Sometimes I think the tendency of Christian girls is to treat men as checklists. “Is he a good man?” Check. “Is he financially stable?” Check. “Oh, and is he a Christian?” Check! Great! Let’s get married!

When in fact the last item ought to be so much more than a single check off of a grocery list of expectations. “Does the love of and for God infuse his character and actions?” “Does he know how to glorify God with what he is given in life?” “Is he most attractive when serving the Church Body?”

Hold your heart to more lasting standards than “Is he a Christian?”

—  vitamere

anonymous said:

I by no means am saying I do not sin or ever curse. I sin constantly but by God's grace I strive to be better. As brothers and sisters we are called to keep each other accountable (Galatians 6:1, matthew 18:15, james 5:19-20, etc.). So I say in gentleness, does cursing glorify God? Think about it and pray about it.

I figured if St. Paul can say shit, I can too, ya know? 



The next time you walk into a room full of people, I want you to see how they talk and interact and exchange and tell stories and make jokes. Simply watch, listen, soak it in.

Soon you’ll see there’s a hidden anxiety underneath all their language, a deeper sort of quest for each person to validate their individual existence. You’ll see this web of tug-of-war where everyone is pulling, clawing, scratching, grasping for this weight.

It’s like there’s a secret limited stash of golden currency in the air, and everyone’s fighting for it by telling the better story, bragging about their bank account, trying to be the funny guy, showing off their intelligence, dropping famous names, wearing a name, holding up false bravado, pretending to be a mystery, masking their voice in tight controlled expressions of eloquence.

You know what this is: insecurity. Everyone’s fighting for glory to cover the emptiness, that vacuum fracture. And even when they get the glory from that room, it will never be enough: because we weren’t made for the temporary glory of this earth. Our true glory is beyond the room, outside one another, from on high.

—  J.S. from this post

things that make me want to set myself on fire:

  • the belief that canonically rose tyler is the be-all end-all of all companions in the 50+ year history of doctor who
  • the belief that ten was the most doctory, in-character regeneration of the doctor 
  • adding to that, the belief that the doctor is a character that should be seen as a constant, trusted hero, someone to blindly follow in faith
  • the belief that river song’s purpose was to be the doctor’s love interest, and she had no life without him
  • the belief that rose tyler’s life did not revolve around the doctor, and that she wouldn’t give up everything (her family, the safety of the universe) to be with him
  • the denial that a significant point of the impossible girl arc was to show that, in the end, clara was just clara and not a mystery to be solved
  • the denial that moffat showed eleven’s view of clara as being a puzzle as a negative thing
  • the extremely subjective belief that amy pond and other female characters in moffat’s era are unrelatable and two-dimensional, and because it applies to a group of people on tumblr, it applies to everyone
  • the belief that signing a shitty petition to get a man fired, and the belief that it would actually work
  • the phrase “don’t you think he looks tired?” being used as an actual means of putting down moffat and being seen as an intellectual, clever and legitimate piece in an argument
  • the belief that russell t. davies had a better understanding of the ideology of doctor who and the character of the doctor than any previous or current writer
  • the belief that moffat took a shit on the rtd era and retconned the show, when in fact rtd that ignored and change a good chunk of classic who history, and it’s been happening since the show began, and shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing
  • the belief that russell t. davies’ doctor who is the highest, original standard way of writing doctor who
  • the denial that moffat has paid tribute and included more references and ideas from classic who than rtd ever did
  • the belief that a small group of users of a blogging website with senses of superiority, misinformed articles/quotes/metas, and borderline social justice blogger-like agendas, hold the majority of beliefs and facts of doctor who fans and fandom
  • the fact that the same people who preach independent thinking, strong mentalities, and fairness, are the same people who don’t check the facts of an article, bully and degrade others for liking something they don’t, and are EXTREMELY easily influenced by a majority mob mentality, and a popular tumblr post.
  • the fact that some people out-right avoid acknowledging or reblogging posts (e.g. karen gillan’s opinion on moffat/amy pond crit, actual accurate moffat quotes on feminism and sexism, the correction of facts on a countless number of misinformed doctor who posts about the moffat era) for the sake of living in the delusional state of the views of the “majority” of the dw fandom on tumblr
  • that fact that i have such a ridiculous list of things that people actually do, and think they’re in the right of, that make me want to set myself on fire
  • ffs people
So often the idea of a ‘calling’ can paralyze you like the idea of a ‘soulmate,’ because you’re waiting for the perfect ideal opportunity. This can easily lead to disillusionment when we find that, like romance, a life-purpose is not the all-fulfilling, super-satisfying, happily-ever-after dream that we imagine. It is important, but not everything. The purpose of your life is NOT the purpose of your life. You were made for this one lifetime to glorify God with your hands and heart, and it’s then you can enjoy the work that God has given you instead of idolizing it as your identity. And like a soulmate, it takes great patience and care and even some false starts to find your true calling. You don’t have to figure out your life in a day.
—  J.S.