whitesheepcbd said: Do you happen to know, offhand, the highest and lowest pitches Chris Colfer sang during his years on Glee?  Just curious.

Yes, I do. (But only of Chris, so don’t ask me this for any of the other Glee actors please!)

  • Chris’ lowest note on Glee was in ‘(Give Up The) Funk’, in 1x21 (Funk), which was an A2.
  • As that note in ‘Funk’ was more spoken than sung: his lowest sung note after that was a B2 in ‘Home’ (6x02, Homecoming).
  • His highest note on Glee was in ‘Not The Boy Next Door’ (3x18, Choke), when he hit a G5 at the end. (’Defying Gravity’ had a F#5)
  • Not on Glee, but there’s an old video of Chris and a few other Glee cast members at a disco, and in it he sings a Bb5 (Bflat). 

So that’s a range of 3 octaves.  ;)


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I stopped watching Glee awhile ago, but when I was a big fan of the show my mom and I went to Payleyfest 2011 in LA where Darren atteneded. The story behind this is that I was in a crowd of people trying to get his autograph and he mistakenly said that he already signed mine ( which he didnt so 16 year old me was pretty pissed). This past weekend while we were backstage I told him the story from 2011 he laughed and said  "Hell hath no fury like an angry sixteen year old” also “ IM NOT EVEN IN THIS!”(so tried to draw himself after he signed it). Needless to say 16 year old me was thrilled about this. I also thought the story was funny enough to share.