Gabbing Geek 22: Box Office Bombshells

What happens when Jenny is on special assignment, leaving just Watson and Ryan to record Episode 22?  That’s right—WE’RE GEEKING OUT ON BOX OFFICE NUMBERS!  This episode, Box Office Bombshells, starts with our GNOW (Geekiest News of the Week) on the record-breaking performance of American Sniper.  We both review the movie and couldn’t be farther apart in terms of ratings.

Many months ago the three Gabbing Geek podcasters played a game predicting how the holiday movies would perform at the box office.  We recap the results and the dominant victory by one player as we go into our predicted top ten grossing films of 2015.  We have an amazing year of movies ahead of us—Jurassic World, a new James Bond film, new Pixar, Pitch Perfect 2, Minions, and many more.  Oh, and two little films called Avengers Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  Which movie will take the 2015 box office crown?  You’ll hear it here first!

Our top 3 segment morphed into something completely different as Watson and Ryan seamlessly blend our Marvel Cinematic Universe rankings into a single Top Ten Marvel Movies List.  How does it stack up to your rankings?

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