Fic: New Bonds

An anon asked for a follow-up to Bonding, in which Kurt is a single dad and Blaine is a kind stranger. That’s really all you need to know for this.

~1175 words, G, fluffy as all hell.

Kurt and Blaine were just sitting around Kurt’s apartment and watching Josie play with her toys (a process that mostly involved Josie bashing her doll’s head with a building block) when it happened.

“Dada!” Josie said, crawling over to Kurt’s legs and grabbing at his pants. “Dada!”

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Fic: Be Mine

An anon wanted a fic based off the show Married At First Sight, so I took that concept but made my own rules, because I do what I want (and also didn’t wanna actually watch an episode). ~2300 words, PG, tooth-rottingly fluffy.

Kurt was pretty sure he looked like an antsy five-year-old with the way he was fidgeting in his chair, but he couldn’t help himself. He was five minutes away from marrying a complete stranger, after all - fidgeting was only to be expected, right?

Oh God, what if I’m marrying a serial killer? What if he wants to wear my skin as a suit? Kurt thought hysterically. He bit the inside of his cheek to distract himself. Calm down, Hummel. You had to go through a background check to get on this show, remember? I’m sure they’d weed out any serial killers who applied.

“Kurt? Your husband awaits,” said Melody, one of the producers, from the doorway. She made a follow me gesture and led Kurt into the fairly nice-looking courthouse they’d rented for the day. Three other couples were taking the plunge along with him and his mystery beau, but the producers decided to hold each wedding separately so the cameras could get plenty of footage of everyone.

A tinny recording of the wedding march played as Kurt entered from the left side of the room, waiting for the door opposite him to open and reveal the man he’d be spending the next month (if not longer) of his life with.

He wasn’t disappointed.

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Fic: Shock And Awe

anon prompted: Every year when the MET ball comes around I wonder how Klaine would be if they were the ones preparing like outfit planning, getting dressed together and actually going to the ball and I was wondering if you could pleaseee write it? :)

I’m a little belated, but it’s always a good time for a ball, right? PGish, 1200 words, fluff.

Kurt barely noticed the front door of their apartment opening, too focused on the fancy cream-colored invitation in his hands to care about anything else.

“Kurt? Babe, are you home?” Blaine’s voice sounded as if it was coming from a distance, though Kurt could see him come to stand in front of his own place on the couch. “Why didn’t you answer my texts about what to have for dinner?”

“I can’t,” Kurt trailed off, still frantically reading and rereading the text. “I just.”

Blaine knelt down and made eye contact with Kurt, bracing himself by placing his hands on Kurt’s knees. “Sweetheart, you’re scaring me. I need you to use full sentences, please.”

“Here!” Kurt thrust the invitation at Blaine, who scanned it quickly before double-taking and rereading it with more vigor.

“We got invited to the Met Ball?!” he said, looking up at Kurt with wide, excited eyes. “We - this isn’t-”

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Experienced Glee 1x1 Roleplayer looking for partners

To keep this sweet and simple, I’m looking to write a few RPs with the lovely people of tumblr. I play about fifteen characters, including both canon and genderswapped that could be written as fraternal twins based on a story we decide to write. My interests variate from less common ships to twincest to even OCs or crossovers. All of the important links you can find below.