gocamgoham asked:

Angie no. Wrong dumpster. The Bumbleby one is over hear.

Bumblebee doesn’t even have a goddamn trash can we’re all being shoved in a hive, waiting for the dumb bear to steal our honey, that dumb bear named canon, and i will always

be in the hive, and the bee heaven


gocamgoham asked:

I love how your name is weissrabit and your OTP is Bumbleby.

i have very much considered changing my url to doritoyang ngl

but haha well Weiss was my first love in RWBY and she’s still a love so it’s hard to let it go. As far as animals, both bunnies, bees, and me go waaaayyy back. I was just incredibly lucky to find a pair that would eventually be my otp to be very bee themed haha

gocamgoham asked:

What is that gif of Michael and Lindsay from?

This one?

It’s from a Sponsor Cut in which they played the Newlywed Game against RT Sweethearts Miles and Kerry.

Which is probably one of my favorite Sponsor Cuts.

gocamgoham asked:

You're so great at rping Wes. I'm begging you. I mean sure you can take a hiatus but I don't know how long I can last without you. Probably less than four hours if that. I know you think you're shit but you're not. Your the best Wes.

then why have you waited until now to try and tell me that? After I’ve given you several chances to tell me that, you decide to do it now when I’m taking my leave. I don’t want to stay here if it takes me taking a hiatus for people who won’t even reveal themselves to tell me that i’m important to them. It’s not working. Who are you? Why can’t you last without me? I’m sure you’ll be fine for however long I decide to be gone.