glitzandgrandeur replied to your photo:Let’s do this.

Starburst makes jellybeans!?! Awesome! I need to crawl out of under the rock I must be living under and go get some!

Oh snap, immediately!  Warning though, Starburst jellbeans are so good that they’ll spoil all other jellybeans for you, and you’ll instantly become a jellybean snob, ready to leap into conversations and expound on the many virtues of starburst jellybeans whenever someone even remotely mentions jellybeans.  Or jelly.  Or even just beans.


With the long, narrow panel completed the real challenge begins:  getting this piece shipped to it’s destination in Pennsylvania, without damage.  It’s not being fully crated in an attempt to keep shipping costs down, but the length requires support, so a wood frame is required.  It will be boxed rather than closing off the top and bottom with wood to keep the weight down.   The measurement of the package, along with the weight determine if the shipment can go with a regular home/business delivery, or if it needs to be shipped freight.

Commissioned to elongate one of my original smaller panels.  The center section has been soldered.  Because this piece is so long and narrow, a copper reinforcement strip will be inserted on each long side, before the outer textured clear border is added.  In addition, some Zinc rebar will be inserted into the frame.  This is all to firm up the panel and try to prevent sagging and possible pressure on the glass when hanging or handling.