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Speaking of interacting with the environment. This is some in-depth environment interaction right here, prepare yourself.

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thank you. i needed a reminder not to beat myself up over these things <3

No problem, hang in there. <3 :)

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Yes, I know. But I’m just saying, vitamins would probably still help in some regard… :s

The thing is though, I’m not ~always~ tired and apathetic, just like you don’t always have allergies, y’know? It’s something comes and goes. I’m on medication already, but it’s not 100%, nothing is 100% for this. Right now, it’s less sunny and colder, and I recently really failed at getting in shape. All those affect me a lot, and I’ve been on a downswing. It’s a natural thing that happens, but it’s not like I’m letting it get the best of me. I’m still being proactive today with cleaning my room.

Sorry if this sounds angry, it’s not. It’s just hard for me to explain otherwise.

I don’t often do stuff like this, but hey I figured, why not?

Rule 1: Post the rules.
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1. What’s one of your life goals?

Other than become a concept artist working on video games? I dunno. Make my life mean something to this world. Achieve inner peace. …stuff…like that I guess.

Basically, I’m Zuko. Without the burn scars. No, I won’t let you “fix that” for me.

…No, I’m not actually Zuko. Lol. I wouldn’t mind being able to firebend though. That was a tangent.

2. What is your favorite song?

My jam for the longest time has been “If I Ever Feel Better” by Phoenix. I think it’s still a pretty strong contender for favorite song of mine, so let’s go with that. I’d say “High on Heels” by The Whitest Boy Alive would be a pretty close second.

I just discovered Plej as well. I imagine they might have a song or two that might try to steal the spot.

3. How many books have you read?

I used to read a lot as a kid. Uhh…I can’t really remember. If I had to give a rough estimate, I would probably distinctly remember like…a number between 20-30 novels? Might be more, might be less. It was a lot of Gary Paulsen, a lot of Redwall, the first two Eragon books, a few old classics like Tom Sawyer, 20,000 Leagues, a couple Jack London books. I read one Potter book. And…OH OH ANIMORPHS. Hahahaha.

I dunno though. With the advent of the internet, I find myself reading books less and less. Every now and then I’ll find a good book and start reading again…start getting sucked back in. And then I realize there’s a shit ton of work to do haha (obviously why I’m on Tumblr right now). I’d like to increase that number of books I’ve read by a lot. But I guess that’s only taking into account the number of written novels I’ve read. There are countless graphic novels, mangas, movies, and video games I have to explore as well, and I feel that my vocabulary for all of these has been growing larger and larger as my life progresses. Which is cool.

4. What’s a hobby you have?

One besides running, music, and video games? Well, I did get into rock climbing recently. Courtesy of a couple of friends (one being my roommate). ‘Tis an exhilarating experience, especially since I have a pretty bad fear of heights. Trusting that rope to catch you if you fall allows you to do some pretty crazy stunts. I think in general I’m less scared of things because of it.

5. What’s something you would like to learn?

Hmm. Taiwanese. Every time I’m in Taiwan, nobody gives me shit for having less-than-stellar Chinese for some reason since I can at least verbally communicate pretty well. But the fact that I can’t understand or speak Taiwanese? Oh shit, someone call the secret police or something.

But seriously, I do want to get closer to my family’s original culture. Taiwan is one remarkable place. I definitely left a pretty big chunk of my heart back there.

6. What do you find aesthetically pleasing?

Complementary colors in natural situations. Shishkin-esque lighting. Pretty girls (the Taiwanese types are pretty nice, but I appreciate all forms of beauty in any color or form). Art that has emotion. Fractals (har har).

Most importantly, life. Don’t think I’d be an artist if it weren’t for that.

7. Favorite food?

Taiwanese! Though it may not look edible (seriously…it doesn’t), it’s some of the best damn tasting food you’ll ever have.

8. What’s your middle name?

Gene. Easy way to remember: I wear denim like all the time. Just don’t call me Jeffrey “Jean-shirt” Liu. I upgraded to a jean jacket, okay?

…or you can call me “Jeffrey Gene Pool.” My friends are stupid.

9. How was your day?

Tired. Started off really slow. Progressed kinda slow. Had trouble getting out of bed, but I think I’m starting to wake up now.

…it’s 2:30AM. I think I know why I call this day “Why God Wednesday.”

I’ll survive though. I do enjoy 3D modeling a lot. It’s a nice change of pace from animating all the time, I’ll say. Not looking forward to that essay that is due at 11pm though.

10. How are ya?

Been alright. Been better. I feel tired, but inspired. I guess I’ve been fighting a bit of a dry spell this semester, but I think I’m coming around.

11. What’s the weather like where you are, and do you like it?

There is no weather except burning hot in the Maya lab.

…actually it’s not that bad right now.

I like rain. I love running in it. I love being indoors listening to the rain’s soothing pitter patter sound on the roof. I just don’t like walking around outside right after the rain has stopped. The ground is like really fucking nasty, lol.

Questions for you guys:

1. Favorite video game? If you don’t play video games, what is your favorite movie? Book? Choose one. Or choose all of them. Up to you.

2. Who’s your high school hero? Name and describe a pivotal role model in your life.

3. Everyone always asks the “favorite color” question, so I figured I’d change that up a bit. What is your favorite color combination? Could be two colors. Could be a few. That’s up to you.

4. Would you rather be able to stop time for 10 seconds each day or reverse one mistake each day?

5. If you could choose the superpowers of two superheroes, which two superheroes would they be?

6. What’s your MBTI personality type? Don’t know? Take a personality test and come back and tell me. If you don’t believe in it/don’t want to disclose it, that’s okay too.

7. What place would you like to travel to? Somewhere you haven’t been, that is.

8. If life had a ctrl+C/ctrl+V function, what would you do with it?

9. What is your current career/major choice? What made you choose that path in life?

10. What are your thoughts on political correctness?

11. What kind of legacy do you want to leave to those you care about when you are gone?