glacierdragon replied to your post: Decision

Don’t stop rping completely, maybe just cut off the ones that haven’t been going so well and keep the ones that have been successful? I know it’s tumblr but it would be a shame for you to stop, I think your writing’s awesome :c

I think… I should find a different environment to roleplay in, and focus my motivation on. I don’t want to stop writing completely, at all. It’s not easy for me to find something that I can focus myself on, but I need to. Only thing is that I’m not sure where to start.

Wherever it ends up, I’ll try and show you, if you really think my writing’s so good xP Maybe we could roleplay together sometime, somewhere? …I don’t remember if I ever asked you if you had AIM, MSN, Skype or anything… Note me on dA, if you have any of them?

Vampire concept that suddenly came into my head just now~
Injects neurotoxin via the barb on the end of the tongue, lacks eyes but senses heat through the pits above the jaw, excellent sense of smell and some pretty good hearing too. Usually kills its prey and drains them outright.
Not sure of the bottom half of its body yet, was thinking maybe naga to keep with the snake theme /shrug