dean wanted to die before he became something evil. he said it. he wanted to die before he became a monster. he watched sam almost lose himself and he didn’t want the same to happen to him. 

and now against his will he became exactly what he was letting himself die for in order to guard against. 

Gould’s Monitor/Gould’s Goanna - Varanus gouldii gouldi

Like all monitor lizards, Gould’s goanna (also known as the bungarra) has a relatively high metabolism for a reptile, and requires sustenance much more frequently than other lizards. It also has a snake-like tongue that it flicks about in leaf litter, presumably to gather olfactory clues to the presence of prey in the vicinity.

The sharp claws and high-set body of the goanna allow for quick movement and effective hunting of anything smaller than itself, including other members of the same species.

Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria. Frederick McCoy, 1885.

Megalania Prisca, formerly known as Varanus Priscus, was a prehistoric monitor lizard – several times bigger than the Komodo dragon – that roamed the Australian outback terrorizing the native fauna. Even though science acknowledges Megalania to be extinct, sightings of monitor lizards (or goannas, as they are known in Australia) the size of saltwater crocodiles have been reported during recent times.

In 1939, for example, a train traveling through New South Wales stopped in its tracks after noticing a huge log on the railway. After several minutes, the log started to move and the passengers and train conductor realized that they were looking at a huge lizard estimated to be around 28 feet (8 meters) in length. More recently, in 1979, Australian herpetologist Frank Gordon had an encounter with what he considered a living, breathing Megalania – the huge lizard sprinting in front of his jeep with enormous speed while he was traveling in the mountains of northern New South Wales.