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My dream is to work on Magic's Creative Team, but I have two years of college left. Apart from practicing writing and worldbuilding(both stand alone and Magic planes)Right now, I'm debating setting up a tumblr to showcase my work so far is there anything else I should make sure I have done before I graduate/ start trying to get my foot in the door at Wizards? If it matters, I'm majoring in Screenwriting. Any advice would be great, thanks.

Create tirelessly, and share what you create. Build a fanbase of people who demand more of your work. Develop a portfolio of stuff that people consider awesome. Do projects for money and make your deadlines. Be professional and courteous with people in the industry, because people talk (which can be a bad thing if you’re an unprofessional pain in the butt, but it’s a great thing if you want to be hired somewhere). Companies need evidence that you’re going to be able to solve their problems for them, so create that body of work — including getting jobs in similar roles wherever you can — that provides that evidence.

i feel like people think positivity = being constantly happy & peppy and thats just not realistic. or healthy rly

now im not bashing positivity or anything cause yes we all need some positivity in our lives!! the world can feel so negative and sad sometimes so we need a little peppy boost & optimism daily

but we also need to be angry and sad and express our “bad” emotions sometimes

i feel like positivity is understanding that various human emotions are okay and its okay to be angry and sad and grumpy. just be pro-emotions??? like dont suppress your “bad” emotions and force yourself to be happy??

**** also this isnt a sneak diss at any “positivity” bloggers. i know their intentions are good and they want to help everyone so im not attacking them or acting like theyre doing stuff wrong

im mostly talking about how everyone in general— not just on tumblr view positivity ******

If you’ve never read the book Good Omens, let me tell you what you’re missing

-An angel who is so goddamn lazy that he makes a deal with the demon he’s supposed to be thwarting so that neither of them have to do any work and he has more time to spend running his bookshop, and who wants to stop the Apocalypse because he loves sushi

-A demon who pretends to be suave and cool but who really just geeks out over his car and loves James Bond and listens to nothing but Queen and thinks gluing coins to the sidewalk is proper demonic activity

-This angel and demon are probably not gay for each other but I mean they’re holding hands on the cover art.

-This angel and demon try to stop the apocalypse but they fuck up so badly that they do literally nothing useful the whole book and somehow it’s still all about them.

-Technically it was the Satanic Nuns who fucked up, but we don’t really talk about that.

-Death (the horseperson) playing a trivia videogame in a diner.

-The four extra horsepersons that were never mentioned in Revelation.

-The antichrist who almost destroys the world because he wants to save the whales

-The only piece of fiction I have ever seen besides Supernatural that somehow manages to include both the Judeo-Christian apocalypse and space aliens.

-The context of the phrase “gayer than a tree full of monkeys high on nitrous oxide.”

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if you haven't already could you do a list of your favorite m rated one shots? :)

Eh I think I’ve done one but it was ages ago so let’s do it again hooray this will be long probably

tap a message onto my skin, objects in motionjust put your lips together, that which does not bend, controltie me up, tie me downburn for you, melt for me, poetry in numbers, toys for all ages  by airbefore

in this here realityEvery Move You MakeSuffusionAdriftCome and Find Me, Cynosure, Breaking Point by ColieMacKenzie

magnification levels, The Return of Russian Beckett, i’ll allow it, more than you bargained for by Cora Clavia

Dismantle, Stirred, Clandestine, Interlude, ease your worriesLike Real People Do by bravevulnerability

trails, kiss me i’m bleedingmurder calls and when the control breaks by closingdoors

Sugar, We’re Going Down, Supply and Demand, Electric Girl, Bachelorette Number 41319, Pumped Up Kicks by shimmeryshine

amantes sunt amentes, the mind ceases,  A Cupping by seilleanmor

If I Had Stayed (and sequels), Black and White, Show Me, Supine  by morgangirl11

Adorable by ekc293

Insomnia by Kate Christie

Hot, Sweaty, Quick, Oral Pleasures and Page 105  by KroganVanguard

Not Suitable For Children by alwayswritewithcoffee

I just can’t stop and Like I Can by kimmiesjoy

Definition  and Tethered by NellieRai

Ice Cubes by daphnebeauty

Under the Stars by Dmarx

Burgundy C-Cup and Birthday Present by madsthenerdygirl

Simple Complication by BerkieLynn

Addicted by jam821

I Hate You by Garrae

Laced, Contact, and Straight Shooter by Kato

and because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like searching through her blog, here is Oliviet′s rated m tag for some of her one shots , plus Allure and The Gift :)