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Sorry, but why is jontron garbage? I do not understand :0

we all know of that one indecent where somebody, rly politely, asked him not to use an ableist slur, called them the slur again in stead of apologizing, and then proceeded to blow the fuck up at the concept of being asked not to use slurs like it was some kind imposition on his freedom of speech (including a bunch of other crap, be careful clicking that link cause like,,,he is EXORBITANTLY shitty therein)

also im fairly certain we have HEARD him drop the n word on game grumps. MULTIPLE times

he defends the use of slurs like a motherfucker “ur giving words power !! i want to be able 2 say the n word !!’ kind of crap. he’s a huge racist.

like ive reblogged a few masterposts of all the horrible shit hes said and/or done, but that was like,,a while ago when all this crap was going down. basically hes unapologetic garbage

basically for ppl in general like if u watch jontron because he’s funny or whatever, ur taste is ur business, but please don’t defend him as if he’s a good person when hes so blatantly not

anyway heres the neil cicierega diss because neil is gold and its what we all rly wanna read, also it has a lot of jon being gross all over it