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Morethancupcake (2,773; PG13)

Summary:  Dean asks Cas to marry him when they’re six. It all starts from there.

Comments:  The beginning of this fic.  THAT BEGINNING.  So freaking adorable.  I read this a few days ago and I don’t really remember what happens after that, but that opening is absolutely precious.

Tokyo Ghoul Week, Day 7:

Sloth [Desire for Rest, lack of desire to actually do some work]

Haise Sasaki

author’s note: i know, i know, what an odd choice right? haise isnt a sloth! yeah thats true but then like he is in one aspect–his issue with the crazy kaneki inside his head. he doesnt want to work anything out with said kaneki and stuff, so THERES my reasoning for this

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Exhausting day but very nearly finished re-roofing the garage. Black tulip is courtesy of our local squirrel. Wonder whose yard he stole it from and in whose yard my gladiolis ended up!

i always forget that morrissey 2015 is the same morrissey as the gladioli boy back in the era of the smiths… he has changed so much!!….my son

Mind & Body: Unplug

Photography credit: Jill Banach

In one of my first blog posts, I wrote about a WWOOFing trip to Dunbarton, NH my friend Jill and I went on during our spring break. We stayed with a couple who had grandchildren, so clearly there was an age gap. But despite this fact, Jill and I both shared a similar sense of awe at how meaningful our relationship with Susan and Ken had become in only a few short days. And it all came down to one simple factor. 

We realized that we were able to develop such a deep connection with them so quickly because of the quality time we spent together. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were staples in their house. We never skipped a meal, and we never skimped on meals either. Each meal we enjoyed a thought-out dish and we sat for no less than an hour (usually more) and we talked. The first night we spent sitting by the fire pulling the old root systems out of Gladioli and the last night we played a game of Bananagrams. Susan and Ken also implemented a “TV-Free Zone” in their house so rather than rely on a television to entertain us, so instead we got the privilege of engaging in thought-provoking and inspiring conversation. There are people I’ve known for years that I can’t say I truly know. But I feel like I’ve known Susan and Ken forever. Many relationships are surface-level and I attribute that partly to the fact that there are so many distractions in our world.

Jill and I kept our phones off and upstairs the whole day. I can’t even begin to describe how refreshing this felt. It made me realize how dependent our society is on technology. I have found that having the ability to be in constant communication with people is certainly a source of stress because I feel an obligation to people at any given time. But I’ve realized that no one owes anything to anybody else. It’s important to maintain your relationships  and keep your commitments, but by the same token, don’t feel bound to your phone all day everyday just in case someone wants to get in contact with you.

I see so much mindless time spent on our phones, especially with people in the high-school and college age. Yesterday I was so discouraged when two people in front of me at a yoga class took their phones to their mat to scroll through social media sites with the extra three minutes we had before class. Through the whole class, it sat next to them on the mat. And when the class was over, you can guess the very first thing they did. I understand that our society is changing and technology is ubiquitous, but it’s scary when we don’t recognize how obsessive and addicted we are becoming. The whole belief system behind yoga is to connect to yourself and be aware of how you are feeling, and this is just the opposite of what the two girls in my yoga class were demonstrating. 

Again, it’s incredible how many opportunities technology has given us in a multitude of fields and how it has connected us with the world. Additionally, social media sites can be a source of inspiration and creativity and allow us to spread information quickly. But I am observing that it has become excessive in my generation and much of the time we spend using it is time that can be used in much more productive ways. I see a lot of social media being used for superficial reasons. I can’t reiterate enough that in moderation, I don’t see a problem with it. And if it’s a source of enjoyment, obviously go for it! I just think we need to be aware of what we are doing (mindful, if you will). I think we need to pay attention to our actions before we all become disconnected entirely and can’t see what the consequences of our actions are.

Upon returning from Susan and Ken’s farmhouse, I was much more aware of how technology has disrupted social interactions. When sitting down at restaurants, often times the first thing people do is take out their phones. I see this as a growing concern. 

As individuals with the power to be in control of our lives, we need to be aware of these trends and try to break these habits before they become an issue. The beauty of this worry is that we don’t need to accept that this is how life is. We can be the change we wish to see!

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15 regole del vero gentleman

- Essere a proprio agio in ogni situazione e mettere anche gli altri a loro agio
- Essere sempre puntuale
- Vestirsi in modo adeguato per ogni situazione
- Fare l’amore sui gomiti
- Ubriacarsi qualche volta, ma non scomporsi mai
- Essere consapevole della situazione finanziaria degli altri

- Indossare una cravatta con il nodo già fatto
- Bere Malibu
- Comprare pantaloni fucsia
- Twittare
- Usare prodotti per i capelli
- Indossare indumenti in Lycra
- Scrivere con una biro
- Piantare gladioli
- Avere un gatto


Added Pink Princess Dahlia, Stargazer Lily, and mixed pastel colored Gladioli to our front yard today. This photo is pre-mulch. We added the small bushes a year ago to replace the redtips from the previous tenant that had grown well past the window. Our cat Nero would not hold still for a photo. Typical. I picked up the kitty themed cup and bowl when I visited my best friend Brittany up in Pennsylvania earlier this month. Even though it’s smaller than my usual soup bowl sized tea/coffee cup, this adorable kitty cat themed cup us quickly becoming a favorite!

Take time to Reflect

Take time to Reflect

While it is exciting to jump straight into your passion project, it is important to take time to reflect before you do so. Your fifties are a journey that will land you in a very different place from the one you left behind. It is easy to think from the confines of your cubicle that all you want to do is raise gladioli when you retire. After some thought you may realize that traveling while…

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