Ji Chang-wook initially nervous of Park Min-young

"Healer" actor Ji Chang-wook confessed he initially had qualms about becoming close to his costar Park Min-young, in an interview with local media.

"It wasn’t easy to be close with Park Min-young," laughed the 27-year-old.

The actor, who shared good on-screen chemistry and bickering scenes with Park in the series that concluded Feb. 10, said he might have worried less if she was a male actor.

"Frankly speaking, if she was a man, I could have become friends by smoking or having a drink together. Since (Park) is a woman, I didn’t know how to approach her (at first) and was nervous."

With time, however, Ji discovered that Park was not as standoffish as he first thought.

"She was more easygoing than I expected. … We talked a lot about the drama series and gave each other feedback. It’s a good thing our characters came together (as a couple) halfway through the series," said Ji.

For her part, Park praised her male costar’s work ethic in the local media in late February.

"I was surprised he’s so passionate. I could feel how hard he worked and studied (for the role)," the actress said. "He really researches his role and has an eye for acting," she added, saying it was a pleasure to work alongside someone who took his character as seriously as she did.

Ji, who plans to enlist for his mandatory military service next year, said that an acting role has to have “charm and appeal” for him.

"I wonder subjectively if it will be enjoyable. As long as I feel that interest and confidence in the role, the intensity or difficulty or standards (that it entails) are not important to me," he said.

Ji felt that way about the drama series “Healer,” which won a loyal fan base during its three-month run.

"When I first read the script, I felt it was very lyrical. It was particularly laden with meaning and I could feel the screenwriter had put a lot of thought into each line," said Ji.

Ji is due to star in the long-running musical “The Days” later this month.

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Source: KpopHerald


A Chinese Lunar New Year gift of grape hyacinths was left on the porch today.

I was trying to water it and accidentally spilled the bulbs out(but I heard that’s good luck). It was no trouble to rearrange them at any rate.

In other news, glad to be done with piano lessons and choir rehearsal. Also, the moon is pretty this evening.


i just got some of the best news! as of this minute i am officially recognized as a ‘home school student’ by the state. i still have to withdraw from my high school and i have a couple of things to finish up there before i’m officially done with public schooling but i am so stoked. it’s like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that i dont have to go back there.