drac is getting replaced, this is dementia chastity belle and boonana 

she was thrown in the dumpst er as a young cryote, she parents were killed by a mysterious fru it it was ha rd for lyf. but boonana took her in and showed her the ropes of darks arts and furious love making.

and she is a master in all fightning styles she was trained by a book that was thrown in the garbage. she is skilled and feir ce. like her love for foxy and mike she can’t decided as her rainbow heart neve r lets her choose her destiny.

she can kill with her mind, but she doesn’t like to, sin ce she loves mike.

her catch phrase is:  ”pssh…nothin personnel…..kid……”

this is the product of two hours and 17 users, are u guys quenched.


Next Follower Milestone Special

Peep peep!!

So I’m a few hundred followers away from hitting a major milestone in followers (50 points to Gryffindor if you can guess how many followers it is) and I’m thinking about doing a similar project to my last one when I hit 5k but not quite the same

So, I’m still looking for the ocs of my followers!

Basically, if you’re following ask-cadance and would like to have your oc (ponylike ocs only please) (have the posibility of being) in my followers special post, submit a reference to sugarberry-art.tumblr.com and maybe a short paragraph of personality traits so it can fit in better with the project (I don’t want to put a very dark oc in the brightest part of the project).

I’m going to attempt to include a wide variety of submitted ocs and blogs that follow me that I really like.

So get those refs in! The deadline to have your ref submitted is this Sunday! And although chances on getting your OC featured or not do vary, the chances will be at 0% if you miss the deadline :c

I want to do a wonderful job on this project but I can really only see this happening if I have lots of time to plan, organize and execute.

Tldr; If you want your OC featured in my next followers special thingy, submit a reference to my art blog.

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Naruto Opening 5 - Seishun Kyosokyoku

The only reason I like this opening so much, is how well it syncs with Shikamaru running at 0:29.