Laugh-Out-Loud Thought #1

While reminding myself that St. Patrick’s day leftovers are not a viable excuse to be gluttonous, I mispronounced the word as glutenous. An innocent mistake on my part, but the ensuing realm of hypothetical thought got me just a’giggling. Namely, a scenario in which an overly-calorie-conscious girl remarks that a not-stick-skinny girl must be “glutenous.” I mean, scientifically, a girl who overdoses on gluten probably isn’t stick-skinny.  But the naivety of the remark in this rhetorical instance… UGHHHH. SO FUNNY. 

Blonde: Oh-my-gah, that girl is like, a size 6. Can you say ‘glutenous’?
Brunette: Um, yeah- TOTAL GLUTEN. 

I binged...and purged...for the first time in 3 weeks

And I don’t feel guilty about the purging. I’m just worried in case I didn’t get it all up. My husband is at work, my baby is asleep and my 2 year old is at her grandads so I was able to purge without anyone hearing. I just don’t know why I can’t control my binges. I’ve tried and I’m just a glutenous pig. It’s only chocolate that I binge on… there must be a way - I just don’t know what it is. It was harder than normal to do, maybe because I’ve not done it for a while. It seemed to take ages and tickle my throat. I fucking hate binging! What a loser!


After about 6-7 months of clean eating and hitting the gym regularly, I decided to allow myself a nice little break. Simply put, I like food too much and dislike working out for fun. So needless to say, my 5 week break has been exquisite! But today I find myself enroute to Gold’s Gym. I’m kind of dreading it, but I suppose it’s time to wake up from this fantasy dream land and get back into it. So here I go - wish me luck!


it’s crazy how much better “junk” (for lack of better term) food tastes when you’ve been eating a much cleaner diet for awhile. i was craving pizza like no other, so i went out last night for a slice with my bud and i almost wanted to cry at how delicious it was. literally like mouth agape as i stared down at the pools of orange pizza grease betwixt melted mozzarella all nestled within their bed of marinara and yeasty, gluteny goodness. all i could say in that moment was “i want to get naked with this pizza.” 

then my boyfriend got a milkshake at a local drive-thru, of which i had a generous sip, and when he turned to look at me i think he was a little offput by the look of pure awe and euphoria that overcame me. fucking ice cream. fucking pizza. so good. i couldn’t do this if i didn’t allow myself such indulgences every so often.

also i got new nikes and i’m always so excited to go tromp around the gym in some fresh new sneaks. i swear, there is almost no better motivator to get me to the gym than buying new workout gear/clothes. i’ma feel like such a fresh motherfucker today.

oh, last thing: i am like, really proud of my butt right now. like proud enough that i had to restrain myself from posting a booty-pic i snapped last night. the first time i ever lost weight, i did it with pure ellipticalling and treadmilling and i had to kiss my butt goodbye pretty quickly. however, this go-around, i’ve pretty much omitted most straight up cardio and stuck to lifting. i am losing actual weight more slowly, but i am already so much happier with my body and what it is capable of. for me, personally, it is far more worth it. i’d rather lose the weight slower and chip away at the body i want on the journey. 

anyway those are my prevalent health-related thoughts thanks for tunin in

Stupid Migraines

I swear to God, being gluten-free was so easy when it was to protect my boys. (Long story short, we were told the body probably had “test-negative Celiac Disease” and we went strictly gluten-free in our house for almost two years.)

I’m doing a week-long GF trial to see if it has any impact on my migraines. I am praying to whoever will listen that, on day 8, when I eat a delicious chunk of artisan bread, I do not come down with a migraine. Because if I do, I am seriously going to cry. Literally cry.

I don’t know if I can keep this restricted a diet if there are alternatives. Listen to me: “I’d rather have botox injections in the base of my skull every few months, I fucking need gluteny foods.


Grocery shopping diary for two people

Total: $45.53

  • Vegetables: Savoy cabbage, zucchini, carrots, sweet potato, red onions, eggplant, tomatoes.
  • Fruit: avocados.
  • Other: corn on the cob, red wine.

Suppliers: Fyshwick markets.

DH’s brother visited and we ended up having a very sugary gluteny weekend. This, coming on top of one too many cheats over the last few weeks as well as putting Crossfit on hold for the month due to an injury, and I’m really struggling to keep my weight under control. Blech.