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The wind is howling through the air tonight
As I look into the mirror
The beauty and isolation
And it looks like…I’m a killer
The air is cold just like this beating heart inside
Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven knows I’ve tried
Don’t let them in,
Don’t let them see,
Be the good boy you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know,
Well, now they know!
Go to sleep!
Go to sleep!
Can’t hold it back anymore!
Go to sleep!
Go to slee~eep!
Slash away and save your soul.
And I don’t care what they’re going to say.
Let the cops rage on.
Bloodstains never bothered me anyway~
It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small.
And the fears that once controlled me,
Don’t get to me at aaaaaall!
It’s time to see what I can do.
To test the limits and break through.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me.
I’m free!
Go to sleep!
Go to sleep!
I’m one with the blood and screams.
Go to sleep!
Go o slee~eep!
I’m the greatest thing it seems!
And here I stand
With my knife in haa~aand!
Let the cops rage ooooon!
My power rages in this knife and through your heart.
My soul is spiraling and humans crying from the start.
And one thought allows the gigantic blood contrast!
I’m never going back, the past is in the paaaast!
Go to sleep!
Go to sleep!
Cower down, my knife is stroo~oong!
Go to sleep!
Go to sleep!
That perfect boy is gone!
And here I stand.
With my knife in haa~aand!
Let the cops rage oooon~
Bloodstains never bothered me anyway…

Whatever happened, that’ll help.

The 4 Most Underrated Feelings in the World

#4. Hitting Your Own Mattress After the Worst Day Ever

The best cure for a terrible day, assuming your terrible day doesn’t involve you running for your life throughout the night, is one perfect night of sleep. And even if tomorrow is worse than today, even if the shitstorm rises to a crescendo of foul bastardry that makes you curse the day your father forgot to use a condom, for a pristine moment, when you’re on a firm but not-too-firm mattress, a soft pillow, a comforting blanket — damn, that’s the stuff.

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