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First Giveaway of this new blog!

♥I will be giving away ♥

1) Angelic pretty Crystal Dream Carnival headbow in pink
2) Gothic Lolita blonde sweetheart wig (worn twice comes with original bag)
3) Custom Lolita art from Popufurry/Ghostroyalty4) Random pair of eyelashes

♥ Rules ♥
☆ Followers only! (Ill check)
☆ Reblogs & Likes
☆ As many reblogs as you like
☆ No giveaway blogs
☆ Keep asks open
☆ Ends November first
☆ I ship internationally
☆ Must be okay giving out adress/P.O box

You don’t have to be a Lolita to reblog! I really want to help someone get into Lolita who cant afford name brand like Angelic pretty or super nice wigs like Gothic Lolita wigs!

If you have ANY questions my ask box is open! Thanks!<3


Hey guys, Gothic Lolita Wigs is holding this super awesome contest and the grand prize is a paid flight and weekend pass at Anime Matsuri to be a muse and walk in the lolita fashion show. It would mean so much to me if you could take the time and vote for my entry! 

I don’t normally get a chance to attend bigger conventions since I have my family to take care of and our financial priority goes to our two beautiful sons. Money’s been really tight this year and even though it’s a long shot wouldn’t it be really cool to win? 

The first round voting ends on the 22nd and the top 25 entries will make it to round 2. 

Please help me spread the word if you like my entry by reblogging and voting. Thanks so much!


My Halloween costume. I won 2nd place in the work contest! Now to take it off and put it on again later! All the little kids trick-or-treating at our desks love Minnie Mouse!

Dress: Angelic Pretty - Pin-up Girl OP in red
Socks: Angelic Pretty - Royal Cards OTK
Bow: Angelic Pretty
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs - Princess Collection: Masako in Black
Shoes: Off-Brand 

Photo from this weekend at San Japan! At this point, the button that held the bow onto Vert Clair had unfortunately pulled off, so please forgive me randomly holding it!
There’s a lot that I really want to do with this coord, especially in the way of headpieces, but I adore this dress so much.
I also really need to find a hat for my boyfriend!

Photo is from My San Antonio, photographer is Xelina Flores-Chasnoff