"What’s happening Nobel, I am beating your winged back!" Aries laughed as he scored another 50 points. Orion mumbled something under his breath before attempting another throw. It failed. "Hey Ori, dude, as your best friend I feel like it is my duty to tell you to finally do something about your crush on Glamour."

"Shh Aries," Orion shot a worried glance to the stairs going down, listening to hear any muffled female voices. Turning his head back to focus on the game he spoke again with an annoyed tone: "Thanks dude, your advice is so helpful." 

"Look man, all I’m saying is Glamour is gorgeous and single. This is university, there are ton of creeps out there who wouldn’t hesitate asking her out. I need to go sleep, just think about it." Aries patted Orion’s shoulder before disappearing down the stairs.

Alone with himself Orion sighed throwing another skeetball. This time earning 100 points. "If only crushes and love were as easy as skeetball. Actually make that as easy as pizza. Pizza is way easier…"

My 3 year old nephew took these pictures of me.

I kid you not. I taught him how to use my camera today. Of the 25 pictures or so that he took, two are glamour shots.

As proof I submit this picture of me taking a picture of him:

And the cell phone shot I took of him holding my camera:

(I say all of this to say that he’s a genius. I’m going to have him take all of my pictures from now on, and ask if he wants to work wedding season.)