VIXX - Utopia concert day 2  Random dance from RAVI 


Tsunemori Week -  Day 1 : First Impressions

Kougami and Akane’s first encounter in my point of view since I became a diehard shipper I suppose

based on that scene in ep 1 when Akane’s having a hard time familiarizing herself with the situation and Kou’s way of looking down her direction after that “if you don’t like it then shoot me” line is just idk

apparently it’s Kou checking out on Akane for the first time.  lol

this is gonna forever seem that way to me bc what has been seen cannot be unseen

I had hoped with all my heart for a fairytale finish to this World Cup for NZ. As much as I wanted this last game to be a special one for Dan Vettori, it’s also nice for Clarke to finish his career like this. At times I was disappointed with your attitude on the field, but congratulations Australia, you outplayed us today. I don’t love my team any less than I loved them this morning and I’m still very proud of their achievements - I’m sure we’ll only get even better from here.


Our weekend of Doctor Who reveals continues with the announcement of five new releases in our range of Doctor Who: Novel Adaptations.

Following our previous six releases (including the upcoming Doctor Who: The Well-Mannered War and Doctor Who: Damaged Goods), Big Finish are pleased to be continuing our audio adaptations of the Virgin Adventures Novels into 2016, starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor.

In December 2015, Doctor Who: Theatre of War, written and adapted by Justin Richards, sees The Seventh Doctor, Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Bernice Summerfield (Lisa Bowerman) drawn into a Shakespearian tragedy on the planet Mexaus. 

Launching at the same time is Doctor Who: All-Consuming Fire, where a sinister intelligence lurks on the streets of 1887 London – and the Doctor’s only hope is join forces with England’s most notable consulting detective – Sherlock Holmes as played by Nicholas Briggs. The release is adapted by Guy Adams from the original novel by writer Andy Lane.

Following in April 2016, Doctor Who: Nightshade is a full cast-adaption of the classic novel by Mark Gatiss. Dark and terrifying events encompass a sleepy English town, where the Doctor and Ace’s relationship will be tested to the limit, in a script adapted by new-to-Big-Finish contributor Kyle Szikora.

Then in December 2016, we head to 30th Century Earth for the Doctor and Benny’s first encounter with Adjudicator Roz Forrester (Yasmin Bannerman) and her squire Chris Cwej (Travis Oliver) in Doctor Who: Original Sin, originally written by Andy Lane, and adapted by John Dorney.

Another release, announce at a later date, will be available in the same month. Details are under wraps at this time, but we can confirm that it will be a three disc release.

All five new release are available to pre-order now; either individually, or as part of a special discounted bundle - just £50 for all five tiles on both CD and download.

You can also pick up the six previous novel adaptations in a bundle for just £70 on CD or download - with a combined bundle of all eleven titles also available.


Theatre of War adaptation means finally we’re getting a bit more Braxiatel around. It’s been a while since he appeared properly. (Now for speculation on the mystery title…)

Je sens depuis vingt ans un malaise général plus ou moins fâcheux, je n’ai jamais la tête libre . Elle est quelquefois si lourde que c’est comme un poids qui vous tient en devant. J’ai des idées noires, de la tristesse et de l’ennui: je me trouve mal partout, je ne veux rien , je ne saurais vouloir, je cherche à m’amuser et à m’occuper inutilement; la gaieté des autres m’afflige. Je souffre à les entendre rire ou parler. Connaissez-vous cette espèce de stupidité ou de mauvaise humeur qu’on éprouve en se réveillant après avoir trop dormi ? Voilà mon état ordinaire, la vie m’est en dégoût …
—  Le spleen, selon un Écossais, 1760.

(First Part)

Heathen-Go-Lucky: Part 26

Some of you have noticed poor Michelle waiting outside of the Abbey grounds in the camp in the previous strip. Yeah, well, that was awkward. But at least that’s cleared up now. 

I tried drawing rougher to get it down quicker and build a buffer, but no such luck. Next strip April 19, cause I’ve got a business trip and what not ahead of me. :| 

I’ll be updating the comic tumblr with old strips during these 3 weeks.