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Liverpool FC scored 13 goals in their 8 [2014/15] preseason games (with 9 different goalscorers). Relive them here.

Goals by:

Kristoffer Peterson [2]

Suso Fernandez [2]

Raheem Sterling [2]

Jordan Henderson [2]

Joe Allen

Steven Gerrard

Daniel Sturridge

Dejan Lovren

Philippe Coutinho

Barclays Premier League 2014/15 Predictions

The Top Four As Predicted

  1. Chelsea
  2. Arsenal
  3. Man City
  4. Man Utd


  1. West Brom
  2. Burnley
  3. QPR

Team Of The Season

  • GK: Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea)
  • RB: Calum Chambers (Arsenal)
  • CB: Gary Cahill (Chelsea)
  • CB: Marcos Rojos (Manchester United)
  • LB: Luke Shaw (Manchester United)
  • RM: Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)
  • CM: Samir Nasri (Manchester City)
  • CAM: Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea)
  • CM: Morgan Schneiderlin (Southampton)
  • LM: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
  • ST: Diego Costa (Chelsea)
  • Top Goalscorer: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)
  • Most Assists: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
  • Most Clean Sheets: Wojciech Szczęsny (Arsenal)

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anonymous said:

Wasn't able to catch the match, what happened with Lovren? :\


Lovren was responsible for all three of City’s goals, though by no means was he the sole party at fault. I was just bitter here because they were amateurish mistakes that I know he’s above. Anyways, here’s a rundown of the three City goals.

Goal 1: Jovetic 41”

Gerrard and Moreno both also made crucial mistakes here. Gerrard did not track David Silva’s run, which led to Lovren making a dodgy defensive header that became the assist for Jovetic’s goal, and Moreno held back a second too long and was beaten to said dodgy header by goalscorer Jovetic.



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anonymous said:

OMG! I feel like you about Leo! I think that this will be his year! I think he will find the joy he has missed over the last 1,5 years or so, the pressure from the world Cup is over and I really think that we are in for a treat if he stays injury-free! (I hope I don't jinx it haha xD)

I hope Leo will return to his best self. Today one of my coworkers said this season James will be top scorer not just in la liga but also in Europe.And I asked in a league that has Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez and Benzema (in form)? I think he got offended although my intention was not to offend him or put down James and underestimate his ability. I just think it will be tough for any of the goalscorers (or at least it should be tough) I do not think Messi failed in anyway during this past season, people just forget the circumstances he had to deal with. Everytime I look at a list it kind of hurts me to not see him there. 

So dear god!! I pray that this man will go crazy this season and remind the fickle fans who he is. 

shaykhlislamovas replied to your post:shaykhlislamovas replied to your post:WAIT XABI IS…

v true but aspas had a good goalscoring record in spain and he’s p young idk some transfers just don’t work out he didn’t really get much of a chance after suarez came back tbf…oh well i guess at least he gave us that corner it was almost worth it

I guess my point was that Xabi’s proven in 2 major leagues and brings experience, whereas we hoped that Iago would bring something special and exciting. But in the end his price tag was repaid in the laughs that his corner brought 

Van Gaal hard to please – Klose

Miroslav Klose claims the years he spent playing under new Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal were the hardest of his career.

Klose, Germany’s all-time leading goalscorer with 71 goals, left Bayern Munich in 2011 after struggling to satisfy the Dutchman. The 36-year-old played 60 games while Van Gaal was in charge of Bayern, but scored only 12 goals.

“It was a tough time, particularly working with Van Gaal,” Klose told Germany’s Die Zeit newspaper.

“I didn’t feel free. It was very difficult for me to fulfil his expectations. He was asking me to make runs I just couldn’t see. I didn’t feel free. It was very difficult for me to fulfil his expectations. He was asking me to make runs I just couldn’t see.”

“I gave it all I could, but sometimes it just wasn’t enough.”

Had it not been for the backing of the fans and the faith shown in him by Germany coach Joachim Low, Klose says he may not have emerged from the two years he spent under Van Gaal the way he did.

Klose has since gone on to score 41 goals in 101 games for Lazio, and broken Gerd Muller’s goalscoring record for his country on his way to winning the World Cup last month.

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