these are the blogs i’ve decided are the best of the best of the 86 i follow, whether it’s because we’re friends or i love your edits or your fics or your posts in general (even though i suck at liking/reblogging). i may not talk to all these people but each one has left an impression on my dash and will leave one on yours!

for a friend:
rebekahs ❉ givesyoupayne ❉ gucciandbananakurthudmelstomlinshaws ❉  sartietinglessartiebodyshotsthegreathaleesicaptainamerichordsammite4lifeharrysdimplesarethedeathofmewanderectionloueh-tommosartielovelydiasmartinkevintwerkhalewhorevines

for fic or fic recs:
flawlesshomosexuals ❉ flimsitroubledprogalaxy-soupdangerbearsmylifeslibraryithinkhesalwayswonderfuldinnerwiththestylinsonssbrownheadedstrangerfailingmydegreebecauseof1dprwflowers

for little mix:


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yes amber i enjoy vegetables so much that i asked for beets for my birthday

one year my brother spent a month jokingly saying he wanted cheese for christmas so “”“santa”“” wrapped cheese and that was his gift

luckily “”“santa”“” told mom where his real gift was hidden

but for a good five minutes he genuinely thought he only got cheese for christmas

that was a good year


but the fact that niall and harry spent a weekend in ireland together when one direction was first formed omg you don’t understand how much this hurts me

just imagine

i think i need to write a drabble right here in your submit ok i feel a sudden urge


niall sauntered into the living room of harry’s bungalow, his smile stretched so wide harry was afraid his cheeks might split in two.

"what’s got you in such a happy mood?" louis laughed as he watched niall from the couch, where he had just beaten zayn at fifa. (YOU CHEATED, LOUIS! DID NOT. DID TOO. THERE’S NO PROOF!)

niall plopped himself down between liam and harry. there wasn’t really enough space on the small loveseat, but niall’s legs were on liam’s lap and his head was on harry’s chest. harry tried to ignore the fluttering in his stomach.

"i was just on the phone with me mum, she says you lads can come down t’ ireland next weekend! i figured that’d be great, we’ve been getting along fine, yeah?" he looked so excited, so much younger than his 16 years, as his wide eyes waited expectantly for an answer.

liam’s face crumpled and his puppy-dog eyes came out to play as he tried to let his new bandmate down easily, “sorry, mate. i promised my gran that i would visit her before we went off to judges’ houses. i’m really sorry.”

niall shrugged his acceptance and turned to face louis and zayn, only to be rejected two more times. (louis wants to go home for one last weekend to be with his sisters, and no one is sure what exactly zayn is up to. something about an unresolved bet and three misplaced horses?)

harry is about to say no, because he promised his mum and step-dad that he’d be home, but then he remembers the innocent earnesty on niall’s face just a few minutes ago. “sure, i’ll be there.”

he thinks disappointing his mum will be worth it, just for the look on niall’s face as he leaned over and embraced him.



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tbh i thought that you would have last first kiss at like 1000

i’m surprised it’s only at 69 (hahahahaha) like i feel like it’s been more than that


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i think the ones ive listened to most are they dont know about us, kiss you, i would, and change my mind?? dsiushdiudhs

i didn’t start appreciating kiss you until later asdjkfljsdfks and i have listened to i would a lot but i juuuust downloaded a different version that’s better quality sigh. omg i’m still so on the fence about change my mind idk sjfkajheiofasd


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i am crying