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(since this is one of the easier music shows to win at)

1. SMS vote during the LIVE BROADCAST (Tuesday, begins 6PM KST) by going to smsrr.com

2. Choose Korea (South Korea) as the country and enter the number 00821119

3. The content should be only 방탄소년단 in Hangeul

cr. (do continue to vote on tudou though (orange button, watch teaser, repeat) since it’s worth more points!)

International times for the first 1989 Tour Show in Japan!-

Tokyo, Japan- 4:00 pm Tuesday

London, England- 8:00 am Tuesday

Sydney, Australia-  5:00 pm Tuesday

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- 4:00 am Tuesday

Paris, France- 9:00 am Tuesday

Buenos Aires Argentina- 4:00 am Tuesday

New York, USA- 3:00 am Tuesday

Chicago, USA- 2:00 am Tuesday

Toronto, Canada- 3:00 am Tuesday

Mexico City, Mexico- 2:00 am Tuesday

Kingston, Jamaica- 2:00 am Tuesday


In which one direction try to film a TV special but are generally charming and useless

You Make Me Want To Remember

Characters: Hide/Haise (Sasako), Shirazu, Mutsuki, Saiko
Rating: T
Words: 2,797

Notes: Ok so I wasn’t able to sleep early last night because I was bugged awake by the lack of Hide/Sasako fics and my craving for it so I tried to write a drabble which turned embarrassingly long !!! This is my first time writing fanfiction and I’m too lazy to proofread it because again it turned out TOO LONG so read at your own risk bc i literally have no idea what im doing

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There you go! <3
The English name of the Short film is ‘I don’t want to go back alone’ and it is just too precious for words!UwU

the one before the one with the flower crown

summary: a prequel to the one with the flower crown. dan is the new kid and phil just finds him really fucking pretty.
word count: 3.7k
genre: fluff, angst, smut smut smut

a/n: can we have a round of applause for the title of this fic thank you i saw some punk!phil/pastel!dan edits on my dash and thought, shit, i’d better finish this prequel. here you go guys! i hope you enjoy this little addition to what i suppose is one of y’alls favourite ‘verses c: prompts are open, as always! my mid-years start tomorrow though. #pray4krys2k15


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I have a headcanon that the Tracys all lost a limb or two in some way and are replaced with robotic parts that help them in rescue missions depending on their bird

Scott: Lost his left arm (up to his elbow) and his right leg- replaced with components which are integrated with Thunderbirds One’s system, allowing him to fly the plane in ease, and also has the ability to scan items/compounds with his hands

Virgil: Lost both of his arms, and are replaced with arms that can lift insane amounts of weight

Alan Lost both his legs, and are replaced with legs that have jets in the bottom in his feet which allows him to hover for a limited time on Earth (but can easily move around in space)

Gordon: Sustained heavy damage to his spine and lungs, and are replaced with a spine which can prop up to act like fins and modified lungs which act as gills underwater (there are special slits in neck that part when he’s underwater)

John: Lost all his arms and legs, and has replacements that allows him to integrate into Thunderbird 5′s system. He does this by sitting on a chair and wearing a helmet which reads his brainwaves.

Kayo, lost her hands, feet and most of her joints are damaged. Replaced with hands and feet that pack an insane amount of power and punch, and her new joints allow her to be extremely flexible and quiet at the same time.


Book Balancing Challenge

Two paperbacks and a hardback!
You may see I’m all smiles but this is really a bit challenging. The struggle to take a selfie with three books on your head is REAL. (Although I managed to balance 5 books after.)

Thanks a lot theworldofabookworm for tagging me! This is so fun to do, I hope you will do it too! abookthiefandawordshaker charlie-and-books mybookishcorner thatonereader this-blog-is-a-horcrux