• if album titles were honest
  • take this to your grave:i fucking fucking hate you so fucking much and i hate myself twice as fucking much
  • from under the cork tree:i really wanna have sex with you but i also wanna kill myself
  • infinity on high:i dont really wanna do this anymore (you and the suicidal thoughts)
  • folie a deux:life is good and i hope it stays that way
  • believers never die:bye bitches
  • Dead On Hiatus
  • Grand Theft Hiatus/Where Is Your Band
  • Saturday (They'll Still Be On Hiatus)
  • Sugar, Were Going On Hiatus
  • A Little Less Hiatus, A Little More Band
  • Dance, Dance (They Can't They're On Hiatus)
  • Carpal Tunnel of Hiatus
  • Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Nw Gt Bck Tgthr)
  • I'm Like A Hiatus With The Way I'm Never Getting Back Together (You & No Band)
  • The Take Over, The Breaks Not Over
  • This Ain't A Band Breakup, It's A Goddamn Hiatus
  • America's Hiatus
  • I Don't Care (About Getting Back Together)
  • What A Catch, There's A Hiatus
  • Headfirst Slide Into A Hiatus On A Good Band