Blart 2 notes (part 1)

My handwriting is too messy so here is the first instalment of my notes on blart 2.

I paid $20 for this, let’s see if it’s worth it.
Oh my god a minions trailer…the guy beside me loves it. Some parts of the trailer are funny. I’m pissed off.
“I wanna watch that” - guy beside me
(and then I just wrote in large letters:)
“I wanna watch that too” - guy beside me
Blart time!! The movie is starting.
Blart’s wife is disillusioned. Fuck this is awful.
Oh my god
everyone in the theatre gasped in horror as we watched her body being smacked loudly by a milk truck
“Hipster talk. Everybody’s zipping.” - blart
A woman was nice to blart and he got all weird and told her not to hit on him. Ok
Blart is rotating his ass and asking “is that valid” repetitively


Just finished this show and holy shitsnacks.
I’m… . in awe.
Marvel usually knocks it out of the park but my God, did they hit a homerun with this. I thought the movie was decent but the show… omfg the show. It gave more of the story and it made you care about everyone, including the villain.
I didn’t really like Vincent D'Onofrio in Law and Order, but he delivers a brilliant performance as Wilson Fisk.
Charlie Cox is amazing as Matt Murdock and ugh, Foggy. I love Foggy. Elden Henson plays the smartass best friend to perfection.
I loved watching Deborah Ann Woll in “True Blood” and her performance as Karen Page is wonderful.

I won’t give anything away (even though I’ve rebblogged stuff that pretty much has lol - sorry), but I will say this: watch this show. If you have Netflix or can find it online somewhere, watch it. You don’t even have to be a fan of Marvel or Daredevil to watch it.

Just freaking watch this show.


about the blogger [three/fifteen] relationships: Hazel & Augustus
“She is so beautiful. You don’t get tired of looking at her. You never worry if she is smarter than you, you know she is. She is funny without ever being mean. I love her. I am so lucky to love her, Van Houten. You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.”

  • Rick Riordan:Makes multiple characters of different races having to deal with racial discrimination
  • Rick Riordan:Makes multiple strong female characters who have to deal with misogyny
  • Rick Riordan:Makes multiple lgbt characters who have had to deal with homophobia
  • Rick Riordan:Makes multiple characters with different body types who have deal with weight and size
  • Rick Riordan:Makes multiple characters with different handicaps who learn to cope with them
  • Everyone:Eh
  • J.K. Rowling:Announces Dumbledore is gay two years after his death never mentioning it in the books or movies
Warrior Cats Quotes: Vol. 1


Firestar: I am in Love with a Dead Cat

Darude-Sandstorm: I am Jealous of a  dead cat

Mothwing/Cloudtail: (walking to church) Why can’t I worship the lord in my own way, like praying like hell on my deathbed? those pious morons are too busy talking to their phony baloney God. [opens door to see everybody looking at her/him] [whispering] How ya doin’? Peace be with you. Praise Jebus. *totally didn’t just quote the simpsons movie lol*

Graystripe: I am one of the few characters from Into the Wild still alive, but I am an elder now. Feel old yet?

Ashfur: (Insert overused Assfur or fedora joke here)

Dovewing: *Meowing on the other side of camp* I HEARD THAT!

Leafpool: I fell in love once…It was Awful

Bluestar: Traitors! Traitors Everywhere!

Clear Sky: *Aggressively Cares about Your Well being*

Cody: Fans often Forget I existed

Brambleclaw: I once Considered murdering my Mate’s Father

stony notebook au? like, it’s practically canon already:

steve as noah, the man who doesn’t have two dimes to rub together 

tony as allie, who’s family is richer than god

(i’m legit quoting the movie rn)

steve who works in the FUCKING LUMBER YARD B/C HE BUFF.

the summer romance of a lifetime.

but then tony’s parents find out about them and they can’t have a homosexual in the family no way in fuck this is the stark family.

steve going to fight in world war II. steve losing his best friend in world war II.

tony meeting pepper potts, a well to do socialite. he falls in love with her. oh god, does he love her. they get engaged.

tony going to get his tux fitted when he sees the newspaper with the article telling him that steve bought their dream house and remodeled it just for him.

tony going to the house to say his final goodbye because he never got the chance. steve taking tony out on the water to see the birds (IF YOU’RE A BIRD I’M A BIRD)

the rain comes. the confession.

“i waited for you. i waited for you for seven years. why didn’t you write me?”

“i wrote you a letter every day for a year.”


tony staying hidden away with steve for days, just being with him. steve painting her (i know allie’s the painter, leave me alone).

tony having to leave. tony explaining to pepper that he loves her–he really, really does–but he’ll never love anyone like he loves steve.

they live a long, full life together, until it’s finally time to let go.

“do you think our love will take us away together?”


I know I say this a lot and I’m sure you all don’t believe me

But Soul and Maka have seriously fucked me up

I watched and read Soul Eater and my life has never been the same, I promise you

For PruHun I need a 50 First Dates AU. I crave that drama. If you don’t know what the movie is about let me tell you. 

Playboy vet Gilbert sets his heart on romancing Elizaveta, but she has short-term memory loss; she can’t remember anything that happened the day before. So every morning, Gilbert has to woo her again. Her friends and family are very protective, and Gilbert must convince them that he’s in it for love. 

Kind of sad kind of happy but I need this AU god damn it. 


have you seen that one movie called life as we know it? where the parents die and their baby goes to the god parents hate each other but are left to take care of the baby and end up falling in love.

well imagine if JJ and Will (her husband) died and their baby went to Reid and Garcia.

 I literally thought of this in English class and started panicking from the feels.

Flights to LA Chapter 5:


It’s been two months since Leigh and I broke up, but thank God for Hayley. She’s made the bad days good and the good days even better. The advice she’s been giving me has helped a lot, but her in general.
I like her smile and the way she laughs, the way she would concentrate while watching movies. I love the way she sings, the way she eats, and especially the way her eyes lit up when she talked about something shelved. I loved her voice over the phone, like when she would call after waking up from a nap. Honestly, I like her a lot.
“Hey Jack, are you going tonight?” Sam asks, approaching me at my locker.
“For sure man, are you staying after school?”
“Nah, I’m going home. Then I’m picking up Liz.“ “Alright bro, see you tonight,” I say grabbing the books I need from my locker. It’s after school and Hayley’s game doesn’t start till 6:30.
“Yeah man,” Sammy says and walks away.
A couple minutes later, I hear footsteps approach me.
“Sam what the fuck do you need?”
"Nice way to greet your friends,” I hear her voice. My heart quickly jumps inside my chest and I look at Hayley.
“Hey, shouldn’t you be in the locker room?” I ask.
“It’s four, the game starts in two hours my friend. You are coming right? Because it would mean a lot if you finally come to my game, especially the last…” Her voice trails off, I know it makes her sad that it’s her final game and it’s senior night.
“Don’t worry Hayles, I’m going to see you!”
“You better, because I will never talk to you again,” she says, her voice more serious.
“Shut up Hayley,” I say and pull her into a hug. “Play hard today, I know you will.”
“Yeah I will, I promise Jack.”
I smile and let go of her, she has a big smile on her face. “Senior night,” I slowly say.
“Yeah, then no more volleyball.”
“California has teams Hay,” I say, trying to comfort her.
She just nods, “I don’t know Jack. I just want to focus on today. But I’m going to get my books and head back. See you tonight?” She asks, her smile is killing me.
“For sure man,” I answer.
“For sure man,” she smiles, beginning to laugh. She turns away and walks to her locker.
I zip up my back pack and shut my locker. I look up at her, “See you later Hayles,” I yell down the hall.
“Bye Jack.”
I walk away, towards the front of the school.

* * *

I got home around 4:15, walking in to hear my mom in the kitchen, getting things ready for dinner.
“Hey Jack!” My mom greets me.
“Where’s dad?”
“Working late honey. Are you going to Hayley’s game tonight?”
“Yeah, I’m leaving around five forty five,” I tell her. “So I can get her a gift.”
She gives me a smile, “Okay, I’m about to start dinner.”
“Alright mom,” I say, walking to my room.
I walk in, throwing my backpack on my bed and I sit down at the computer, watching YouTube videos.
After a while, I hear my mom yell dinner.
“Coming Ma!” I yell, getting up from my desk. I think it’s about five at this point.
“Smells so good mom,” I say, walking into the kitchen.
“It’s your favorite,” she tells me, her smile is cheek to cheek.
I smile at her, “Thank you mom.”
She sits down at the table, eating her plate of spaghetti.
“So you and Hayley?” Her voice is curious and it breaks the silence.
“What about her?” I smile too much while I ask my question.
“You two have been hanging out a lot,” she smiles now and she’s looking at me.
“Yeah…” I say, my voice trails off.
“Do you like her?”
“A lot mom, she just makes things so different. I know Leigh and I broke up, but Hayley has always made me feel, different.”
“Honey, I’m glad you and Hayley finally started talking again. Just do what you think is right for you. Your father and I will still support you.”
“Thanks mom.”
“I’ve always liked her too, she was a good little girl. Then she became that amazing volleyball player.
“This is the first time I’ll see her play at West Side,” I say, with an eager tone.
“You’re in for one heck of a game Jack,” she laughs.
That just made me more excited to see her play.

* * *

I stopped at Walgreens to get her the gifts. I got her some balloons that read Congrats! on it, a huge bear, and some of her favorite snacks. I also had a volleyball in the jeep.

SAMMY WILK 😎: Text Message

Gilinsky, where you at? We have seats saved with Hayley’s mom.

I quickly answer his text.

I’ll be right there, bye.

I thanked the cashier as she gave me my change and I left the store.

* * *

I walked into the gym, the girls were already warming up. I found Sam, Liz and Hayley’s mom. Johnson was the MC for tonight’s game.
“Damn G, this is Valentine’s Day,” Sam says, looking at the stuff I got her.
“Shut up,” I tell him, sitting down.
“Hello Ms. Montes.”
“Hello Jack!” She says and I stand up and give her a hug.
“Sup Liz.”
“Hey Gilinsky.”
I look back at the court and see her warming up, she has a huge grin on her face. She is so beautiful.

She smiled and looked down, twiddling her fingers. She was embarrassed by what she was about to admit, “Throughout the entire movie, all I felt were his hands on my legs and arms, and I swear to God, I’ve never wanted so badly to kiss someone for 5 hours straight in my entire life.”
—  I should’ve just kissed you.

Oh yeah! Now that I’ve finished my project, I want to tell you guys about DreamWorks’s Home.

1. Go see it. For the love of all that is good in this world, go see it.

2. Tip is the greatest female lead in an animated film in fucking years. I actually believed her as a person, with real values, flaws, worries, joy, beauty, love, and Rihanna was so damn good in this move oh my god.

3. There is a scene towards the end of the movie where, for dramatic effect, there is no dialogue. Just music. And I cried. Honest-to-goodness cried. I saw this movie with my mom, and she turned to me during the scene to go “awwwwwww.” I forgot that my mom already knew that her daughter is a 25-year-old baby, and I tried to hide the fact that I was crying. So I gave her a big thumbs up and a smile, hoping she didn’t notice the big fat hot tear rolling down my cheek.

4. Tip’s mother, searching for her daughter, describes her as having “beautiful brown skin.” Yessssssssss.



Almost Famous (2000) - Cameron Crowe

5 bullets on this film:

  • It’s literally one of the cutest films I have seen. The plot is smooth and <3 but it’s also kinda dark and sad. I think Cameron Crowe did an amazing job and I’m in love with everything about this movie. If I died tomorrow I would watch this movie two times (I would also break into Dunkin’ Donuts and eat as much as I could)
  • I love the characters so much. They are very relatable and adorable, and the actors were amazing. Kate Hudson impressed me and this film made me like her. I mean, really, ALL the actors are great.
  • Some scenes are so well done and well thought, and the dialogues are unique and funny. The mood of the film is nice, there aren’t any scenes like ‘oh my god that’s so dark and messed up’, so if you want to watch a cute little movie, there you go.
  • Yes, I always say I love movie’s soundtracks, but this one is really good, with Led Zeppelin, Jimi  Hendrix  and Elton John. So, you know, it’s very nice.
  • Is it weird that I want to be a groupie now? I’m leaving to be a groupie, goodbye. 

I feel like Percy would be one of those guys that really loves the movie Forrest Gump (despite the shrimping) and whenever he and Annabeth would watch a movie that’d always be the one he suggests. Like he would know all the memorable quotes and say them along with the movie and Annabeth would be like ‘oh my gods shut up seaweed brain’ and he’d just be like ‘I’m not a smart man, Jenny.’ And she’d like 'Yeah I know that.’ And he’d be like: 'bUT I KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!’ And she’d just be like: 'I’m breaking up with you.’ but she’d still be fighting back a smile bc she loves how adorable her boyfriend can be.


“You realize we’re both completely insane?”- Brian

“Yes” - Jordan

“You’re probably gonna wanna divorce me in three weeks”- Brian

“Probably, No, you’ll wanna divorce me, I’m gonna be all fat and ugly”- Jordan

“Just as long as you don’t get too fat”.- Brian

“I am going to be very fat and you are gonna love it!” - Jordan

The wedding scene from “Cocktail” 1988. 

I Watched "Into The Woods" Again and came to some conclusions...

1. I want every outfit in that movie. Every. Single. One. The witches, Rapunzel’s, Cinderella’s, the bakers wife, little reds, stepsisters, everyyyyything.

2. The songs and music in this movie are a gift from God.

3. I cannot stop myself from crying like a baby in No One is Alone.

4. Last. Midnight. Is. Amazing.


6. Rapunzel’s Prince is king of all dorks. He is a goose and I love him.

7. Any part with Rapunzel and her Prince in it together makes me rEALLY REALLY HAPPY OKAY.

8. It Takes Two also makes me cry omg

9. *screams from the rooftops* THE. COSTUMES.


zach and i watched juno the other day for the first time in years and the funniest joke was when juno says something about her best friend leah being ‘into’ teachers and it cuts to leah flirting with her teacher and in the background you can hear her say “oh my god i love woody allen too!” which went right over my head as 15-year-old watching this movie for the first time

fake ah crew Anastasia!au ha hahaha sweats

this is allllllll icoffeecake‘s fault.

basically Jack as Anastasia, Geoff as Dimitri and Ryan as Vlad (but with a different sort of personality and with more backstory to him)

(this ended up being so fucking long oh my GOD WHY AM I A DORK there’s no major spoilers for the movie if you havent seen it and ive tried my best to explain what i can)

((please watch the movie though its dresses and disney-style songs and gorgeously animated ahhhh i love it))

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