Florida residents fear millions of GMO mosquitoes will wreak havoc

Considerable developments in biotechnology have led breeders of plants and animals to develop more efficient selection systems to replace traditional phenotype-based selection systems.

Marker assisted selection (MAS) is an indirect selection process where a trait of interest is selected, not based on the trait itself, but on a marker linked to it. For example, if MAS is being used to select individuals with disease resistance, the level of disease resistance is not quantified but rather a marker allele that is linked with disease resistance is used. The assumption is that the marker used for selection associates at high frequency with the gene or quantitative trait locus (QTL) of interest, due to genetic linkage (close proximity, on the chromosome, of the marker locus and the disease resistance-determining locus). MAS can be very useful to efficiently select for traits that are difficult or expensive to measure, exhibit low heritability, and are expressed late in development.

However, it is usually essential to confirm at certain points in the breeding process that the selected individuals or their progeny do in fact express the desired phenotype or trait.

I just signed a petition urging the FDA to keep GMO salmon out of the US. I think you should, too.

AquaBounty, the company creating the first-ever genetically modified salmon for human consumption, is playing fast and loose with environmental regulations, and we may end up paying the price.The FDA is still considering approval of the company’s dangerous GMO salmon. This could have huge ramifications if we don’t speak up to prevent it.

GMOs and other artificial techniques may be short-term solutions to increasing yields, but they are distorting the natural process and will eventually lead to ruin. Agriculture is heading for a wall
I don’t believe a position that is “anti-GMO” is a tenable one, because most insulin that is synthesised today is derived from a genetically modified organism, usually from E.Coli or yeast (S. cerevisiae). Being anti-GMO in principle would mean protesting medicine for diabetics.

I understand having objections to particular GM crops, say BT corn; I also understand having objections to the industry monopolies possessed by unscrupulous agribusiness firms like like Monsanto. Further, I think it is perfectly reasonable to have objections to unsustainable farming practices that deplete soil and eat up forests, or predatory business practices that take up tracts of indigenous land.

What I don’t understand is being against fruits and vegetables that have received the transgenic equivalent of a vaccination: like the Ringspot-resistant Papaya, or the Sharka-resistant Plum.

It’s the lack of clarity and specificity in this conversation that I find maddening: I think complex questions deserve complex answers, and those aren’t to be found in a consumer boycott, or a sign that reads “hell no GMO.” If you are protesting GM crops, but can’t tell me the names of five, then why are do you feel entitled to speak on behalf of people who work in agriculture and horticulture?


If you want to learn about the wide variety of crops available, check out the Centre for Environmental Risk Assessment’s Global GM Crop Database.


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anonymous asked:

You're wrong about everything being GMO. There is a HUGE difference to making a plant chemically resistant to pesticides and slicing the DNA with foreign DNA from god knows where than to selectively breed it. But that's probably why you deleted the post. Congrats on spreading misinformation though.

 actually!!! no!! ur really wrong and its shitty to spew shit about things you don’t know anything about!! also i never deleted any post? what? bye

in fact no, not bye, let me break it down point by point to publicly prove your dumbassery here so people stop believing this bullshit about ~evil GMOs~~

to anyone reading this, please for gods sake continue reading if you in any way agree with this anon because you really need to be educated and no that’s not me being condescending it’s actually very important that people know this shit (the rudeness in this is directed toward the anon, not you, friend)

firstly, because this is the most hilarious, “DNA from god knows where” ????????? ???? are u literally shitting me ah yes these scientists that have spent years experimenting and figuring out exactly which genes from which plants would work best to splice with what other plants have totally just picked ~~DNA from god knows where~~ like?? lol how idiotic are you to think anyone is going to buy your BS

as for your main argument, what do u think selective breeding is????? ?? it’s called natural genetic modification. when we selectively breed, we are using intentional evolution to enhance the traits we desire, the traits that make the crops more efficient, more hardy, etc. and in doing so, we are modifying their genes – just like nature!! when plants evolve in nature, it’s genetic modification!! their genes are being modified – and are adopting genetic coding from other plants – to make them more resistant against natural selection!!! that’s what nature does!! oh no how dare we use something that occurs naturally to our advantage lol

besides that, genetic modification of crops generally has less to do resistance to pesticides (which is actually mostly untrue anyway - they generally modify them to be pest resistant, not pesticide resistant - which means using less pesticides. in fact, 95% less than those used on your precious crops that ARENT modified to be pest resistant. but you know, awful GMOs right?) and a lot more to do with creating better, more efficient, more profitable, and more enjoyable crops; ie, the corn example i used.

remember what corn used to look like before we genetically modified it??


we didn’t get it to where it is now by ~making it resistant to pesticides~ although yea that is a very slight part of it. again, not actually what happens, because it’s modified to be PEST resistant, not pesticide resistant, reducing use of pesticides greatly. but congrats on proving how completely misinformed on the subject you are, though. really, thank you for totally discrediting your entire argument so i don’t have to do any more of that.

but in case that wasn’t enough!! here’s a quick list of reasons against the whole ~~I’m gonna say GMOs are evil because I don’t understand them!!!!~~~ dealio u got goin on there:

  • 3rd world countries are now able to grow food where they were never able to before due to crops being genetically modified to be drought resistant, pest resistant, etc. like how the hell can u say something is ~bad~ when it’s literally saving millions of people from starving to death
  • in 20 years we will starve if we don’t have GMOs, and that’s a fact. the rate at which crops grow without being further genetically modified is far too slow to support out growing population, especially with loss of said crops due to pests, drought, etc  etc
  • like I’ve said twice now, the genetic modification creating crops that are more pest resistant means that these crops use 5% of the pesticides used on plants not modified to be pest resistant!! that is a 95% decrease in pesticide use!!!! because of GMOs!!!
  • seriously I cannot stress enough how important it is that this literally allows us to save the lives of people in 3rd world countries – AND without exploiting them for money! that’s a new one for us! whoa

but fucking seriously don’t be an idiotic twat about topics ur clueless on just because the internet says u should be

and if u disagree with me on this feel free to provide any published scientific evidence proving that GMOs are harmful because I guarantee you will find literally none

goodbye ignorant dudebro please stop being a twat thx

Coming from that rural-centred background, it’s frustrating to me to see agricultural justice activism co-opted by urban-dwellers who hysterically yell about getting cancer from everything, when they have no connection to, or idea about how food is produced, or who produces it, or even who needs it most. It’s easy for the perpetual consumer to say “hell no GMO!” and talk about the purity of the natural world, or an ethic of noninterference, but I dare them tell the kid halfway around the globe with nutritional deficiencies that amino-acid enriched sweet potatoes should be banned, because they are “unnatural.”

This shouldn’t be about drawing artificial lines between manmade and natural: we gave up the right to complain about that when we domesticated animals and started farming during the Neolithic Revolution, 12,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent. Nothing about the way we live now is “natural,” but paradoxically, that sort of means everything we do is, because we too are evolving biological organisms, and technology—as well as being masters of our own genetic destinies—is a part of our evolutionary trajectory. If there is anything I learned in studying anthropology, it’s that this nature/culture divide is a false dichotomy.

With that in mind, one of my goals here at BiodiverSeed is to change the conversation about GMOs: let’s make it about scientific ethics, about not using poor people as guinea pigs, about food justice, about affordable land access, about protection of biodiversity, and about protecting open-source genetics, instead of debunked studies about GMO corn causing tumours in rats. Let’s centre an agricultural and food justice movement first and foremost on the needs of the people who produce our food, and around the people in the world who need more food.

We can change the conversation if we make a point of being critical, scientifically-literate, and open-minded. We started “playing God” when we invented agriculture, surgery, vaccines, and 3-D printed organs. We’re not about to stop with our food; so let’s make sure that food is healthy and accessible, and doesn’t continue to destroy the integrity of our biomes as we produce it.

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Vermont’s state Senate voted 26-2 Tuesday in favor of a bill that would make the Green Mountain State the first in the nation to require all genetically modified organism products have clearly denoted packaging. It will also make it illegal for food products containing GMOs to be labeled as “natural” or “all natural.” If passed, the requirements will be enforced starting in July 2016, and Vermont will join 60 countries with similar laws on the books.

According to Senate President Pro Tempore John Campbell (D-Windsor), a key supporter of the bill, “We are saying people have a right to know what’s in their food.”

But it isn’t all smooth sailing

cordgrass said: Once GMO’s are allowed to be independently studied by scientists I will be right behind you. But for now, zero is known about their long-term health effects, as no credible safety studies have been conducted.

But you aren’t talking about “GMOs,” in general, you are talking about a handful of GM crops with strict patent and user agreements in the American Legal system, by American companies like Monsanto (like Bt or Roundup-Ready crops). I absolutely agree these user agreements need to be modified to allow for third-party review: this is precisely why these crops are not allowed here in the EU yet. Intellectual Property is the main reason I became interested in this issue, because it is also something that governs traditional plant breeding, and I am very pro-Open Source.

However, “GMOs” in general are things like E.coli that is genetically-modified to produce insulin, or the contents of the HPV Vaccine. They are also open-source or publicly funded crops like Golden Rice, or Cornell University projects like the Ringspot-Resistant Papaya. Many are also not produced in the legal context of the USA. Basically, there are hundreds of these organisms that can be studied.

"GMO" just means "Genetically Modified Organism"—it doesn’t mean "Monsanto Corn with Built-In Pesticide."

I think the rational thing to do is protest specific crops and use agreements that have the potential to cause harm, and demand better review and transparency, instead of protesting the entire concept of Genetic Engineering.

People will take the cautious approach a lot more seriously if advocates stop using junk science to support it, and articulate better arguments.