earlier this year there was this guy in my drivers ed class who had a crush on me and he was always sweaty and he would stare at me during class and yea i was not into him. anyway, one time i thought i lost my phone and i was searchin under the desks for it and he goes, “gimme ur number and ill call it for u” and u hAVE NO IDEA how fast i shot up and i banged my head on the bench and shouted “WAIT NO i just left it in the car haha” and everything went silent and that is still probably the most romantic experience ive ever had

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First things first I'm a guy One time I went to visit a friend. My plane was delayed, and wouldn't arrive until after 12am, so I told my friend I would just get a hotel for the night. Checked in, I was browsing the personals on CL. There I found a really hot older guy, he came over and we did the do. In the morning, we're still in bed, my friend calls and tells me he's outside. I told him my room # and that I had "company." We get dressed, and as he leaves, I hear my friend outside go "Dad?"

Oh god that’s so awkward

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 i was also expecting like “oh god that’s so awkward” during the kissing picture but everything went better than expected jpg

casual reminder that aang traveled to the ends of the earth searching for ancient masters to teach him bending, but ultimately those who taught him were the kids who became his best friends in the world


I think it would be super funny if Sollux were still blind at the time he got to meet his dancestor and not really understanding what was going on in the situation. Poor Terezi would be too distraught to explain things :0


1.03 vs 1.08  

     ↳ "That doesn’t surprise me.”


7/19/14: “Do you guys ever do sleepovers when you guys go to hotels?”


I remember Chaerin’s first day in kindergarten. A totally nervous expression. Didn’t let go of my hand. Although the kindergarten wasn’t that far actually, it seemed really far from that day onwards. I worried as to how Chaerin’s kindergarten life would be as she isn’t good in Japanese, however we didn’t talk much about the kindergarten at home. While Chaerin always played brightly and excitedly at home as though nothing happened, my mind on the other hand was always filled with thoughts like “Is this kid doing well in kindergarten!?” This thought was always in my mind, weighing down my heart like a heavy stone. Continued going to kindergarten for a few days. That day too without fail, Chaerin took her bag. Before entering the kindergarten, Chaerin asked me.“Dad, what’s ‘play with me’ in Japanese?” - CL’s dad

hot zuko moments. requested by sophsoph14.