wierzyłeś w kryształowe pojęcia a nie glinę ludzką // you believed in crystal notions not in human clay
żyłeś ciągłymi skurczami jak we śnie łowiłeś chimery // always twitching as if asleep you hunted chimeras
                                                - Elegy of Fortinbras

Castiel Graphics Challenge // mirthfulcas // prompt: languages [Polish]

To: Glin, Julius and Angel

Glin: Okay na akuang eyes gamay Glin. Slight. Pero at least naay progress. Yehey! Thank you! :))

Julius: Thank you July! Huhuhu. Deprived na ako of enjoyment kasi hindi ako makawatch maayos ng movies and series. HUHUHU.

Angel: Yes! The songs jud. Ma-teary eyed jud ko pirmi ba sa mga songs ba. Gipagawas ni sa Disney Channel mga 2 days ago, the soundtrack still gets me. :“>

New website pledges open access to all of Qatar's laws and judgements

In a major bid toward transparency, the Ministry of Justice has launched a new website that contains every law passed in Qatar since 1961 in both Arabic and English.

Al Meezan (named after the word for the scales of justice in Arabic) is the product of a partnership between the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Council for Communications and Information Technology (ictQatar).

The new site, which isn’t completely updated yet, is a treasure trove of information for both expats and residents, with laws covering the sponsorship of expats, the leasing of property and traffic regulations easily accessible for the first time.

Qatar is not the first country in the region to produce such a website. The UAE launched its Legislation Portal in 2009, making over 3,000 laws and 1,500 court decisions available to the public. 

Hosting information network

At a news conference to announce the site, Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanem, the Minister of Justice, also announced that Qatar is now the preferred choice to host the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN), a public database that gives lawyers and judges access to laws from around the world. 

GLIN was previously hosted by the Library of Congress in Washington DC in the USA, but it’s now seeking a new home. 

Qatar is an ideal choice to host the network, according to David Mao, Law Libertarian of the US Congress, who attended the launch of Al Meezan:

“By offering free access to its legal information, Qatar is setting an example for other governments in the region and throughout the world,” he said.  “We are delighted that the Ministry of Justice is ready and willing to assume the administration of GLIN. Indeed the entire GLIN membership sees Qatar as a benefiting successor and voted earlier this year to accept Qatar as the new leader of this international network.” 

Qatar became a member of GLIN in December 2010.


Credit: Photo by Citizensheep

Classic GLin Phrases.
  • “Stop judging me.”
  • “I’m totally judging you right now.”
  • “Peace out, girl scout.”
  • “Johanna has a soft wenus.”
  • “SWAAAG.”
  • “You jelly bro?”

[i gave this prompt to wickedspeed and then promptly filled it myself because I needed it…should I continue it? yes? no?]

“A mutual friend of ours has this whole vision for their Black and White Photography final and we volunteered to be their models without knowing how sexual this shoot would turn out” AU

“Okay, so Fae, if you could just lean a little more back, like arch more…yeah perfect. And Glin’ if you could lean forward a bit more—awesome. Mournful lover faces, go! … Eye contact, please, ladies! …okay. Perfect. Don’t move.”

Glinda found herself looking down into the dark brown eyes of a woman she had met less than ten minutes ago. She was a painting student who had found herself in debt to Fiyero after he had been her model when another had fallen through at the beginning of the semester. The other woman, Elphaba, was a graphics design and contemporary sculpture artist who was one of Fiyero’s oldest friends. She had heard of the artist green as sin but had never actually met her…

And now she was posing nude in a chair with the head of an equally nude green woman in her lap, staring into eyes the color of fresh loam and twining her fingers in inky tresses that felt like silk.

It was funny how life went some days.


Oh my! Isn’t this a cute little website that we found. There’s so much to do, so much to see! Elphie, darling, come over here and say hi to everyone!-Galin

Uhhh, you do realize that we aren’t speaking to anyone, right Glin? It’s just a screen and no one we know is on here.-Elphabus

Elphie, how many times do I have to tell you, it’s G-A-lin, there’s an A in my name! And don’t be such a bitter plant, come over here and be a bright, beautiful flower and talk to everyone! Greet them and tell them one thing about yourself!-Galin

…If only you never call me a flower again. *Sighs* Hello, everyone. My name is Elphabus, I’m a wizard protege and I like stuff.-Elphabus

… Hmm, that’s about as much as we’re going to get from him. Buuuuut anyways, hello dearest, darlingest friends! My name is Galin and I, too, am a wizard protege. But when I’m not off casting spells and creating potions I’m out shopping, partying and socializing. If you ever want to talk to me, Elphabus or the both of is then just send a message! Despite his gloomy atmosphere Elphabus is a very kind and creative man, and I’m friendly and a fashionista! So I think we’ll all get along juuuuust fine.-Galin

Fashionista? Really? I can’t believe you just said that.-Elphabus

What? You know I’m popular for more than my mere Goodness~.Galin


Początki twórczości plastycznej człowieka przypadają na okres młodszego paleolitu. Koczownicy tryb życia nie sprzyjał rozwojowi architektury, ale powstawały drobne figurki, amulety, ozdabiano malowidłami ściany jaskiń.

Pierwsze relikty świadczące o działalności plastycznej człowieka pochodzą sprzed ok. 50 tys lat. Są to liczne znaleziska w postaci kości i kamiennych płytek z nacięciami. Nie są to jeszcze dzieła sztuki, ale pierwsze ślady nowej działalności człowieka, które zmierzały nie do przetrwania, ale do utrwalenia jakiejś myśli i idei. Zbierano kamiki w których wywiercano otwory, aby mogły służyć za amulety.

Z tego samego okresu pochodzą zabytki świadczące o odkryciu barwy. Kości smarowano orchrą, brunatnoczerwoną gliną.

Już między 25 a 10 tys. lat p.n.e. powstawały dzieła sztuki na wysokim poziomie artystycznym. Malartwo jaskiniowe (Grota Lascaux, Grota Altamira) wykorzystywało główne postaci zwierząt, odmalowane często z ogromna dokładością i pieczołowitością. Sporadyczne postacie ludzkie są przedstawione schematycznie, towarzyszą sceną polowania i walki. Groty z malowidłami nie były przeznaczone do mieszkania, staniwiły miejsce kultu. Powstawały także drobne rzeźby, głównie figurki kobiet-matek - Wenus (np. z Willendorfu).

Równolegle do malarstwa i rzeźby istniały, towarzyszące malowidłom, umowne znaku abstrakcyjne lub całe ich ciągi, które potrafił zinterpretowac jedynie ówczesny człowiek. Kryły one ukryte znaczenie, podobnie jak same postaci zwierząt. Prehistoryczni myśliwi wierzyli, że łatwiej będzie upoliwać zwierzę, jeżeli zdobędą nad nim “władzę” utrwalając jego wizerunek na ścianie skalnej.

UK headlines: Dominic West and his wife forced to sell her ancestral castle

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Dominic West and his wife forced to sell her ancestral castle
Apr 24th 2015, 07:05

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Couple do not have the time or the money to maintain Glin Castle in West Limerick

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