#Blackout Trans Pioneer: Marsha P. Johnson

An influential transgender gay rights activist (1944 – 1992). One of my eternal sheroes. She played a major role in the “Gay” Rights Movement early on and was highly involved with the Stonewall Riots. For decades her work has been talked over and erased, but she lives on in many a young queer heart! <3

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Lesbian Couple Does an Epic Gender Reveal for their second baby.

Candice and Megan Berrett and #TheQuinn



You might be wondering why GIRLS looking for GIRLS would post images of men with men? I was thinking about the girls who said they received messages from older, straight men and figured the best way to get rid of them was to post gay men! This may not be exactly what any of the lesbians followers of this blog are into but I figure it is still GLBTQ and I don’t really care if this offends you - homophobes are not welcome here! 

This does NOT mean this blog is open to gay men - it will still remain a submission blog for same sex attracted people who identify as female (or are genderqueer, non-binary etc) but there will occasionally be some cute gay boys to keep the creeps in check - well, the straight men, at least, I can’t guarantee it will work on ALL the creeps of the interwebs :s

Oh there will be no penises or porn!! The above GIFs are as sexual as it will get :)


Our Year Two video. I can’t get the thumbnail to post right, but oh well… I’ll figure it out. Enjoy!

Utah Girls Scouts troop hopes to attract transgender recruits

The Girl Scouts are concerned about falling membership and a declining number of adult volunteers, so a Girl Scout staffer in Salt Lake City cooked up the idea to start a troop headquartered in the area’s “gay pride center.”

The idea is to attract “transgender” youth and children living with an LGBT parent.

Shari Solomon-Kleba told the Associated Press, “Girl Scouts is all about empowering girls to become leaders who make the world a better place. Why not at the Pride Center?”

The troop had its first meeting Monday with five girls. No transgender youth have joined yet but hopes are high.

Girl Scout spokesman Josh Ackley told the AP there are no prohibitions on LGBT leaders in the Girl Scouts USA. Breitbart News profiled Ackley last year as a “homopunk” rocker who makes music videos showing violence against women. Ackley said boys who identify as girls are accepted in the Girl Scouts nationally.

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6 All-Girls Colleges That Accept Trans Women

Transgender students face a great deal of discrimination on many levels, but college admissions are especially challenging for young trans girls because they are often unable to find the support they need to transition. These schools have revised their admissions policies to accept trans women, but we hope they also create safe educational spaces where trans women feel comfortable getting their gender marker changed and living openly in their true identity. +

Here’s a list of schools revolutionizing (or correcting) their policies to be more inclusive of the #GirlsLikeUs movement, which is a hashtag Janet Mock started trending on Twitter to connect and unite trans women online.

Catch the list at PRIDE.com