Dry State.

While the resources are gone what will your “Money” buy ?

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Man becomes what he thinks about. I’ve even heard it said, man is #belief expressed #quote

the #lazyman is a reflection of his thoughts. The #environment is a reflection of his #actions.

If you #lack money, a Lack of #money is not the problem… lack of #ambition is.

Join a #global team of #entrepreneurs supporting one another in #financial #freedom and #lifestyledesign


Arriving to Global after maintenance. Official notes are:

  • 7 Star units
  • New sorting system for unit, item and friends
  • Multi-select item selling
  • Raid improvement
  • Randall Library

And the popular question is, where is that achievement system, new maps and how do users get miracle spheres. Can’t wait to be surprised … gumi style … “soon”. Which 7* will you be evolving first?


The Education of Girls: A Global Effort

On July 23, 2014, the world stood together to recognize the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls still missing 100 days after their kidnapping by Boko Haram. Across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, candlelight vigils were attended by individuals, religious groups, and organizations, all imploring the safe return of the Chibok schoolgirls. By making the commitment to stand together, the participating countries demonstrated that this tragedy is about more than just these girls. The global vigil highlighted the importance of primary education, reproductive health, food security, and human rights for girls and women across the globe.

Read the full blog by Pulitzer Center grantees Amelia Warshaw and Jennifer Koons, featuring photos and details about projects done by our other grantees and staff members on the topic of education of girls around the world. 

Click on the photos to read the captions for more details. 

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Our friends on the Global Attitudes team surveyed 36,619 people in 32 emerging and developing countries to look at how the increasing use of the internet affects people’s daily lives in places around the globe.

What they found: 

  • Globally, internet access varies widely.
  • People see the internet as a good influence on education, but are skeptical of its effect on morality.
  • The young, well-educated and English speakers use the internet more frequently.
  • Cell phones are nearly universal, but smartphones are less commonplace.

And more …

150324 Jung Yonghwa visits FNC Global Training Center in Shanghai
Yonghwa visited FNC GTC in Shanghai yesterday with CEO Han after the press conference. Yonghwa interacted with students, shared success secrets & stories and gave encouragement to everyone!~

Yonghwa visitó FNC Global Training Center en Shanghai ayer junto al CEO Han después de la conferencia de prensa. Yonghwa interactuó con los estudiantes, compartió los secretos e historias de éxito y les dio ánimo a todos! ~

Spanish Trans: CNBLUE.cl | Eng Trans: CNBYonghwa
Source: fncgtcshanghai’s weibo
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