Xavi about his teammates

Ter Stegen

“I did not know him and had never seen him play. I think it was a good signing by (Andoni) Zubizarreta (Former football director). Even an excellent choice as he could be Barcelona’s goalkeeper for 10, 12 or 15 years. I have never seen such a skilled goalie with his feet.”

Javier Mascherano

“He’s a friend and also a strong inspiration. It is extraordinary the way he has adapted to the style of Barcelona. He’s smart, he’s a complete leader on and off the field. It is a model for the club. Perhaps he has not grown here but it’s as if he had been trained in Barcelona’s Academy.”

Jordi Alba

“He’s a great friend. For me he is the best left back in the world, I have no doubt. He is a particular player, a born winner, has an incredible personality that allows him to adapt to play for Barcelona. He has a very strong personality. He can become a great leader if he keeps that way.”

Gerard Piqué

“Pique is a natural leader, either on or out the pitch. He has once again become the best center-back in the world because he had set this goal. He worked really hard in the preseason. He is 28 and he still has four or five years at a very high level left in Barcelona. He is also one of the key players in the squad and during games. Our team is very strong defensively thanks to players like Piqué and Mascherano, obviously.”

Andrés Iniesta

“He’s fantastic. I think he is the most talented Spanish player of all time. He is an extraordinary player, with a wonderful personality and a big heart. He is the best when treating people. He’s a leader. He is always ready to receive the ball, never hides. It is an absolute pleasure to have spent so many years with him.”

Sergio Busquets

“I feel a weakness for Busquets in every way. He is a close friend and I think he’s the player who best understands soccer, whether in attack and defense. His intelligence to analyze the game is wonderful. He is also someone with whom I have many similarities. I have not said that before but I think he’s my natural successor on and out of the pitch. He is destined to be the tactical leader of Barcelona for the next ten years. I have no doubt about it.”

Luis Suárez

“I am a big fan of Luis because we knew each other before he came to Barcelona. We had a mutual friend in Ajax, Gabri [former FC Barcelona player]. He is an extraordinary player because of the way he plays with his back to the goal, his understanding of the game, his solutions given when the adversary presses… He always know how to keep the ball. He causes fauls, is a scorer, has the same instinct and the same eye for goal that of Samuel Eto'o. He’s an amazing player and also a humble person, with his feet on the ground.”


“He’s an incredible personality. I knew about his reputation in Brazil, I knew that he is a world-class player, but still he is very humble and has a very good influence in our squad. When Leo Messi retires he will take him over, he will be the best player in the world, I have no doubt. ”

Leo Messi

“He is the smallest (in stature), but he is probably the best in everything, even in aerial plays. I will not say anything new about him. What Leo has achieved is amazing. He is even the best in defense. When he presses the opposite side, he often wins the duel. He is the best at everything, at whatever he does.”

imagine soccer!calum running down the field, dribbling the ball between his feet past defenders before shooting a goal, his face lighting up as soon as the goalie fails to stop the black and white ball. Him twirling around to high five a few teammates, before scanning the crowd for you face, winking at you when he finds you cheering him on, mouthing the words, “one kiss for each goal”, because you had made a deal with him before the game.

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Jump Start June - Intro (Day 1)

Hi!!! I’m Lise (pronounced like Lisa). 

This is me:

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’m currently working at a big audit firm (exciting I know) but at the end of this year I’ll complete my internship and I plan on going overseas for a year or so next year. What I’m going to do is still up in the air - maybe teach English in Korea/Thailand/somewhere or volunteer in Dharmsala, India. 

I’ve been trying to lose weight my whole life. No joke. When I was in high school I thought I was ginormous. I was much bigger than my friends. I didn’t play much sport - I was on the school’s hockey team but I was goalie so I didn’t really do much fitness stuff. But up until last year I was almost 40 kilograms heavier than I was at high school. 

I can’t pinpoint a specific reason for my weight gain. I think it was a combination of drinking lot in varsity, not exercising, eating what I wanted - for the first time in my life no one was there to tell me what to eat/when to exercise etc. 

During my final two years of varsity, my dad paid for a personal trainer. And I actually started going to the gym. I started enjoying it. However, I could NOT change my diet. I still ate what I wanted. I would eat McDonalds and KFC on the same day. Seriously. Then I started working. Gained six kilo’s in a year. Without noticing it. 

At the beginning of 2014, my mom and I joined Weigh Less - a weight loss program similar to Weight Watchers. I started exercising again and managing my diet. I managed to lose 15 kilograms last year. Which is the most I’ve ever managed to lose. 

Since November, I’ve struggled to lose more weight (at least I kept the 15 kilo’s off). I’ve tried keto for about four months, but once I stopped I gained all the weight I initially lost. Since the beginning of May I’ve been following the Weigh Less eating plan again. Starting exercising again. But I still gained a kilogram.

At the moment, my biggest challenge is my indecision of what I should do with my diet - I’ve been thinking of going back to keto, since I have PCOS and this type of eating will help with that, but I’m afraid of gaining back all the weight I would lose if I stop keto since I don’t think it is sustainable. Or maybe I should continue with the eating plan I’m following now, hoping it will turn better?

Another difficulty for me is sticking to eating healthy over the weekends. It seems like there is always something happening or I’m going away for the weekend which means that it is more difficult to stick to healthy eating. 

I’m actually going to speak to someone next week, a life coach, to discuss this with her. I’m getting really frustrated by all this effort I’m putting into this without the results and I really don’t know what to do anymore. 

As starting measurements:

Weight : 101.6 kilograms

Treadmill : 20 minutes at 6.3 incline - 1.64 kilometres at 5 km/h

Elliptical : 20 minutes at 133 watts - 1.15 kilometres 

I hope to improve on this by the end of the month.

From tomorrow I’ll post my mini goals for the day and tick them off.

headspacedeficit asked:

Headcanon that Chowder is the betting Dark Horse of the Haus. But it doesn't kick in until there's something on the line like that time they were playing poker with Bitty's cookies as chips. The lacrosse frat across the street severely underestimated the goalie and got cleaned out.

Omg yes. It’s his cheerful disposition, they never see it coming. Holster desperately wants to weaponize this.

Chowder also probably wins all bets on dating outcomes, “Does Bitty or Jack ask the other out first?” “Is Ransom serious with that girl on the volleyball team?” “Will Dex and Nursey drunkenly make out before the end of the year?” 

Chowder’s inherited Johnson’s ability to know


“Dude, he’s bluffing.” 

“But he’s smiling.”

“He always smiles. It’s his thing. He’s gotta be bluffing.”

“Um, guys? I’ve got a flush. That beats two pair.”


“I told you it wasn’t a bluff. No one bets a double chocolate chip cookie on a bluff.”