season 2: wow finally, a well portrayed gay couple on a major network! good for you glee! what a great couple kurt and blaine are!

season 3: keepin’ em’ cute. thanks ryan murphy!

season 4: what the fuck is wrong with you

season 5: PROPOSAL!!!! MARRIAGE!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!! FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

season 6: bye

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I think the best way to go about the glee thing, is to NOT watch it live. Do not give it ratings. Don’t do it.

If you want to watch Glee, even if you just want to see how bad the train wreck is, everyone can watch it here

The episodes are posted less then an hour after they air and RIB won’t get his precious views. Don’t complain but then give them what they want. Send a message. He can ignore tweets and messages, but he can’t ignore hard evidence.

A long time ago in a land far away, Fox debuted a musical comedy that moved us and healed and made us feel feelings we didn’t know a TV show could make us feel. Then, over the course of five seasons, it took all of the goodwill it had gathered from the LGBTQ community and set it ablaze like a flamethrower in a room full of cotton balls. And now here we are. Standing on the sidelines watching Glee limp toward its final season. A truncated season, at that, because even the Fox brass—who just greenlit like the 26th season of Bones and will keep American Idol going until the actual apocalypse—realized it was time to put down its once beloved, now nearly universally ridiculed show.


Read the whole article - it’s fucking BRILLIANT.

Ryan Murphy is one of the most cruel bullies on TV.

Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee is, for me, one of the biggest bullies on television.

With the proposal of a telling a story about unpopular kids in high school, he took advantage of the struggle of young and twisted for his own pleasure.

More than that, he even used actors personal torments for that. For example, Chris. We all know how badly he was bullied when he was younger and then Ryan made a whole story about bullying, which was fine in season two, as is served to awareness people about this problem. But, it didn’t last long. As soon as he got angry at Chris at the end of the second season everything went downhill. If you want an example, just watch “I am a unicorn”. In that episode, the bullying on Kurt was heavy, and what it’s worst, it didn’t ended well for him, as no excuse was made to his character. It was just the beginning of a series of misfortunes events for the character, only this time no one was blamed. Now, on a even more personal aspect, Ryan used some character (as Sebastian and Cody) to personally insult Chris (with things like gay face and tiny teeth, which we know it is things Chris was called). Even the fact that Chris doesn’t like to smile or open his mouth to sing comes from that trauma, but it didn’t stopped Ryan for using it to offend the character.

He also did the same thing to Cory, which we know, struggled with drug addiction by making his father on the show a military who died of overdose, putting Cory face to face with his demons. No sympathy was showed to him until his death, but then it was too late for Ryan to make a tribute to him. We have to praise people when it matters.

I’m sure he did a lot more offensive things to other actors too, like not putting Jenna on the cover of the Glee movie, an original actress of the show.

But then he made things like, The New Normal e The Normal Heart and everyone suddenly falls in love with him again. Sorry, to me.

Ryan is smart and knows how to play with the audience. He gets awards and prestige while continue to insult and humiliate people. That’s why I don’t like him. That’s why I don’t support any of his projects.

Glee has gone in a lot of weird directions over the years and, at this point, fans are used to just shaking our heads and going along for the ride. But even after five seasons of ridiculous storylines (remember when Brody turned out to be a male escort for absolutely no reason?), the rumors that former bully Karofsky will return Blaine’s as a love interest shocked a lot of people. The reaction from the fandom was something along the lines of, “Really, Ryan Murphy? You’re going to break up the only couple anyone stills cares about on this tortured show, and then have Blaine date Kurt’s former-nemesis? For shame!”

But don’t worry, Glee fansno, I will not use the term “Gleek” in this article because it makes me feel like I’m twelve years old — I’m here to set your minds at ease. Yes, we know Karofsky will appear in at least four episodes of Season 6, and yes, there arerumors that Karofsky and Blaine hook up. But even if that happens — and we all know Murphy loves to tease, so that’s a big “if” — let’s get real: Klaine is obviously end game. They’re the longest running, most consistent couple on this show, and no one who wants to work in TV again is going to split them up in Glee’s final season. 

This isn’t to say that these characters are perfect, but in a series populated entirely by people I would never want to hang out with, they are easily the least-hateable of the original cast. (I say this with love, but I’ve watched all of Glee so letsbehonest.) 

Last season we saw Klaine go through a series of trials before reaffirming their relationship. First Kurt had to get over Blaine cheating, then they struggled with forming their own identities outside of their relationship, then they decided to live apart, then Blaine had some weight-related jealousy issues, then Shirley MacLaine tried to break them up, etc. You know, normal stuff every completely unrealistic couple goes through. But Kurt and Blaine emerged at the end of the Season 5 finale stronger than ever. After Cory Monteith died, Klaine became Glee’s longest running couple (and its most fanatically ‘shipped couple). Sure, we might get an episode-long “breakup,” or a few scenes of “will they or won’t they,” but they’re end game, plain and simple. Gleeloves to recycle plotlines (the show literally created an entire group of new characters based on other, older characters). In the end, Glee always goes back to its core stories, and Klaine’s relationship is now at the core of why fans still tune in each week. Karofsky isn’t about to ruin all that.

Sure, we may have to endure a few episodes of angsty Klaine before these two walk down the aisle — really, how else could Glee end? The actor who plays Karofsky, Max Adler, spoke with Bustle about where his character is headed in Season 6. According to Adler, his potential flirtation with Blaine isn’t nearly the most important part of Karofsky’s new storyline. Instead, he would like the audience to focus on how far the former bully has come. Karofsky started on Glee as a self-hating closeted football player, before eventually coming out and being bullied himself, to the point of attempting suicide. His story, though short, is one of the strongest Glee has ever created. He and Blaine may get cozy in Season 6, but Karofsky’s mental and emotional transformation should be the real takeaway, Adler says. 

Karofsky isn’t going to be the same angry jerk he was in prior seasons. Now that he’s out and healthy, he’s going to be a new, sensitive, kind person. And that sort of person doesn’t steal boyfriends. Maybe Kurt and Blaine will consider seeing other people. Maybe Karofsky and Blaine will have a flirtation, but I’d be very surprised if they even get one kiss. Come the Glee series finale, Klaine is going to be happily married. Anything else, and fans would go all Lima Heights on Ryan Murphy.