What a special night for Alexandria! Nothing was as precious as the moment when she found out that she had fans waiting to meet her outside (and they waited the ENTIRE time she was at the party having traveled from all the boroughs). Her fans are the sweetest and came prepared with cameras and sharpies for polaroid autographs. She pretty much made their year and showed them that beauty truly comes from within! So proud to manage this genuine gal and see her blossom into the STAR she was born to be. #AlexandriaMorgan #VS #RussellJames #Angels #GlamoirModels #Women360 #fanclub

"Alexandria Morgan might just be the best thing to happen to the internet since Bub Rubb’s woo woo video. This up-and-coming model has done work for Beach Bunny swimwear and by the looks of it she should have a break out year in 2014. For that she is this week’s #WCW." Thanks, guys! We think she is pretty special too ;) β€’ http://www.rsvlts.com/tag/alexandria-morgan/ #alexandriamorgan #glamoirmodels (at Glamoir Model Management)

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a little #bts video of our beach shoot with mega babes @rumr & @steph_petrey featuring @mikoh_ and @poshpua on www.ishine365.com /// @modelscouted / πŸ“· @fay_baldwin /πŸ’„ @blumindinc /stylist: @jyorkcustom / video: @ivanna77 / 🎡: M83 #ishine365 #mikohswimwear #poshpua #glamoirmodels (at www.ishine365.com 🍦)