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She [Tauriel] says ”There’s no love in you”. She’s actually utterly wrong. He [Thranduil] has loved so deeply that he can’t go near it anymore. He can’t approach it, he can’t touch it, it is not to be talked about. So when he finally says to Legolas “Your mother loved you, more than anything, more than life”, that’s what we said to the actor in that moment is that she died saving her child.
—  Philippa Boyens (x)

peeta is so under appreciated and that makes me so mad like remember in mockingjay when he warned them about the bombs headed for district thirteen and saved the entire rebellion and then gets beaten to shit on live television but when he is rescued only jackson says ‘btw thanks for the heads up buddy that was real nice’ i mean what in the fUck is that about


Burn all your  b r i d g e s 
just so that you can build them again
with  t h i c k e r  ropes.

[x] [x]

im not finishing this because i hate it


im crying oh god am i crying

its not even over but just the thought is making me sob

this freaking webcomic that introduced me to a shit ton of people i now call friends, to a whole new way of thinking, that opened up so many doors and oppurtunites

and its about to end

one more upd8 and homestuck is over


A Chump At Oxford 1940