"How many Once-lers does it take to fix a lightbulb?"

ok i don’t know why i came up with this stupid idea HAHAjkdsflf…/sob

uhh i put a few ask blogs because reasons

uh the hand is the-first-ler

and then from top to bottom :Y

THIS Is really dumb okay i’ll leave now aiksldfdf

K...here it goes (@Mori)

Mori, these past few days getting to know eachother has been well…..AWESOME! And you were saying if you were to vent to me i would see you as a “random depressing mood swing child”. Honey, wanna know why thats far from true? Cause im going through the same mood swings right now. Im posting this publicly because, well, i see no point in hiding it away. I fall for people Mori, really easily, i fall for personallity most of the time, and if they have a good face WELL im lucky xD. Its happened to me alot where i doubt myself when i start to feel like im semi-attracted to someone. And alot of times, ill confuse friendship with well…attraction. its sad really, but it causes some major depression in me, and i randomly get depressed then happy alot. But im gonna wear my heart on my sleeve and say, your the girl causeing my mood swings Mori…..its probubly pathetic and sudden and awkward. But i fell for your personallity automatically. Your a great girl and i can tell from our conversations so far, you may not see it, but you have a great heart c: im probubly gonna become the laughing stock of the fandom now but yeah….Mori…you cause my mood swings… we all get them…i was scared to share mine..but i did it and it feels great, so i want you to take the leap and share next time, okay? c:


(Help at all? c//:)