Andrew is here!  These fingerless mitts have illusion knit pentagrams or stars (your choice) on each hand, and eyes on the palms.  From the pattern:

The eye on your palm can have good or evil meanings.

Hold an eye outwards towards someone looking at you with malice, to ward off the evil eye - there are many cultures with beliefs about the evil eye, and with eye symbols meant to protect from it. Several cultures even combine hands with protective eyes, like the Hamsa hand symbol used throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Or, hold your hands up to your eyes, palms out, to become disguised as Tenome, a creature from Japanese mythology with his eyes in his hands, or The Pale Man, a terrifying monster from Pan’s Labyrinth.

Or, for fans of specific shows, your palm eyes can turn you into the Seer from Once Upon a Time, or a Sister of the Sibylline from Doctor Who, if you wear your mitts on the wrong hands to put the eyes on the back sides.

This is the third and final pattern in my Dark Trio - check it all out on my website or on ravelry!  (All three patterns are very much gender neutral!)

I thrifted these unlined peccary gloves for something like two bucks. They’ve got just enough patina to show they’ve seen a few decades worth of winters but look great enough to put my own patina on. They smell like pipe tobacco and hard work. They are amazing and shit like this is why I thrift.