Crystal Fragments Installation by Julia Sinelnikova

A video I shot on NYE for artist Julia Sinelnikova in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Role: Cinematographer, Editor

Premiere, After Effects, and DaVinci  Resolve


Man I need to get back to Costa Rica

FPEW Less, Shoot More

If there’s one thing I hate about filmmaking (and I LOVE filmmaking), it’s that filmmakers are totally, completely obsessed with gear. In film classes, on set, at meetings, it’s always, “How do you like those lenses?” and “I’ve been thinking about picking up that new glidecam.” It always comes back to gear. And it drives me nuts.

How much difference does gear make in filmmaking?  Zero. Filmmaking resolves around an intelligent, original story and the knowledge to make motivated choices to best tell that story. The medium does not matter.

My hypothesis on the phenomenon of FPEW (Film Product Envy and Worship) is that it has nothing to do with gear at all. It’s about dissatisfaction. A good chunk of FPEWers don’t get to shoot as much as they’d like, so obsessing over gear is a way to think about and relate to the art while not actually participating. Other FPEWers might shoot a lot, but ultimately wish they were better than they are, and think the newest, coolest gear might just get them to the next level. They’re both using gear to compensate for feeling dissatisfied – which is silly.

The answer of course, is to shoot more. Forget about the gear you have and need and want and covet, and just go make films and learn as often as you can. It’ll make a difference, I promise. 

Adapted from SPEW Less, Ski More by Drew Pogge 


Dji Ronin X Glidecam

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Glidecam Training

If you’ve never shot with a motion-stabilizer device before, the learning curve can be tremendous! One that seems almost impossible to conquer but you can’t afford to waste any more time. The shoot date is approaching fast and you’d really like to create a film that will absolutely blow your clients minds!

2. You can do your best to balance the camera without any training and handle the shoot yourself resulting in footage that you and your clients won’t be happy with…or

3. You can learn how to do it right in the shortest possible time from award-winning cinematographers who have mastered the art of flying a camera

Here’s a hint. Option #3 will give you the best possible chance of shooting an EPIC film within a few days of studying the “Art of Flying” Training Video. 

Once you order this package, you’ll be given immediate and secure access to a web-version of the training video along with multiple download options for your laptop, iPhone, iPad or other mobile viewing devices. Simply choose the option that best meets your viewing needs and you’ll be learning these breakthrough shooting strategies right away!

Well, realize that this resource could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact if you asked Michael Gebben or one of the guys from Switzer Films to spend a day training you in person, you’d easily invest $1,500 or more!

But we aren’t going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment for the “Art of Flying” Training Video is only $47.

Your success in our “Art of Flying” Training Video is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s our 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee…


Sunsets of Costa Rica from The Film Poets on Vimeo.

A trip around Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. This was our last vacation before we found out that were were going to be parents!

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Canon 5DII // Canon 16-35mm 2.8L // Canon 70-200mm f/4 IS // Canon T3i (used with the 3x crop mode and 70-200mm for wildlife shots) // GoPro Hero 2 // Glidecam 2000HD, Manfrotto 732CY carbon fiber travel tripod.

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Manuel Antonio National Park
Quepos, Costa Rica

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Inside from Bryan Rusch on Vimeo.

Inside is a non-narrative short film documentary exploring a few of the many abandoned asylums, hotels, and other buildings in the north east (US) left behind to die slow and painful deaths. These architectural beauties are reflections of the past that contain a healthy amount of contents intact, ranging from christmas decorations to surgical tools.

This 5 month project was shot sporadically with a 7d, Gopro2, tripod, Glidecam, and a car to sleep in. The real challenge was traveling with minimal camera gear, trekking on fire/water damaged areas, dodging security cars, and scrambling to prepare shots in a minefield of paint chips and asbestos. But with these challenges came much adventure.

Boards Of Canada - Dawn Chorus
M83 - Where The Boats Go

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Pelican’s Ratiocination of Erring Recurrence in Correspondence He Just Left Behind by Mark Z. Danielewski

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