I don’t care if I’m not considered a real fan because I don’t know the names of all the people in the band and their favorite color and everything about them.  I am a real fan because when I am having a bad day, when I am crying in my room, or on the edge of breaking, it’s their music I turn up.

I have to go to school tomorrow

Everybody went on vacation, everyone has a tan, everyone did awesome things with their awesome friends … and I just sat here


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BoysLikeGirls - Hero/Heroine (acoustic cover) (by poopdeckh1tman)

It is so good!

It's really hard to talk to people

No one really understands.

"I have no friends" is just something that all people just seem to say.

When I say it I mean it, and people don’t seem to understand that.

They don’t understand what it feels like to sit in class and not talk to anyone

Or to sit in the bathroom at lunch

Or to have to leave class because they start to cry

Or to have everyone you trusted just leave you without any reasoning

I don’t think people understand that when I say “I don’t have friends”

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Marianas Trench - Beside You (acoustic cover) (by poopdeckh1tman)