new years resolutions~

🌼 stop judging other people
🌼 actually go to sleep on time
🌼 stop thinking everyone hates you
🌼 be more patient with friends
🌼 do homework on time
🌼 actually do homework
🌼 practice piano 🎹
🌼 regain my redeeming qualities(kindness, reading more often, drawing, etc.)
🌼 be more outgoing
🌼 keep on top of things
🌼 start taking care of self properly (i.e. humans cannot go very long with out sleeping, drinking and eating)
🌼 stop procrastinating
🌼 actually start studying Japanese and learning it its not weird to interested in other languages outside of school
🌼 stop worrying about everything
🌼 have more confidence in abilities
🌼 study psychology
🌼 stop eating so much quiche ur probably going to die

Se a gente juntar com a pá migalhas e farelos, o pó e os cacos que sobraram de nós dois, acho que faz um inteiro. Será que não? E aí? Que tal? Vamos? Como soa dividir comigo essa existência idiotamente ridícula, morna, real, estúpida, bagaceira e imbecil? Vamos fazer diferente, como ninguém mais sabe fazer, só nós? Diz que sim, vai. Diz.
—  Gabito Nunes

zayn: y’all out here talking this STYLE shit… y’all don’t know SHIT about THESE… 2 PONYTAILS BOY


zayn: -don’t know SHIT about these PONIES BOY


゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜

goodnight, sleep tight, expose racist fuck asses at all costs

゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜