2NE1 are sisters, best friends and most importantly, they are family. They are going thru the hardest time in their career but they never left each other. They know how we feel about them performing without Bom but they still did it for us Blackjacks while never forgetting to acknowledge Bom’s importance. True friendship means nobody will get left behind. They always got each others’ back ♥♥♥  


The Big Gay War calendar up until today. - I did not find a reason to include E’s presence in NY here, since there was no pap walk.

August/September: their friends and family “acted out”. Lot of rainbows started here: RBB, Niall and the family pointing out rainbow stuff There was a week when H outed himself basically every day. Lots of Azoff moments in September.

October: lot of Azoff action, then MIA after WWA.

November: seeding Harry’s sexuality and seeding HL

December: seeding HL


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