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Day 83: Scarves, gloves, Ugg boots - thoughts on fall accessories?

I love my scarf, gloves, hats and boots! :D I don’t own Ugg boots though. I don’t understand the big deal about them. First of all, they’re made from sheepskin! Seriously? Ew! Secondly, they’re UGly. Third of all, are they even water proof??? They look as though they’d just go all soggy and squishy if you wore them in the rain. So really, kinda useless. I just don’t get it!! O_o

I love my wellies and my brown boots. (Non leather!)


I love my black & blue hat and scarf set. It was my mum’s in the 80’s/90’s. :D


I have lots of gloves. I do tend to like long stripey, or cute arm warmers though. Usually fingerless too, so I can still grip stuff lol



Another set from my Winter Warmers collection! (^_^) Take some sunshine wherever you go with these vibrant, warm gloves and scarf which are very cozy to wear and will liven up any coat!

Handmade using this beautiful high quality Australian Aboriginal Print fabric and lined with thick fleece to make them extra warm : : : : :

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