"glorifying obesity"

where did the phrase “glorifying obesity” come from? that same jackass spin guy who invented the phrase “death panels” or whoever came up with the phrase “partial birth abortion”? so far i’ve seen it used to refer to:

- a fat person who is not twisting in misery in some way
- a fat person who doesn’t hate being fat
- a fat person who takes a picture of themselves
- a fat person who has a blog
- a fat person

and i’m honestly not even sure what fatphobic people even mean by it? also, what do they think is going to happen? they hate fat people so much that they think it’s cool to harass them on the internet and call them unhealthy (and hate people because of their perceived health status), yet they feel that a picture of a happy fat person is a serious threat? you live in a culture where your hatred of fat people and concern trolling about their health is socially acceptable; worrying that pictures of happy fat people are going to lead to a speed-gaining epidemic because being fat looks so glorious is pretty melodramatic and frankly fucking ridiculous.

i hope people see pictures of happy fat people and start seeing us as people and start treating us humanely. i hope unhappy fat people see pictures of happy fat people and start to think that maybe they could be happy in their fat bodies sometimes. if that is “glorifying obesity” than i am down for glorifying obesity and i’ll sing it from the rooftaps. i am fat and super fucking happy and it is pretty glorious. try it and we can share clothes.


Important sweatshirt. This is by Monki who have a knack of making kitschy stuff look arty rather than costumey, as my friend Ushshi pointed out today. I mean, this isn’t even my **signature style** but I’m so happy in my pizza sweat! pizza sweat 

My shoes are an ancient charity shop find and the floral crown is sort of handmade, and the skirt was on ridic sale from asos. Cute cheap outfit! 

Shop the look here


Why? Why? WHY????!!!??!

Why is that putrid diarrhea allowed to come out of her mouth!????


1. That bullshit 95% statistic that she brought up….that EVERY fucking fat activist brings up WITHOUT FAIL only applies to CRASH DIETS that NO ONE IN THE FITNESS COMMUNITY ADVOCATES. NO ONE! EVERYONE FUCKING HATES CRASH DIETS.

2. She fucking thinks ‘lifestyle change’ is synonymous with ‘diet’. Or rather, she fucking well knows what lifestyle change means but would rather pretend it is a horrible thing because otherwise, she would have to take responsibility for her morbid obesity.

Oh yea…according to her….no one can maintain a lifestyle.

3. Restriction? Ok, cutting for your obscene 5000 calories a day to a normal human quantity of 1500 to 2000 might seem like you are being put through a concentration camp Kirby but in the real world, it just means you are not overeating anymore. 

She is so concerned about ‘restriction’ otherwise known as undereating….but hey…her overeating is A-OK. Oh wait, that’s right. She doesn’t overeat. It is her body’s set weight.

WHY DO THESE IDIOTS GET AIRTIME? They are in the same circle as climate change deniers and anti-vaxxers….why do these degenerates get airtime?!??!?!

It absolutely boggles my mind how one extreme is condemned (rightfully so) but the other is praised and congratulated!

All credit goes to the Fat Acceptance movement of course. Without them, how else are we as a society, going to label those to bring up the importance of health as ‘concern trolls’ and ‘haters’. Without their pseudoscience backed up by certain individuals who found a niche group of vulnerable people to profit from, how else are we going to deny all the health dangers and serious consequences? How else are we going to claim that those dangers were fabricated by the ‘diet industry’ looking to drive women into starvation and misery. We have to bow and thank the misunderstood heroes of the fat acceptance movement for bringing mankind 50 steps backwards. All that matters in the world is ‘feelings’ after all. 

I don’t know Maria Kang (the fit mom) personally. For all I know, she could be a horrible human being while Tess Muster (the obese model on the right) could be wonderful with a heart of gold.

But Maria Kang is not wrong in telling people, especially mothers, to prioritize their health and fitness. Sure, by asking ‘What’s your excuse' she ruffled a lot of feathers. I didn't think it was offensive; in fact I told myself that I need a good kick in the butt and to start exercising. But then again, I am a fan of tough love. 

A whole lot of women got all indignant and defensive when actually, they were missing the whole point. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. The goal isn’t to look like the next supermodel. The goal is to manage your time better and be disciplined enough to exercise consistently and eat well. That’s what she was getting at. Mothers tend to prioritize their children and family while completely giving up on themselves and she wants to motivate women to look after themselves too. What’s wrong with that!  

How is it suddenly shaming and detrimental to talk about the importance of health and fitness? Doesn’t quality of life matter anymore?

Telling an obese person to lose weight does not equal telling them to starve. For goodness sake, spend 5 minutes in the fitblr tag and you will see a ton of posts telling people to EAT! I myself post recipes (with real butter!) on my blog. Society has denounced fad diets entirely! If you choose to follow one and make yourself miserable with your alfalfa sprout and lemon juice salad then it is your own damn fault. 

Now, every time health and fitness is brought up, we are accused of promoting ‘healthism’. What the fuck is that!? Health is a bad thing now?

You know what is the most important thing in a human being’s life? SURVIVAL. But it isn’t always easy for mankind because of natural disasters, diseases and poverty. That is why health is a key component in any culture, any religion. That’s why we tell people not to smoke, to drink in moderation, to not take drugs, to be safe…because we don’t want to get hurt…we don’t want to be plugged into machines…we don’t want to be in pain…we don’t want diseases…..we want to LIVE…not merely EXIST. 

why can’t you just eat less?
1500 calories
1200 calories
1000 calries
800 calories
600 calories
0 calories

what if you dont eat?
processed food

what if you only eat?
low fat
low calorie
lemon juice
low carb
vegetables that are purple
fruits that are square
paper plates

can you do what these people did?
my uncle drank cayenne pepper
my mom ate a salad every meal
my sister ran 14 hours a day
my friend prayed really hard
my coworker died so it didn’t matter any more

how about you just try?
something more flattering
a different style
a different size
a different store
a different body

can’t you just exercise?
but not outside
not in the gym
not in those clothes
not in that sport
not anywhere i can see you

won’t you regret?
not going to the gym 
that bite
wearing that
being alive
your entire life

—  the many questions that surround my fattness, a.b.

So let me see if I can get this straight, a size 22 Model is glorified for being obese and having a pretty face, but a fitness trainer who lost all her baby weight and got her abs back by eating healthy and working out is a horrible person who glorifies eating disorders?

Fuck man, where do we draw the line and stop putting precious feefees before the honest fucking truth?

Are we supposed to buy that she is a size 22? Tess Munster, whose upper arm is so….um…voluminous that it droops at her elbow…is supposed to be a size 22. 

Maybe in the vanity sizing world she is….*shrugs*

She is impossibly pretty which explains all the success. Most morbidly obese women usually don’t have the kind of fortunate fat distribution she has. It all seems to avoid her face….

So she is supposed to be a role model now. Visceral fat choking your organs is admirable now you guys.

This is the very definition of glorifying obesity. We are supposed to cheer her. We are supposed to call her brave. We are supposed to look up to her. Way to go society. Generations past will probably want to spit on us for being such idiots. 


That is some stupid fucking shopping to start off with.

Most fat activists on Tumblr, who actively post pictures of their vacations, new outfits, food at restaurants and whatever recent manicure/pedicure/new hairdo they had CAN EASILY AFFORD HEALTHY FOOD. Even the expensive off season produce. So there’s that. When they screech about healthy food being expensive, they are just mindlessly repeating one of the Fat Acceptance commandments. 

But I do know a lot of people are on a budget and in order to not succumb to the convenience of fast food and take out, they need to shop smartly. 

You can’t say that you want to be healthy but refuse to put in the effort. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t pass an exam without studying. So yes, take out is convenient but if you value your health, then there are ways to shop and make big meals with leftovers that you can be very creative with. I am going to do my part and post recipes and shopping tips.


Last week was such an amazing week for me- I hope yours was as well! I went back home, cooked a delicious meal, ate way too much, celebrated my birthday and got to be with the people I love the most in the world. Now on to the outfit!!

Fat is not the worst thing a person can be.

I’ve got a growing collection of body acceptance pins and I decided to wear them all today. 

The Glorifying Obesity and All Bodies are from the lovely and amazing Kris, at Fat and Nerdy and I picked them up from her store here while she was having a sale for $2. I’m kicking myself now for not picking up more! 

Fat Life I got from wonderful Alex Herberling when I met her at Youmacon a few years back. I am not sure if she is still selling these, but her store is here.

(The bacon & egg pan charm is not part of it, that came from a charm bracelet a dear friend made me)

The Fight Physical Fitness pin is actually an old Topps pin from the Wise Guys collection that was made in the 60’s- I just found it last weekend at a trade show and the guy gave it to me for free because I was so tickled with it. I can’t find it for sale online at all.

Now as for the outfit- the leggings are from Rainbow this pair here, and Jesus wept, they are the softest thing I’ve ever worn in my entire life. On sale now, for $10 and they are having some really great sales going on- additional 50% off sale items and free shipping on all orders of $20 or more.

The sweater I got from Meijer, and they don’t sell online. :(

(Also apologies for the crummy full body shot, I took it with my phone and it didn’t turn out so I had to color correct in photoshop which is why it has that odd pink outline)