This is the doll with no hands I am shown buying in The FEED documentary. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/thefeed/story/tree-change-dolls

Take a look at her now. I have made her some removable hands from oogoo. They do come off quite easily so I’m going to have another try. I also thought I might make her some gardening gloves. I might also try making her some hands that are shaped so she can hold things.

It will be up to whoever this doll goes to to decide how they would like her to have adventures. With or without hands, with or without feet, with one, two or no hands.

In other news, our March charity doll is doing well on ebay, and still 4 days to go. 50% of the auction price will go to IWDA for International Women’s Day. Check out the eBay listing here http://bit.ly/1E5gOtI


WIP: something new and selfish

I picked up this yarn back in October at the rhinebeck sheep and wool festival, and I am finally getting around to knitting it! I am making myself a pair of fingerless gloves, which I may add a flap to for extra warmth… We will see.

The yarn is super soft and the colors kind of make me think of Hermione. Can’t wait to have a new FO for me :)

On any given day this is the shit you can typically find in my pockets within the very jacket its displayed on.

You have: a Littmann stethoscope. A mini conversion chart. Alcohol swab(s). Hair ties. Debit card. ID badge. Candy. Mix of pens and highlighters. Instructions on how to use crutches. Hand sanitizer. A pair of “sterile” surgical gloves.

Not seen but typically mixed in: regular gloves, a penlight, and the cellphone that took this picture ;p

The things I seemingly collect 😅