[+ vandclisms ]

Delilah hadn’t been expecting anyone, she knew that her brother had his friends over but most of the time when he did – she tried to avoid them, or she would leave. She didn’t get along with her brother, maybe it was because of their shitty home life, or maybe just because he was always gone, he didn’t really know what happened with their father when he left or behind closed doors, and she questioned whether or not he would even care. As she heard the group stumble inside, she bit the inside of her cheek nervously, pulling her jacket off the coat hanger and making hopefully a quick exit down the hallway before she suddenly collided with another body, causing the petite brunette to fall backwards onto the floor. “S-Sorry.” She muttered, standing to her feet and tucking a piece of raven hair from behind her ear. “Don’t worry – I won’t be in your way.. I was just leaving.”