ok here goes!!! my gemsona: Citrine!

She’s short and funny and has a tall, hot version that she can transform into. The pouch on her belly is for snacks! She has little crystal ear-things and her gem is on her throat because she’s talkative and loud and always laughing!!! x)

(she’s not really based on me btw) :)


We aren’t sure if he’s a graduate of Hogwarts, but Japanese Instagram user Halno sure knows how to fly on a broom. Since the summer of 2011 he’s been sharing playful photos of himself and sometimes others “flying” around Japan and elsewhere with the grace and skill of pro Quidditch players. His life’s ambition is simple and awesome:

“I would like to travel all over the world with my broom”

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AU: Being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend comes with a lot of unprecedented things, but something you were definitely not prepared for was the jealousy. Nonetheless, you still know it’s harmless and he just loves you too much. 

I’m not going to call anyone out by name here, but I am honestly blown away by the fact that “POC people don’t fit in the lore” is still an argument that is being made in this community, and while this was originally written as a response to a specific post that has since been deleted, I’m going to go ahead and post it anyway because as someone who prides herself on having a fairly solid grasp on Tyrian lore, I want to personally address some of the talking points that keep getting dredged up on this topic.

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Marie Antoinette’s Wardrobe Book from 1782 (Click to see the rest of the pages/see them in HQ)

It is described in Antonia Fraser’s biography of the Queen:

The Wardrobe Book of the Queen was presented to her daily by her Mistress of the Robes together with a pincushion; Marie Antoinette would prick the book with a pin to indicate her choices. The porters attached to the Queen’s Wardrobe (this was three large rooms filled with closets, drawers, and tables) then carried in the huge baskets covered in cloths of green taffeta. The Wardrobe Book of 1782, in the care of the Comtesse d’Ossun, survives. Each outfit is categorized and accompanied by a tiny swatch of material. There are samples for the court dresses in various shades of pink, in shadowy grey-striped tissue and in the self-striped turquoise velvet intended for Easter.  

But what is notable is the preponderance of swatches for the more casual clothes, the loose Lévites shown together on one page in an array of colours, from pale grey and pale blue through to the much darker shades of maroon and navy, sometimes with small sprigs embroidered between the stripes.  There are redingotes (from the English word riding-coat) in the same palette of blues, as well as a particular mauve marked Bertin-Normand, coupling together the names of the couturier and the silk-merchant.  Swatches for the so-called ‘Turkish’ robes are shown in self-striped pink and very dark mauve, for the robes anglaises in turquoise and self-striped mauve as well as dark maroon striped in pale blue.  One swatch of material, supplied by the other celebrated silk-merchant, Jean-Nicholas Barbier, uses the Queen’s favourite cornflower to good effect, set in a design of wavy cream-coloured stripes.


This man is a puppy, always.

Bad Dream: Graveyard, Hospital

The Signs as Summer Things/Memories
  • Aries:Playing soccer with my neighbors
  • Taurus:Laying on my bedroom floor at night listening to vinyls
  • Gemini:Skyping my friends for hours on end
  • Cancer:Writing random poems until the early hours of the morning
  • Leo:Sun bathing on my deck for hours
  • Virgo:Doing summer homework ://
  • Libra:Eating outside at fancy restaurants
  • Scorpio:Watching movies until late at night
  • Sagittarius:Going on vacation😎
  • Capricorn:Working and making that $$$
  • Aquarius:Going for midnight walks
  • Pisces:Going to fourth of July parties and swimming in the ocean