Nico had once read a story from Plato, who claimed that in the ancient times, all humans had been a combination of male and female. Each person had two heads, four arms, four legs. Supposedly, these combo-humans had been so powerful they made the gods uneasy, so Zeus split them in half— man and woman. Ever since, humans had felt incomplete. They spent their lives searching for their other halves.

And where does that leave me? Nico wondered.

It wasn’t his favorite story.

—  Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

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Dolly Parton voiced some strong support for the LGBT community in her recent Billboard interview.

Billboard asked: “You have a large gay following. To what do you attribute that?”

Dolly answered: “They know that I completely love and accept them, as I do all people. I’ve struggled enough in my life to be appreciated and understood. I’ve had to go against all kinds of people through the years just to be myself. I think everybody should be allowed to be who they are, and to love who they love. I don’t think we should be judgmental. Lord, I’ve got enough problems of my own to pass judgment on somebody else.”

Her observations are important for many reasons, not at least because of her strong standing among many American Christians. There is unfortunately much homophobia and transphobia in some conservative Christian circles.

"Dollywood attracts lots of church groups," Billboard asks, "but it has also become a draw for the LGBT community. What does that say about you?"

Her reply:

"It’s a place for entertainment, a place for all families, period. It’s for all that. But as far as the Christians, if people want to pass judgment, they’re already sinning. The sin of judging is just as bad as any other sin they might say somebody else is committing. I try to love everybody."

This comment is actually a reference to the New Testament, Luke 6:37, where Jesus says: "Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven." This is a quote easily forgotten by more dogmatic and narrow minded Christians.