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Hi, I wanted to know your opinion on the episode, I haven't seen it yet, but from the gifs and comments it seems like something was "hidden" in plain sight, you think is true?Anyway I love the fact that Grant is finally free, and I really hope Coulson ans Skye(even though I'm a skyeward shipper)will get bitten hard in the ass for the way they treated Grant, at this point I want him redeemed for himself not for that jerky shitty team.I'LL ALWAYS STAND WITH WARD (and c'mon shirtless Bretty!!!)

Hi there!! Oh I’m so glad you ‘re asking cause I love doing this :)

Bear with me :) spoilers ahead

1. I won’t even comment on shirtless Bretty


or how BOTH Skye and Jemma have stared at this footage several times before

or how Skye keeps taking a peek under the hood


but the sacrifices we make for valuable intel, right?

2. Mack keeps proving my theory valid. What theory? THAT HE IS AN ANGEL SENT TO HELP FITZ.

He is the best kind of friend that Fitz needs now. He doesn’t feel sorry for Fitz and he doesn’t treat him like some ill kid, but he is joking with him, he admires him, he helps him have confidence. Fitz has major confidence issues right now and Mack really helps him. And I just love that. HE IS AN ANGEL. End of story. And have you noticed that Fitz speaks fluently with Mack? Fitz is accepting Mack’s friendship and help. And I love that.

3. There was a disturbing lack of Trip in this episode.


Bobbi is a queen herself. She is amazing! Badass, but also loyal and caring… Lance is… I don’t even know! I just love his wit and his sense of humor and the fact that he is loyal too and DID YOU SEE HOW DEEPLY IN LOVE HE IS???? I mean 95% of the time, he looked at Bobbi like she is the light of his life! it’s canon that he still loves her and missed her. And it’s also canon that Bobbi feels the same! She asked him to stay! And I just can’t get enough of these two!

Give me more Hunting Bird!


5. Jemma…

Jemma blames Ward for her relationship with Fitz. But the problem with her and Fitz is not Fitz’s injury. It’s her running away from him after his love confession. It’s not Ward’s fault. It’s the fact that she can’t deal with it right now. And I can’t blame her, because if she doesn’t feel the same about Fitz, she is afraid to reject him. I think she is not ready for something like that and that’s why she tries to avoid it. But I will kill you?? Don’t go there Jemma… This is not for you.

6. Skye.

Skye used Ward to get what she wants. Which I find pretty selfish. But. It wasn’t all pretending. And when she said “you ‘re being transferred” she didn’t seem very happy about it.

I won’t even comment on the fact that she watches him, from her laptop, every day. She just can’t let go, man. It’s so obvious. She thinks of Ward a lot. And she has softened towards him a lot. She listens to him. And her emotions when he was talking about her family were honest. And can we talk about how sad she is when Ward is walking out of the base?


She doesn’t want him to go. She thinks she won’t see him again. And she is not ready for that. She is going to miss going down there, talking to him. Because every time she went down there, Ward showed his love for her . And that’s not something you can just ignore. Especially when the feelings are mutual. That’s why a part of her wants him to stay.

7. Talbot.

Okay unpopular opinion coming but I like Talbot!!! I don’t know but I really like how he is starting to understand that Coulson is a good man and how believes that they are good, And how he shook hands with May. It was like a friendly handshake. It’s always a shame when a good soldier falls. #SteveRogersModeActivated. I like what Talbot can potentially be for the show…

8. Coulson…

I really feel like Coulson has a plan. Why? Because Coulson isn’t stupid.

  • He is not the kind of guy that would fall for Senator’s lies, that easy.
  • He wouldn’t let Ward go with just a pair of common handcuffs. Not when he knows Ward’s skills. Even May’s handcuffs in 1x17 were tighter.


So it looks to me like he has a plan, which he is not telling to the team. And am I the only who noticed some meaningful looks between Ward and Coulson, in the end?

That’s my theory. But if it doesn’t prove true, I’m gonna be bitterly disappointed in Coulson…

What made me sad is that Coulson would visit Ward every day, waiting for him to talk… I just feel like, if Ward had talked to him in the first place, things would have worked better for Ward. Maybe Coulson would have believed in him…

9. Grant Ward…

You all probably know that Grant is my most precious boy, the one I would protect til the end of the line, the one I will love forever, but I will try to be as impartial as possible, even though 100% of the time I just want to hug him and give him a puppy and I just want him to feel alright and happy… Wow that rhymed well.

First of all, what you said. GRANT IS FREE, HE IS FREE AT LAST. I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THE FACT THAT HE BROKE FREE. And no matter what happens, Grant is determined to fight, He won’t give up like that. He won’t be his brother’s victim again. His look in the end made it clear… And I got to admit I had missed him kicking some ass.

Second, I really hope the writers don’t have him do anything stupid or reckless or anything that would make him look evil.

Third, I hate the fact that the whole world thinks Grant is a traitor and the perpetrator, when in fact he is the victim. But everyone will believe the renowned Senator right? That’s how it works. Everywhere he turns, people will think he is a traitor, when in fact Grant was never loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D. or Hydra.

And now the most important part. Who is telling the truth? Christian or Grant?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Because even if I #stand with Ward I don’t want to have a wrong mindset. I don’t want to believe in wrong things. So I thought about it.

Why not believe Christian? He could be telling the truth. Everything points to that. His parents, his brother everyone says Grant did wrong. And he turned out to be Hydra, so why believe Grant?

  • Because ever since Skye mentioned his brother, he was terrified. He was scared. Just like victims are afraid of those who can hurt them. The look of horror on his face. All this time he is so calm and lucid and he has never raised the tone of his voice. Until now. He was shocked. his brother reminds him of all the pain he has ever felt. And I don’t think he would be so afraid of Christian if he really was the abuser. And when Coulson talks to him, Grant is disappointed. Like he knows that once his brother finds him, he is going to completely ruin his life. Look at his face.


He realizes that he is going to die, that he is gone. 

  • Also, the flashbacks we saw in the well. I don’t think he was lying. He was under the effect of the berserker staff. He didn’t do it. It was memories. Actual memories. He is telling the truth. Grant is telling the truth. It looks like everything’s on him, but he is the one telling the truth. Not the oily, manipulating politician.
  • Ward is trying to earn Skye’s trust back. So he is determined to say the truth for the rest of his life. He really thinks it’s the only way to convince her. So, I don’t think he has lied about a thing, since 2x01. Not even about his brother.

So I still stand with Ward. I don’t find a reason not to.

You are so right. This team is shitty and jerky. They are not okay. At all. They have issues. And let me tell you that Ward is in a better state than Skye, Jemma and Fitz.

And you ‘re so right anon… I want Skye to regret the way she treated him. I want her to feel bad for using him. For playing him. And for being cold. And if Coulson doesn’t have a plan, then I’m gonna be very pissed at how he just gave Grant away to his abuser, when he knows what Christian did to him. I really hope they regret that attitude. Both of them.

And yes!! Grant needs to redeem himself, for himself. Not for someone else. Not to prove anything. Just because he believes in himself and wants to start living his life.

I still stand with Ward, I still die-hard ship Skyeward, I still think Coulson is a good man. I just hope the writers handle things carefully… What do you think?


John Christ Talks Possibility of Original Danzig Lineup Reunion: "Where and when?"


Excerpted from Chips & Beer Magazine #8, available now from 20 Buck Spin: & Beer:

Chips & Beer: Did you donate the Rich Bitch guitar to the Hard Rock Café?
JC: I donated one. I still play my favorite B.C. Rich. And, yeah, that one, I can’t remember what year it was, I wanna say ’95 or ’97, that and a pair of my boots, and a guitar case, and some buckles and things went to the Hard Rock.

Chips & Beer: So you have the original, your first one.
JC: I have my first one, yeah. That one in the Hard Rock is touted as “The ‘Mother’ B.C. Rich.” And it is one of three, and it’s one of two that were used in the recording, and in the videos, and in multiple performances. I was using ‘em at the time and they were all being customized cause I was changing the sounds and wiring of ‘em. But, yep, I still have one. Actually, I still have two of ‘em, one I used an awful lot and was the main guitar behind a lot of the tracks on How The Gods Kill. That guitar.

Chips & Beer: You remember that part in the Danzig VHS where you do the shredding solo and say “this is my Rich Bitch.”?
JC: That was in a dressing room in Petaluma, California, I think. It was either Fresno or Petaluma. We had a crew filming backstage stuff, and, yep, that was my routine: to sit there and practice for hours before the show and they caught me in the middle of it and I gave ‘em a couple of licks.

Chips & Beer: There is a part in the chorus of “Soul On Fire” with an instrument making a rising sound. It starts out real low and then rises to a very high pitch. Was it guitar, or some other instrument?
JC: I think it was a synth. I did use an Ebow on some tunes, but not on that. That was a production idea.

Chips & Beer: That was pretty cool. On “Tired of Being Alive”, probably my favorite Danzig song, there’s that one part in the chorus where you do this descending thing right after Glenn says “don’t try to feed meaah…” there’s these descending notes, it’s like dee dee der da.
JC: Right. Dee der der da. Yeah.

Chips & Beer: Was that something you just came up with?
JC: Oh yeah. That was just a spur of the moment in the studio.

Chips & Beer: Man, that is cool sounding.
JC: Thank you. That was one of those happy moments. We’re jamming and just experimenting around with things and somethin’ popped out. And somebody said: “What was that?” And I was like: “I was just noodling and made a mistake.” And they were like: “No, that was great. Leave it, put it there, do it every time.” I was like: “Okay.” That was always a fun solo to do live too. Intense, in your face.

Chips & Beer: Great song. You know, all you guys are still living, and it just seems amazing that there’s no original Danzig lineup shows happening. Like, if Glenn called tomorrow, would you do it?
JC: Of course. In a heartbeat. I would love to see him and play with him again. And I kept some of my old gear. That’s why I have one of the original guitars and some of my old amps and some of my old pedals, just in case. I mean, we’re all on our own journeys and he’s still out writin’ and doing the Danzig thing and puttin’ out more albums. Which is great. In my heart of hearts I wanna get that phone call. I want it to come before something happens to one of us. While we’re still young enough to get out there and do it you know? Ha ha. Just thinking of the drums, that’s pretty intense stuff, to play some of that and have it sound good is not an easy thing. When you’re 20 and 30 that’s fine, but when you’re 50 and 60, it’s a little tougher - tougher than The Stones.

Chips & Beer: Ha, definitely.
JC: But I love Glenn and Eerie and Chuck and I want nothin’ but the best for ‘em and if somebody said: “Hey, would you wanna do some shows?” I’d say: “Where and when?” Print that.

Chips & Beer: I will. Especially now that Glenn has gotten more back to the Rock sound, he did a more experimental thing for a while, but he seems to be back to that, so if you guys could actually do something…

JC: Yeah, I mean I’m actually teaching privately and teaching at a school called Carroll County Community College. My New Jersey’s comin’ back: Not fer nuttin, bro, but I’m doin’ a Heavy Metal guitar workshop at Carroll County Community College. And I’m teaching Applied Guitar there as well as an adjunct professor.

Chips & Beer: Must be cool for some of those kids to have you teaching.
JC: Of course it is. Whatd’ya think? Ha ha. I still got long hair, I still act like I’m young, I may not look so young anymore. But even the geezers, they like to hear the stories. The geezers, and I’m becoming one rapidly, we grew up listening to the same music, and everybody wanted to take the ride that I was fortunate enough to take. God, love Glenn Danzig and Eerie Von and Rick Rubin and Chuck Biscuits for giving me the opportunity to take that ride. Good and bad. We broke up in a bad way. It was like an intense divorce. And for years and years I know there were hard feelings going back and forth. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s ancient history. We were just young, dumb, full of cum, trying to get by, and do the best we could. Now we realize we’re not immortal, and life is short, and there’s no time for fighting. I’m happy to be teaching and telling the stories and giving some of the experience back to kids and knowledge I picked up along the way.

Chips & Beer: Are you recording anything lately?
JC: I haven’t been in a real studio in years. I’ve been doing a lot of appearances with local bands, bands that come around the area. It’s funny, Faster Pussycat just came through town a couple of weeks ago. Taime Downe and those guys. I can’t remember the names of all the guys in the band but the guitar player, Ace, he bought some of my old Marshalls in California and a couple of road cases and tech boxes. And I didn’t know he was in Faster Pussycat and he didn’t know I was in Danzig till after he bought the stuff, cause I’m on the East Coast and had a friend doin’ the deal in California. And he said: “Hey we’re comin’ on tour you wanna come out?” So I came out and we jammed and had a lot fun and I hadn’t seen Taime and those guys in 25 years. I think the bass player that’s playing with them now did a tour or something with Danzig long after I was gone.

Chips & Beer: You were involved in a bad accident several years ago. Could you tell me what happened?
JC: Yep. It was May 7th 1994, 4:43 in the afternoon on 60 Freeway, Eastbound towards Riverside, California. I was driving an old truck to an auction. I had my own company called Hollywood Fires and we worked in the movie business. We had picture vehicles and we had special effects trucks. Water trucks was our big thing. But we also had tractor trailers for picture vehicles. They were in Mission Impossible 3 and Transformers, Fast & Furious 4, Terminator 3. So my partner, Errol, and his dad are stunt drivers and they do jack knifes in tractor trailers. My partner’s dad, his day gig is buying and selling used construction equipment. And a lot of that buying and selling is in auctions. So in Southern California, and Arizona, and Nevada there’s these huge vehicle auctions. Now most of them are public, but back in the day it was dealer only. I had a Class A license and I had just finished working on a movie set, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang with Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. We had a couple of our water trucks on it and I had just finished that and was lookin for something to do and we were taking some old trucks back to one of the public auctions. I had got the short straw, so I had to drive this 1971 GMC garbage truck. And I was driving along Eastbound 60 freeway, minding my own business, 50 miles per hour, and Errol was following me in his pick up truck. And the front left tire exploded. As soon as the wheel went down, the steel belt grabbed into the pavement and the truck took a hairpin left turn into the center divider. Crashed into the divider, the truck rolled over, ejected me into the Westbound traffic and I was hit by oncoming traffic.

Chips & Beer: Jesus.
JC: This was the Friday afternoon before Mother’s Day. Rolled truck on one side, diesel fuel everywhere, and the driver on the other side of the highway hit by oncoming traffic. So they shut down the whole freeway. I was airlifted to the local trauma center. Needless to say that was a life changer.