“An offering is an act of completion. So many things come to us from the gods. If we keep them, the flow ends there. By holding tightly to the gifts of the gods, we create an interruption in the natural rhythm of the world, a dead-end into which the universe flows and then stops.”

- Ceisiwr Serith
A Book of Pagan Prayer

Image Credit: Astrid Dellair


i wish, for you, that i could always be
sunshine, rainbows… flowery—
dresses, jewels, painted toes,
bangles, colors full of life that flows…
if i could just view this world differently
and i was not always…too much…me
too serious, sensitive, and yes, sad–
with all the righteous driving me mad.
if darkness wasn’t what my eyes see–
gravitating, luring enchantingly…
shadow dancers, spirits, fairies,
spinning their tales in night’s breeze.
i’ve held this wish for different sight;
birthday candles, seeds from dandelions–
wasted wishes for my soul to transform
to a sepia me—less intense, less warm,
but now i can see that i’m not a crime–
not against God, not nature, not even time.
so my gift to this world is not to leave;
instead, i think, i’ll stay, unique.

quartzfae asked:

For the anon from earlier that wanted the storm spell, it is: Goddess bring the rain down, giving life to the ground, energy to feed the seed, mother nature gifts to me. God bring the rain down, giving life to the ground, energy to feed the seed ,and a healthy harvest bring. So mote it be.

Thank you very much deary,

anon I’ll hope you see this!

Rain Spell

I found a rain spell that seemed to work for me overnight, for which I am grateful. My area is plagued with forest fires every year, and any rain is good.


The chant is as follows (there must already be clouds in the sky)

Goddess bring the rain down,
giving life to the ground,
energy to feed the seed,
mother nature gifts to me.
God bring the rain down,
giving life to the ground,
energy to feed the seed,
and a healthy harvest bring.
So mote it be.

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As for S/L interaction this leg so far, I'm shocked we even got that sweat wipe!! They don't have to do anything else. That was enough for me! It was bodily fluids. It takes a certain level of comfort for one to do what she did.

That sweat wipe was a gift from God. Or something. 

And yes, she was completely comfortable and natural doing that. Cracks me up.

anonymous asked:

Yooooo your eyes are gods gift. Even though you're drop dead gorgeous all natural and you kinda look like actress Mila Kunis (ya bitch 😉) Take a selfie with make uppppp 😘😘

😂 awe thank you so much. I’m not a girl who focuses on makeup and things so I’d have to buy all the makeup to take a selfie that you asked for. That’s effort but I might do it. Thank you so much

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IGNITE 2015: Pre-conference

It has been 5 years since I first surrendered my life to Christ. It was during Ignite 2011. While worshiping this morning during our Ignite 2015: Pre-conference, I saw flashbacks of that moment when God met me.

Before anyone could stop me, I rushed towards the front row seats of CCF main’s auditorium to bask in the presence of God. This is my faith. It’s not that I won’t be able to feel God’s presence if I’m away from the stage, but my heart. At the moment the worship team started playing, my heart started pumping. My spirit just knew I have to experience this firsthand! I didn’t want to miss it. I didn’t want to miss out on the arrival of the one true God, the King, my Father. He brought gifts. What’s a child’s natural tendency? Run. Run towards Him, unrelenting.

That was the very moment I realized, this was the same feeling. Ignite 2011: Day 1, I was holding back. I didn’t want to join them, singing. Nakakahiya. (It’s embarrassing.) I was basically saying, “No! I don’t want to surrender.” But God, He was so excited for me to meet Him. He wanted to hear me sing His praises. He longed for that pleasurable aroma of faith that comes from surrender, understanding His grace for me on the Cross. So I took-off my shame, insecurities, failures, who I was, and I hung it upon the “coat-hanger-of-surrender.” I worshiped like there was no tomorrow. You won’t tell me apart from an insane man. I couldn’t help it. I was gaga all over this God, my Father.

This is my prayer for all those coming to IGNITE 2015: DAY 1, tomorrow. (especially, to my Victory Group) Go crazy over God. Go gaga over His presence. Don’t be ashamed to shout out His name. Don’t be afraid to be you. You’re not presenting yourself to the people around you, but to the King of all kings, the Lord of lords. Be excited, and don’t miss out in what HE is going to do in your life just because you couldn’t take that one step of surrender. Like a child, be excited because your Father will be coming tomorrow, giving gifts and blessings for you. Run! Run towards Him! Quickly! Run, by FAITH. Step out. Don’t let anyone stop you.

This is my faith. I will worship God, no matter what I feel, because He is worthy.

mandy-hope-san asked:

Avengers :) Also have a lovely day :)

The Howling Thinker

After saving an injured wolf in the wilderness and nursing it back to health, the mighty Norse God Fenris gifted you with incredible powers! Now you fight for the natural world, while also sprouting hair in unexpected places!

Lycanthropy - You can transform yourself into a werewolf at will, and have all the speed and ferocious strength of your alter ego under your full control!

Information Manipulation - You have the ability to instantly understand any information system, whether it’s decrypting codes, solving puzzles, hacking computers, or predicting trends on the stock market! Now, you protect Tomorrow City from hyper-intelligent gorillas, while also battling the evil plans of Lee Pin Woo, Master of Mysticism!


“If the world seems unfair or beyond our understanding, sublime places suggest that it is not surprising that things should be thus. We are the playthings of the forces that laid out the oceans and chiseled the mountains. Sublime places gently move us to acknowledge limitations that we might otherwise encounter with anxiety or anger in the ordinary flow of events. It is not just nature that defies us. Human life is as overwhelming. But it is the vast spaces of nature that perhaps provide us with the finest, the most respectful reminder of all that exceeds us. If we spend time in them, they may help us to accept more graciously the great, unfathomable events that molest our lives and will inevitably return us to dust.” - The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton

A view of the sublime from a piece of paradise in Umbria, Italy. Thank you, God, for gifting us with Nature and reminding us of the beauty and dignity of our human frailty.

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Oh my, BREATHE, PLEASE DON’T DIE ON ME! I’m so glad you liked it though!:’)

Over the course of this day, I watched this caterpillar spin some sort of cocoon and protect himself from the weather and shit and he watched a human smoking a spliff, maybe he thought I was the threat and the whole time he was trying to get away from me? Who knows, only this little caterpillar does who’ll probably never see another human in his life

Ways Of Making Environmentally Friendly Concrete
By Tammie Caldwell

The philosophers of the olden days referred to life as a gift from the one super natural commonly known as God. It is a gift that comes with very many quests and challenges. A person has to work very hard to make a way through all the tests and challenges that come with life as a way of expressing their gratitude to the one that offered life unto them. The methods of creating environmentally friendly concrete are numerous.

The biggest challenge that all creatures with this amazing gift of life face is catering for their numerous needs. A person needs quite a number of utilities in order for them to remain strong and healthy to live another day happily and productively. These utility commodities vary from place to place and to some extend within individuals too.

Food is the most essential of these basic needs. Most people take part in subsistence farming in order to easily cater for the food needs of their families without having to incur any extra. Agriculture is a very important economic activity in society as it provides not only food and raw materials for other industries but also employment opportunities for the people of the community.

Finally accommodation is another very essential factor in human life. In the past, this was not so crucial as our forefathers could survive in caves and tree trunks. Times have changed however and none of these things can adequately protect the person and offer them adequate rest time in current days. This is why new models and measures have been taken to ensure that stronger and more durable structures are put up for accommodation purposes.

In addition to the above, healthcare is very important as well. There are very many diseases that can affect a person and render them weak and helpless in the community. This is not a good condition and unless this person can get treatment soon they will deteriorate further and could even die eventually. This is what makes the availability of medical facilities in a community very important.

The other option is for one to build self a house. This is the best option as the person gets to live very comfortably without having to worry about rent every moth end. It is a very tasking venture however and the person needs to take ample time and make preparations on a number of issues. Planning is very important in any venture relating to real estate.

Resources are the most important thing here. The person needs to have quite a good and firm resource base to be able to pull off this activity. A number of essential materials have to be secured in advance. These materials include sand, cement, rock boulders, timber and other metallic components. These are the basic materials that are used in the construction of houses.

Concrete is very vital in building house structure. It is made by mixing sand, cement and basic size rocks in certain known proportions so that they can bind to make a tougher compound material. Nature is the biggest resource for all the mentioned substances. People should therefore make sure that their activities are environmentally friendly for sustainability reasons.

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Ways Of Making Environmentally Friendly Concrete

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