somewhere and cried for a few hours
[12:34:18 PM] mg: i cried in my room for several hours before leaving my house and running down the street to where my school counselor lives
[12:34:44 PM] mg: i talked to him for a while, and mom meanwhile called tk and demaned to know where i was. he told her, which in hindsight was probably bad
[12:35:33 PM] Ann.: Fuck
[12:35:54 PM] mg: after talking things through with my counselor and deciding to go get something to eat with tk, i left his apartment building and walked towards tk’s car
[12:36:30 PM] mg: where i was intercepted by my brother and forced into the back of a jeep, physically threatened and told i was “dealing with the goddamn devil now,” and driven home
[12:37:17 PM] mg: i was on the phone with tk this entire time on speaker so he heard a lot of what happened i think
[12:37:33 PM] mg: anyway i grabbed the house phone and dialed my counselor’s number and put /him/ on speaker while i tried to talk to my mom
[12:38:43 PM] mg: and tell her how she fucking embarrassed me, how it’s not fair that most of our child support goes to feeding dogs since she won’t take them to a pound for fear of them getting put down, how it’s not fair that before i was even a teenager she used to beat herself in the head with phones, go into screaming fits, and say she was going to kill herself and i’d have to talk her down almost every night for several years
[12:38:51 PM] mg: my brother tore the phone out of the wall and broke it
[12:39:19 PM] mg: mom refused to let me leave the house with the cell phone
[12:39:42 PM] mg: i grabbed some socks and underwear and my laptop and my school bag and some pajama pants and left with my dad
[12:40:30 PM] mg: we went to my counselor’s house where i ended up telling dad a bunch of shit i’d never told him before, including that i’m gay and tk’s my boyfriend
[12:40:57 PM] mg: i said goodbye to tk, who was still waiting out there, and sent him off to aspen’s house so they could go to the con at least
[12:41:09 PM] mg: dad and i went through a mcdonald’s drivethrough and went back to his house
[12:41:18 PM] mg: where there’s no internet btw
[12:41:48 PM] mg: i’m at his school right now borrowing an ethernet cable from a computer in an office bc i had to tell someone what happened
[12:42:04 PM] Ann.: Is there ANYTHING I can do for you right now?
[12:42:10 PM] mg: just
[12:42:13 PM] mg: tell someone
[12:42:14 PM] mg: anyone
[12:42:27 PM] mg: make a tumblr post, put something up on my facebook wall and tell people what’s happening

At this point I’m not 100% sure of what to do. He’s 18 years old so they can’t legally keep him from going anywhere as far as I know.

We may possibly need to try and find him somewhere to stay in Logan, WV but he’s not sure if he wants to try and leave his Dad’s place yet.