Jonathan Groff. For a non-trained dancer, it’s amazing that he doesn’t need to be shown 5 times, it’s just really, really natural, and it’s amazing that he has no technical training, like these dancers who had for 20 years. That’s the incredible part. It’s not that it’s an actor doing it, it’s that he just does it like the dancers do so well. So it makes him being in Vocal Adrenaline so easy, since this is such an intense group. You know these dancers are doing crazy, crazy checks, and he just pops in like, “I can do this.”

We throw him in a group of 23 professional dancers and are doing pretty advanced lifts, I definitely get scared when I see some of them. And he doesn’t have any sort of panic, and there’s never very much like “Oh but me - what am I -?” He will make it work. The way he approaches things is very like, strategic. He sees it and he knows exactly how he can make that work.

Glee choreographers Zach Woodlee and Brooke Lipton on working with Jonathan Groff on the epic Bohemian Rhapsody number


Never Been Kissed!

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The Making of a Showstopper: a look behind the scenes of creating the Bohemian Rhapsody performance

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The thing about Lauren compared to all the kids we've used is that she’s the only one who will come up to me and say, ‘You’re not using me enough. I haven’t been on in three episodes. It’s time to bring me back.’ She gets that she is a very important role model. She is very vocal that her fans want to see her.

Ryan Murphy on Lauren Potter’s role on Glee

The EW Report: Actors With Down syndrome

Literary Love - Klaine AU [GA]

Blaine only planned to take his daughter to get a book signed by her favourite author. He didn’t expect this. (Author!Kurt/Single!Dad Blaine)

Hi. Woah. I haven’t written in a long time, much less published anything. This plot bunny wouldn’t let me go though, and I want to thank aro-smythe for pushing and encouraging me to write this. Thanks also to my darling andersexgods

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Brittana- In My Veins