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oh man i feel u tho. i’ve been the same about ffxv like… ok i don’t care about these dudes but then there’s cor like… what does he think he’s doing. also i feel like this is seb all over again for u lmao

same same, I honestly didn’t care at all, the only one was cor who was like [disgusted noise] looking at this manbaby team and he’ll have to babysit them all tbh that’s my type of characters… poor cor he didn’t deserve it. beautiful cinnamon roll too beautiful for this world too pure

(maybe in sense of characters I’m ok with gladious simply because I love tattoo/mohawks/scars on characters???)

it’s gonna be even worse because for most part seboot boot was a joke for me and lmfao let’s be honest here… there is a joke around sea bass 

but i don’t laugh about cor man thats how you know you fucked up