Help find Jay Ralko! Missing since Wednesday 12/10/14. A missing persons report has been filed and a detective is looking for him, but so far no luck. If you have ANY info please call 586-574-4700. He is a white male, 5ft, 120lbs.

Drives a charcoal gray Ford Escape with chrome pipe running boards and rain deflectors on the windows, license plate CJK795.

There’s a chance he could be in the Chicago area, though his hometown is the Detroit/Warren area.



Guys kissing guys for the first time

o fardo do corpo errado

O único fato é que  o corpo é um fardo, a farda da falsa, e o que não grito é que a meu corpo é um erro, uma mentira, uma menina e minh’alma um homem. Não, não sou homem, o que me conduz é a impossibilidade, o que me reduz é a incompreensão olham-me como um bicho criticam e me odeiam como se eu fosse um pecado, uma errada, doente ou sacana. Pobres de nós, mulheres encarceradas em corpo que não é nosso, com sapato apertado, que os pés nos enche de calos, vida que não nos pertence. Que troca de embalagens foi esta aí dos deuses que já me mandaram nascer nesse mundo enjoado com desvantagem encarnando minh’alma em corpo errado?


How (not) to come out


I’ve been seeing a fair bit of posts and articles about polyamory, and open relationships. A lot of authors of these articles/pieces haven’t done their homework.
Those terms are not interchangeable. 
Neither is Monogamous (Mono-amorous), and Committed.

Regardless of the amount of people in the relationship, or the structure of the relationship, it does not necessarily mean that it’s an open relationship. Poly is just that you have multiple people involved in the relationship. Open, is when they can consistently see new people.

The way I view it as there is multiple different terms that can be applied to a relationship (if it’s necessary for comfort, or explanation, BUT they are not necessary if some do not feel comfortable with it! [Yay choices!]).

Now, Going by terms alone!
Monogamous: A relationship with two people.
-You can have 
Open: See other people
Committed: Don’t see other people.

Polyamorous: A relationship with more than two people (This can be done in many different ways, if you want to know more, please ask and I’ll let you know some of the ways)
- You can have
Open: See more people than are in the relationship (dates, intimacy)
Committed: You don’t see more people than are agreed are in the relationship.

Now, you may ask about how cheating would work in some of those instances? Well, it’s up to the people in the relationship to decide that. 
From what I’ve read, heard, seen, and feel, it’s considered cheating when you feel like you have to hide it from your partners, and sneaking around.

These ARE Valid relationship types. If they just don’t work for you, then don’t go by them.

Now, please don’t take that you can’t be committed to your partner, and in an open relationship.
Using the term slightly differently from the meaning I knew it to be, that person can still be your rock, and the love of your life, and the person you go to first, and will always love, and be committed that way.

I also should have been using the term closed instead of committed. Yes, this rant was about terms, and yes, I got parts wrong.

This has been added after someone had pointed out that it sounded like I was throwing open relationships under the bus. I didn’t mean that at all. I apologize to those who took it that way.


Y-Love, the first gay African-American, Jewish, Orthodox hip-hop artist, becomes Keshet’s first celebrity spokesperson with a message of unity at Hanukkah. **Turn on captions - cc in lower right corner — for translation of the Yiddish!) Learn more about Keshet’s work for the full inclusion and equality of LGBT Jews: http://www.keshetonline.org

Message from Y-Love (http://thisisylove.com/)
"Since coming out this May, one of the major things that I have felt is an overwhelming sense of wanting to give back to the LGBT community in general and the Jewish LGBT community in particular. Spending most of my career in the closet, I never used my platform to speak against heterosexism and homophobia — the same homophobia I was suffering from — and never gave my efforts to the struggle for equality. 2012 changes all that, and I’m trying to put as much of my effort and influence into the LGBT struggle for equality as I can.

To this end, Keshet has been there for LGBT inclusion nationwide for years. At the Keshet teen shabbaton, I was inspired by stories of overcoming far worse than I had even feared would happen in my own life. I realized that I couldn’t sit on the sidelines. By putting my name - as a premier Jewish urban artist - with Keshet’s, I think we can raise LGBT visibility and inclusion to even higher levels, and work towards one of my bigger goals for klal Yisra’el and humanity — that we should be the last generation to know of the closet.”

For any of those that need it this Hanukkah!

Today as I was getting dressed for school; I decided to be a guy today (because I’m bigender) and my mom wasn’t home. I was nervous about asking my grandma to help me to bind my breasts, because I know she can be judgmental. As I asked her to help, she said “No. I’m calling the school and you’re staying home today. After I asked why, she simply stated; “Because you need a binding shirt; or four; and proper boys clothes. We’re going out shopping today and that’s final.”

She spent around $200 worth on boy clothes and binding shirts.

Squinted into the mirror
Scrutinizing over my pores
the dips of my thighs
the shock of hair from my core
curling softly upwards towards my belly button
My stomach, flat but soft
I love myself
I love my body
I whisper to myself
My shoulders and the biceps that ripple underneath the skin
The weird little mole with its twin right next to my nipple
This is me, I am whole.
No toes on one foot and all
My body, mine to own.
My lungs, my hair, my cheeks, my chest
The only earthly object I’ll leave behind in death
I love.
I never truly knew
but at twenty four years young
Being comfortable in your own body
is really sometimes, all we can do

six months on T.

Hi there, my name is Pennelope Bennett. I am 24 years old,and trans. Since I came out about a year ago, transitioning has been a rough road. From spending the later half of 2013 unemployed, scrambling to get medicine and pay rent, I made it to a place I was comfortable. I had a really nice job fo…

Hey so penny is basically my queer mentor and really great friend but life is kinda being shitty for her between her and her wife jobs being cut, not qualifying for unemployment because of how it was cut and just life being kinda ass right now. 

So if any of my followers would have a spare buck or two it would mean the fucking world to me because penny is kinda fucking awesome and deserves access to medical care and a roof over her head. 

You asked why?
Because tomorrow is a new day with beginnings and endings, you can’t have one without the other. But you’ll never what’s around the corner until you look, that dark alley could lead to the most beautiful square, you’ve ever seen and if not at least you tried today. Tomorrow? is another day, another try, because “everything will be alright in the end and if it is not alright, then it is not the end.