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anonymous said:

Do you know any websites that have a lot of information on mythology from every culture? Not just Greek or Norse or any of the super popular ones.

The tautology about popular mythology is that that there’s a lot of information about popular myths because they’re popular.


But here are some reasonable resources that have other cultures represented:

Encyclopedia Mythica: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, with Inca, Latvian, and Aboriginal myths represented right along with Greek, Roman, and Egyptian myths, among others.

Folklore and Mythology Texts: Sorted by type of myth (bald myths, hauntings by ghosts of murdered children, Three Little Pigs, changelings, etc), this website reproduces original texts and sometimes includes a small explanation.

Godchecker: We have posted a link to this website before, but a lot of this information is biased and better used as a starting point for further research rather than a definitive source.

Superpower wiki: Another previously posted link. While superheroes are not strictly mythology, they are certainly a part of modern folklore, and originate from the same vein as classic mythology, and I thought it would be worth including.

Tumblr resources:

Fuck Yeah Celtic Mythology: A tumblr with pretty well-sourced posts, with links to original texts and also lots of Celtic art. Obviously just Celtic mythology.

Fantastical Lore: A tumblr with a lot of varied mythology, but is no longer updating frequently.

Deities Daily: Hasn’t posted for a while, but has some semi-obscure myths.

Mythology Curator: “Like tracking the mythology tag, but better.” An accurate statement. Some good info, but also a lot of colorful commentary.

All About Myths: Beautiful fan art reblogs and helpful information, including some bits that popular myths leave out of their own stories.

Fuck Yeah Strange Mythology: Not necessarily “strange” mythology (although, isn’t all mythology a little strange?), but a lot of uncommon myths reblogged here. 

STERCULIUS: Roman god of fertilizer. Or, to be blunt, god of poop.

Romans had gods for everything. Now, they might not have beaten the ancient Egyptians (who had a god of the sun, the sun’s rays, and the sun disk) but the Romans still approached ludicrousness with their large and continually-expanding pantheon. Take Stericulius, for instance. A god of poop? Really, who needs that? Well farmers for one. Manure is and was essential for agriculture. And in an empire where the majority of the population worked the land, they took manure very very seriously. (I suspect certain invalids with … unfortunate bowel problems … also gave heartfelt prayers and offerings to Stericulius.)

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goodkingnamor said:

Just a heads up, GodChecker is sorta shit. you can decide for yourself but I know that a lot of my friends who know more than I do about the Greek and Egyptian Gods had fits of rage and sorrow. They do the thing where they combine the Greek and Roman Gods and what pissed me off was the "Loki is a bad guy vibe" along with the "Loki takes advantage of women" thing. From what I know that's not accurate at all.

Oh really? Well that fucking sucks. I just quickly glanced at it and reblogged for later perusing, because right now I’m too busy looking at pictures of cats on my dash (super important work, y’know).

Ug, I can’t stand people who fuck with Myth!Loki. That Loki was not really a Bad Guy at all. I mean, have you seen the Norse canon? I’d Ragnarok their asses too.

Deleting that fucking post, lest it infect my blog with it’s mediocrity.

ETA: Oh fucking fuck them, their entry on Loki is so fucking inaccurate. I like how they mentioned his sons Val and Nari were “ill-fated”, but conveniently failed to mention why (the other Aesir bewitched Val and made him murder Nari, and then they tied Loki down with Nari’s entrails and had a giant snake drip venom on him, all because Loki got drunk at a party and said “I fucked all the goddesses in this hall!” then micdropped-and-moonwalked out of there).

i remember in primary school we briefly did this cool unit on aboriginal history and i dont remember a lot but i remember something about the rainbow snake legend. like i think they ate people? i recall dying trees. hold lemme check.

oh nvm the rainbow snake is god/dess of fertility. so maybe it was like a death/rebirth sorta thing. i honestly dont remember and sadly the godchecker articles on the aussie gods are so far kinda short. darn.

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