Get Mounted Up For Adventure Milestone Giveaway!



That’s right, as I hit 100 followers I am giving a mount away! Had your eye on one of these guys, but didn’t want to part with the cash? Don’t worry! I’ll do it for ya. After all we are about to charge into a brave new world, and I want ya to do it in STYLE.

Each reblog counts as 1 entry, and a like counts as one too! You must be following me to enter.

The giveaway ends September 22nd, so this will run for 2 weeks. I will contact the winner on the 23rd after I draw the name out of the hat. After confirmation and the person replying with the info needed to gift the mount to their account, I will send said mount.

Good luck, and happy blogging!

Art done by roulette-kneebasha the best Co-GM a person can ask for!

I am so incredibly in love and obsessed with these dolls made by artist Santani. Pretty sure there’s a huge back order/wait list, but I’m going to make an inquiry anyway. They’re such magickal little creatures and bring me a lot of joy when I look at them. I would love to have one, or a few, someday! Just amazing!

Furbies wish they were this gorgeous! I need them in my life. <3

See the artist’s gallery here: