Norse God Forseti (Forsite)

The God of Justice and Truth. Son of Balder, god of light, and of Nanna, goddess of immaculate purity, Forseti was the wisest, most eloquent, and most gentle of all the gods. When his presence in Asgard became known, the gods awarded him a seat in the council hall, decreed that he should be patron of justice and righteousness, and gave him as abode the radiant palace Glitnir.

glitnir-gebo asked:

I haven't even started watching Turn yet and you've already got me loving it!

Mwuhahaha, my evil plan has succeeded

(I mean, clearly I am overly obsessed with the show, but I think you’d like it, you should give it a try!)

I’m glad to know my blogging has made people interested in the things I like, though! (: