I can’t wait to have kids, They’re gonna be so rad. I’ll pack fat caps in there lunch box for after school activities. Teach ‘em to slap a hoe, how to chug a 40 oz. They’ll be in a gang by the time there 7, and anytime they get in trouble.. I’ll blame it on the government.

Near Future Crime Syndicates:

I created all these names for dark sci-fi thriller/cyberpunk-esque gangs in the future.  I need to pick one for the short film I’m writing.  Let me know which one you like best! Peace.

  • The Rings of Rhadamanthus (*Rhadamanthus was one of the judges of the underworld in greek mythology, who judged  asians)
  • The Mazarahn Order
  • 15 Belgrade (*Belgrade is the capital of Serbia)
  • The Fabrication Committee
  • Harbingers of Jia
  • The Syndicate of Bo Han
  • Maddux Mob (*Maddux is a legit street in a dodgy neighborhood in San Francisco)
  • Milano Initiative
  • Verlandy’s Union
  • The Sorbin Coalition

Meet Tegan Paul, but everyone calls her Hex. She’s affiliated with the Day Trotters, she’s Twenty Two and everyone says she looks like Taylor Momsen but she doesn’t see it.

Life Story— Hex lived with her father in California, but they were always on the move. Her father was a convict. He murdered a man who raped and killed Hex’s mother. Both of them believed it was the right thing to do so she always helped her dad. He took good care of her and promised he always would. They were on their way to New Jersey when he was caught in Ohio. He didn’t tell anyone about her in order to protect her from going into foster care. Her father left her with all he had. She had just enough to get her to Jersey but when she got there she was broke, alone, and homeless. She snuck into an abandoned church one night to rest only to find a bunch of people in there. They called themselves Day Trotters. She was in awe at them and their abilities and she instantly wanted in. They promised they’d help her find her father and visit him some day, but she didn’t have too much hope in that. It was a long shot, but she trusted they’d help her out. She’s stuck with them since.

Personality—Hex is closed off. She isn’t too close with anyone in the gang because she fears that she may loose them if she allows them in.. She’s well reserved and quiet most of the time, But when fighting her actions speak louder than her words ever could, showing to the Night Creepers who’s boss.

Leo - Hex is very found of Leo, and some might even say she has a chrush on him but she says the’re just good friends.
Frost - Frost is Hex’s best friend she can go to her for anything, and she’s one of the people who tries to help her find her father the most.

Fortunately Hex is OPEN