Snuggle for 2 more minutes Mama?

Scenario:  I’m in the shower and I hear my little man come into the bathroom.  He’s sitting on the tub and I peek my head out of the shower and ask him if he’s ok.

K:  No!  I don’t feel good.  I think I need to snuggle for just 2 more minutes.

Me:  Ok.  Well, I’m about to get out.  Let me put my pajama’s back on and I will snuggle with you.

K: Ok.  Good.  Hurry Mama!

Me:  (quickly getting back into my dirty pajamas and heading back to my bed)  Hi there Mr.  Come here you!

K:  I just need 2 minutes to snuggle with you Mama!  I know that will make me feel better!

Me:  Ok!  Then come on over here and gimme your hugs and kisses!

K: (After five minutes of just laying on my belly)  I love you Mama!

Me:  I love you too Konjo!

K:  Oooooh! I have to poop!

*And… beautiful Mama and K-man moment is OVER!

Do you know what’s the strongest thing on the earth?

K: Mama, I bet you can’t guess what the strongest thing on the earth is.

Me:  Well, why ask me if you don’t think I can guess.

K:  You have one guess Mama.  Just go ahead!

Me:  Um, is it steel?

K:  Oh Mommy, is that really your answer?  No… It’s love!

Me:  Who told you that?

K:  No one.  I just got it from my brain.  Too bad you didn’t think of it.

*Touche son!


He wasn’t feeling well the other day on the way home from school and asked me if I could turn off the radio so he could talk to God.  This what he did!  Love this guy!!!

Worst Villain Ever—So now I’m the idiot

K: Mama, I bet you can’t guess who is the worst villain ever.

Me:  How bad is this villain?  And is it a boy or a girl?

K:  He’s a boy and he’s VERY bad!!!

Me:  Is it the devil? 

K:  What the heck?!  Who’s the devil?  I was talking about Braniac.  Geesh Mama, do you know anything???

*Clearly not Son!!!

Easter with Nana and Grandpa

Scenario: In the Dollar Tree Parking lot thinking that I might want to check with my mom as to what she plans on buying for me son for Easter.  So I call her before entering the store.

Me:  Mom, what do you plan on buying K for Easter?

Nana:  Anything his little ole heart desires.

Me:  Um, could you be a little more specific?

Nana:  I was being specific   I will buy him whatever he wants.  All he needs to do is tell me and it’s his.

Me:  Mom, you can’t just buy him everything.

Nana:  Why not?  I’m his Nana!  I can do whatever i want.

Me: Ok, so I guess I won’t get him anything.

*Thinking to myself—this kid better be thankful he’s an only child.  If he wasn’t he wouldn’t get the lion’s share of all holidays!!!

So many rules

Scenario: Day 3 of Kinder

Me:  Why did you have a bad day at school?  Wanna talk about it?

K: Not really….. *Silence*  You know Mama, there are just so many new rules.  All I can do is keep trying to be a good boy!

Me: (ready to scoop him up in my arms and hug his breathe away) Yes Baby!  It’s new rules for all of us.  Let’s work together so that you know all of them… ok?!

K:  I sure hope we can do it!

*I know we can do it!!!


Swim lessons have begun!